5 Things Hiring Manager Intake Meetings Should Cover

5 Things Hiring Manager Intake Meetings Should Cover

Kicking off a req the right way

About this Event

This event is part of the “Let’s Talk Recruiting” series where a panel of recruiting practitioners get together online and have a conversation on a variety of topics related to corporate recruiting.

In today’s conversation…

Many recruiting teams utilize the hiring manager kick off meeting as the initial step in beginning the recruiting process. It’s a highly recommended tactic that can start to the process off in the right direction.

Our panel talks about ways that recruiters can conduct intake meetings and get the most out of the time with their hiring managers.

Our Panelists…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Kris Saprano Recruiting Denver ED and ICU Recruiter SCL Health
DJ Cabeen Recruiting LA Recruiter Amazon
Kathy Borum Recruiting Nashville Recruiting Manager Bargain Hunt
Kathlene Whinnery Recruiting Portland Sr. Recruiter Viewpoint

Some of the attendees…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Stephanie Reese Recruiting Atlanta Senior Sales Recruiter Apptio
Catherine Warrington Recruiting Atlanta Talent Acquisition Partner Synovus
Marci Piper Recruiting Boston Talent Acquisition Manager LEDVANCE
Jessica Cunningham Recruiting Boston Director, Talent Acquisition Medicus Healthcare Solutions
JENNIFER ONEIL Recruiting Boston Talent Acquisition Manager Forward Financing (previous)
Jim Dakin Recruiting Boston Talent Acquisition Business Partner - R&D Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Patrick Ward Recruiting Boston Talent Acquisition Partner Halloran Consulting Group
Barbara Fasth Recruiting Chicago Recruiting Manager Menasha Packaging
Lisa Wrezel Recruiting Chicago Talent Acquisition Lead Centric Consulting
Lisa Wrezel Recruiting Chicago Talent Acquisition Lead Centric Consulting
Tracey Anderson Recruiting Chicago Executive Recruiter Veolia North America
Susan Jayne Recruiting Chicago Experienced HireTax Recruiter -Contract for Deloitte Deloitte
Brittany McGuire Recruiting Chicago Recruiter RXBAR
Lexi Dossey Recruiting Chicago Recruiter Start Early
Cindy McWilliams Recruiting Chicago Talent Manager American College of Surgeons
Kim Ramos Recruiting Chicago Senior Corporate Recruiter Endurance
Tricia Jones Recruiting Chicago Director Talent Acquisition Carle Health System
Amy Simon Recruiting Chicago Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant Univar Solutions
Sarah Schaefer Recruiting Chicago Senior Recruiter Fresenius Kabi USA
Steven Rosenblum Recruiting Chicago Talent Acquisition and HR Operations Leader Level 5 Partners
Mattie Coleman Recruiting Chicago Talent Acquisition Manager Carle Health System
Antonia Ndi Recruiting Dallas Talent Acquisition Partner Academic Partnerships
Chelsey Kent Recruiting Dallas Sr. Corporate Recruiter Epsilon
Heather Sisson Recruiting Dallas Talent Acquisition Leader Bottle Rocket
Kim Ickes Recruiting DCBmore I.T. and Intel Recruiter Future Technologies
Sheridan King Recruiting DCBmore Talent Acquisition Manager RSM US LLP
Krystan Silva Recruiting DCBmore Talent Acquisition Manager Looking for Work
Mallory Hynes Recruiting Denver Talent Acquisition Specialist Pinnacol Assurance
Jason Heydorn Recruiting Denver Senior Technical Recruiter CommScope
Courtney Hanchey Recruiting Denver Recruiter City and County of Denver
Tim Strandberg Recruiting Denver Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist Datavail
Denise Estep Recruiting Denver Senior Talent Sourcing Recruiter G&A Automation Anywhere
Mike Crosby Recruiting LA Talent Acquisition Partner Age of Learning / ABCmouse.com
Diana Maronen Recruiting LA Recruiter Ember Technologies
Monica Robinson Recruiting LA Diversity Talent Acquisition Partner Tiktok
Tony Abbate Recruiting LA Lead Corporate Recruiter Guitar Center
McKenzie Sutton Recruiting LA Talent Acquisition Consultant Mammoth Distribution
Eric Burgess Recruiting LA Lead Technical Recruiter Very Good Security
Zachary Eggers Recruiting LA Talent Acquisition Partner AEG
Bianca Medici Recruiting LA Talent Acquisition Manager Havas Edge
Tony Angelucci Recruiting LA Independent Talent Acquisition Specialist/Consultant in Healthcare and Management/Executive Staffing Self employed
Bez Rengifo Recruiting LA Sr. Manager / Director, People Services (HR Business Partner department) Loma Linda University Health Care
Cara Schaeffer Recruiting LA Recruiter Tiktok
Gillian Diamond Recruiting LA Senior Manager Talent Acquisition Entertainment Partners
Laura Hoff Recruiting Minneapolis Regional Recruiter Eide Bailly LLP
Evan Waldera Recruiting Minneapolis Senior Recruiter Sovos
Dina Soulek Recruiting Minneapolis Technical Recruiter Calabrio
Deb Smith Recruiting Minneapolis Talent Acquisition Senior Corporate Recruiter Best Buy
Jane Gauthier Recruiting Minneapolis Senior Talent Acquisition Leader Cargill
Becky Gramenz Recruiting Minneapolis Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist Looking for Work
Denise Ward Recruiting Minneapolis Technical Recruiter Wunderlich-Malec Engineering
Valerie Ward Recruiting NYC Senior Recruiter Novantas
Alexa Montane Recruiting NYC Talent Acquisition Partner Realogy Holdings Corp.
Ahna Thorstenson Recruiting NYC Recruiter Uber
Elaine Dewitt Recruiting Phoenix Contract Recruiter HonorHealth
Michelle Primm Recruiting Phoenix Regional Corporate Recruiting Partner Heartland Financial USA
Jen Norman Recruiting Phoenix Executive Leadership Recruiter Oracle
Jessie Kokaisel Recruiting Phoenix Talent Acquisition Lead Heartland Financial
Aaron Beohm Recruiting Phoenix Managing Member Phoenix House California
Melissa Kolbe Recruiting Portland Sr Recruiter Viewpoint
Diana Pontos Recruiting Seattle Technical Recruiter Amazon
Tayler Wike Recruiting Seattle Talent Acquisition Partner PayScale
Marita Arevalo Recruiting Seattle Recruiter Aegis Living
Kathi Mael Recruiting Seattle Talent Acquisition Verizon Wireless
Amy Shook Recruiting Seattle Senior Recruiter RealSelf
Lejla Hadzic Recruiting SFBA Talent Acquisition Lead Intuit
Lisa Trujillo TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Clear Capital
JoDee Klinker TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Carson Group
Kristina Droz TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Bluestone Properties
Nancee Martin TA Leaders Managing Director Corporate Recruiting AvAirPros
Edward Simpson TA Leaders Senior Manager of Technology Talent Acquisition TD Ameritrade
Lou Ann Lunda TA Leaders Director, Talent Acquisition Madison Area Technical College
Kathy King TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Confluent Health
Amanda Radice TA Leaders Technical Recruiter SurveyMonkey
Allison Nicholas TA Leaders Director Of Recruiting Metova
Sandesh Sukumaran TA Leaders Head of Professional Services, Accion Labs
Erica Miller TA Leaders Recruiting Manager Vertafore
Karen DiGenova TA Leaders Global Head of Talent Acquisition Columbia Sportswear Company
Tracey Saccani TA Leaders Head of Talent Acquisition Air Products
Dawn Losinger TA Leaders Head of Talent Acquisition Precision BioSciences
Javier Rodriguez TA Leaders Director Talent Acquisition L3Harris Technologies
Scott Schroeder TA Leaders Senior Director Talent Acquisition Luxottica
Monica Parker TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition and Development Helget Gas Products
Greg Sullivan TA Leaders Head of North American Talent Acquisition Saint-Gobain North America
Tony Le TA Leaders Sr. Director, Global Talent Acquisition Contentful
Marnie Jarrett TA Leaders Director, Leadership Recruiting USI Insurance Services

We asked our attendees, “What is one item that you think intake meetings should cover that most don’t?”

Here are their answers:

  • 5 technical Questions and the answers needed to find you the best candidate.
  • alternative recruitng resources
  • Biggest challenges this new hire will face
  • Clear timelines that both parties agree to
  • Clearly explaining your process as a recruiter
  • Commitment to recalibrate
  • Committed timeline for feedback
  • Communication expectations in both directions. I expect feedback on candidate interviews the day of the interview.
  • contracting between hiring manager and recruiter
  • Current landscape of managers team
  • DEI Recruiting Practices, and what your expectations are of the hiring manager regarding DEI.
  • Describe their "A" player
  • Discovering why the position is still open. Why offers have been turned down? What went wrong in the process?
  • Discussion around how to be inclusive to candidates that are diverse.
  • Diversity goals.
  • Diversity of the team, where it's lacking and how to fix
  • Emphasis on the quality or hire
  • Expectation setting
  • Expectations
  • expectations
  • Expectations from hiring managers about their involvement in the process
  • expectations of the hiring manager
  • Growth plan for the role
  • How can this new hire impact the current team's culture
  • How does this/these hire align with business goals at each level? What business or unforseen events could impact this effort?
  • How not filling a role in time can negatively impact the team or business.
  • How to most effectively screen resumes to send the best qualified candidates to the Hiring Manager
  • How will you know that this has been a successful engagement? Most important metric for measuring my success?
  • if replacement req, what is something we missed on hiring this candidate the first time around
  • Internal struggles/sensitivities - who may be a bit more resistant to this hire/be upset about it?
  • Interview Questions Hiring Managers Ask in Their Interviews
  • is there an internal candiate?
  • Live demonstration of a search based on current job description and key words
  • market data
  • Measurements for success in the first 90 days, 6 months and 1 year.
  • Must have skills
  • Must haves, nice to haves
  • Must haves, nice to haves, and interview process
  • New world covid type questions
  • Next steps, laying out the interivew process expectations
  • Overview of what the HM's team does, not just what this one job does.
  • Research the Recruiter has done before the meeting on the position
  • Screenshare with LinkedIn, building Boolean string in real time
  • Set expectations that the hiring manager needs to have timely feedback on resume submittals and interviews. They own some too.
  • Soft skills for that team's needs
  • Some sort of MSA between the Recruiter and HM. There's often not an "agreement" set about commitments on both sides.
  • Sourcing - they are the best advocate for their positions
  • team chemistry
  • Team structure
  • The customer that the position will support internally.
  • The history of the role
  • the sell for candidates (why would a top candidate want this job?)
  • Time to Fill
  • Timeline expectation management
  • timelines
  • vision (at least at the executive level)
  • what 3 questions would you initially ask a candidate
  • What 3-5 questions would you like asked at the HR intv stage? (Should be accompanied with ideal answers “knock out” questions)
  • What are the challenges for the role?
  • What are the most important things this person needs to do to be successful?
  • what happens if they DONT get this person?
  • What interview questions will you (the hiring manager) be asking?
  • What is the impact to NOT filling this role?
  • What is the most important quality a candidate needs to be successful in their unit/dept
  • What questions would you like me to get answered in my initial phone screen with candidates?
  • What the candidate should know about the team and working with them and the manager,
  • what's the real 80/20 split for skills needed
  • what's unique about you and your team? (professional and casually)
  • Who is the actual supervisor that's not on the req
  • Why is this position open? What does advancement look like for this position?

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