Attention-getting Ways To Recruit

Attention-getting Ways To Recruit

It is not easy to stand out in the crowd, especially when your consumer brand is not the biggest. What are some ways that you can help the company stand out from the pack?

Listen in on what our panelists have to say.

This event is part of the “Let’s Talk Recruiting” series where a panel of recruiting practitioners get together online and have a conversation on a variety of topics related to corporate recruiting.

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Our Panelists…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Brent Schreckengost TA Leaders Head of North America Recruiting - Technology SAP
Glenn Murani TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Optima Global Solutions
Mahen Kathirithamby TA Leaders Director Of Recruiting Looking for Work
Malia Jorgensen TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Nortal US

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We asked our attendees, “What is one thing that you do to get the attention of the candidates that you are trying to recruit?”

Here are their answers:

  • Appeal to the individual's background by sending a direct message and avoiding blast emails
  • Ask them what they’re looking for in their next move then speak to how our company exemplifies that.
  • attractive lead for each job ad
  • Be active on LI
  • Be creative in the subject line
  • call them
  • company
  • Compliment something in their background.
  • Compliment their background and experience
  • Concentrate on the selling point!
  • Connect their passions to what we're doing.
  • create subject line in emails
  • custom outreach
  • Demonstrate via my outreach that I understand their work and industry
  • direct messages
  • Discuss EVP
  • Drive market share and exposure. Most candidates don't know our company.
  • Email early AM or late in the PM
  • Flexibility of the position
  • Give them all the good things first.
  • Give them value!
  • Great JD
  • Have fun
  • Highlight competitive beneifts
  • Honesty
  • I always try to find some commonality or genuinely show interest in something on their resume/profile
  • I come at everything with the approach of seeking help or advice.
  • I keep it short, and try to portray specifically why their profile interests me.
  • I love using company videos displaying what we do as well as sharing with them the selling points of the role
  • I'm specific about their experience/skills that stood out to me, and I make it about them, not about the job opening.
  • Keep it casual and about them!
  • listen
  • make the communication personal
  • Mention the positive aspects of the organization to "sell" and promote the company as a great place to work
  • Mention their experience that applies to the role, why they would be a good fit
  • Our Company was not a household name- I wanted to inform them that they were applying to a well respected company w a 50 yr hist
  • Our culture
  • Our Mission
  • Personal relevant email
  • Personalize my messages to the candidates
  • Personalize the message to be more relatable to their background!
  • Personalized messaging
  • Pose a question in my subject line or post
  • post
  • Post articles on Cyber
  • post on LinkedIn
  • Pre-Covid I was a big fan of attending industry events where I would likely find candidates. That physical presence mattered.
  • Reach out to them
  • Read their resume/profile and speak specifically to it. they really appreciate it.
  • Recruitment prezi. It highlights the company, culture, values, and perks. It shows candidates who we are early in the process.
  • Refer to a mutual connection that I actually know
  • Reference a recent company article.
  • relate to them personally.
  • Run targeted campaigns on LinkedIn and Indeed
  • Send videos
  • Set up email campaigns
  • Share company values
  • Share thought leadership content
  • Show "day in the life" highlights
  • Show them what their future can look like
  • showcase our culture
  • Silly messages
  • social media
  • Social Media Ads
  • Social Media advertising
  • Social media blasts
  • Speak to their experience before pitching the position.
  • Subject Lines
  • Tell my company's story - it is compelling. Help them understand our "why".
  • The organizations mission statement
  • United States
  • We do not currently have a budget - so it is all about our employee's engagement on social media
  • We host free hiring events that directly benefit the candidate regardless if they are hired.
  • write personal emails.

Chat Messages from the Session…

10:04:05>> From  Sean Rehder : Feel free to add any comments or questions here in the Chat area

Make sure as an attendee, if you message something in the Chat area that you select “All Panelists and Attendees.” 

The default is just to Panelists but I want everyone to see the messages coming through.

10:06:28>> From  Brent Schreckengost   to   Sean Rehder(Privately) : Can you see/hear me now?  Was having issues earlier

10:06:40>> From  Sean Rehder   to   Brent Schreckengost(Privately) : I can see you, yes

10:06:46>> From  Sean Rehder   to   Brent Schreckengost(Privately) : audio “looks” good.

10:07:10>> From  Brent Schreckengost   to   Sean Rehder(Privately) : Thanks 🙂

10:09:22>> From  Sean Rehder   to   Brent Schreckengost(Privately) : I’ll come to you after Glenn, ok?

10:09:42>> From  Brent Schreckengost   to   Sean Rehder(Privately) : Yep that sounds good

10:16:43>> From  Catherine Hansen   to   All panelists : @Malia, what tactics does your internal marketing team use to build talent brand and get direct results/hires?

10:21:35>> From  Daniel Snelgrow : I’ve noticed that during many of these virtual events tend to track in recent grads versus senior, lead, or principal level. You mentioned people attending up to the architect level, how are you attracting this talent and having them attend these events?

10:28:14>> From  Jose Martinez : My company has kept all of the recruiting events we had planned for this year but just moved them virtually and scaled back into smaller and more fireside chat style to create deeper connections

10:28:32>> From  Brent Schreckengost   to   Sean Rehder(Privately) : It is not as easy 🙂 but really understanding and tailoring content/messaging out to this target audience.  If we can present interesting (and complex) problems we are solving with our technology that helps attract more ‘senior’ level talent

10:28:36>> From  Wahoo Fitness : Gotta go, I have a candidate call in 2 minutes.

10:28:44>> From  Brent Schreckengost   to   Sean Rehder(Privately) : Sorry meant to sent that to the group

10:28:57>> From  Brent Schreckengost : It is not as easy 🙂 but really understanding and tailoring content/messaging out to this target audience.  If we can present interesting (and complex) problems we are solving with our technology that helps attract more ‘senior’ level talent

10:29:32>> From  Daniel Snelgrow : Thank you!

10:31:25>> From  Catherine Hansen : @Malia, what’s the name of that event where you present for 5 min?  Didn’t catch

10:32:42>> From  Brent Schreckengost : HackerX

10:34:03>> From  Brent Schreckengost :

10:47:51>> From  Catherine Hansen : @Sean, what form does that outreach to your cold lead take (ex: we’ll be at this event, are you going?)

10:48:04>> From  Catherine Hansen : Is that a cold email outreach to their work email?

10:48:36>> From  Yvette Kamperin   to   All panelists : What CRM (for recruiting) tools are you using?

10:50:32>> From  Heather Levine : I did that with my messaging. Pre – covid a huge seller to my job was face to face sales. So I took all that language out of my messaging.

10:53:16>> From  Jenny Bastrom   to   All panelists : Thank you!

10:53:17>> From  Catherine Hansen : THANK YOU

10:53:30>> From  ASHLEY GREENE   to   All panelists : thanks to all the panelists and Sean!

Some of the attendees…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Anita Kumar Recruiting Atlanta Talent Acquisition Business Partner GE Appliances, a Haier company
Saundra Ramsey Recruiting Atlanta Talent Acquisition Business Partner hiring all levels of Technology Wahoo Fitness
Andrea Palaian Recruiting Atlanta Global Recruiting Leader Deloitte
Dan Baker Recruiting Atlanta Senior Corporate Recruiter Healthstat
Christine Williams Recruiting Boston Recruiter Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston
Alison Becker Recruiting Boston Talent Acquisition Specialust Bullhorn
Sarah Schaefer Recruiting Chicago Senior Recruiter Fresenius Kabi USA
Shawn Watzka Recruiting Chicago Senior Recruiter Inpatient Psych Solutions
Koli Donohue Recruiting Chicago Manager Stillwater Architecture, LLC
Theresa Hart Recruiting Dallas Talent Acquisition Program Manager Altice USA
Heather Levine Recruiting Dallas Recruiter - Allstate Agency Auto Dealership Program Allstate
Rob Sheard Recruiting Denver Senior Recruiter CGI
Delaina Silva Recruiting Denver Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant SDL plc
Susan Collins Recruiting Houston Director, Talent Acquisition - Stores & Employer Branding Talbots
Ashley Greene Recruiting Houston Board Member Recruiter Gift of Adoption Fund
Lance Hunsicker Recruiting LA Executive Recruiter Parsons Corporation
Cindy Wong Recruiting LA Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist Princess Cruises
Dang Hua Recruiting LA Talent Acquisition Business Partner Opus Bank
Stacey Grogan Recruiting LA Senior Staffing Specialist Unknown
Matt Englund Recruiting Minneapolis Talent Acquisition Leader Nerdery
Dana Bozich Recruiting Minneapolis Talent Acquisition Specialist Sedgwick
Dave Elliston Recruiting Minneapolis Senior Technology Recruiter SPS Commerce
Becky Gramenz Recruiting Minneapolis Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist Looking for Work
Jose Martinez Recruiting NYC Senior Recruiter, Global Marketing + Recruiting Manager/POC for Hardware Marketing+ DEI Project Lead Google
Roseanne Donohue Recruiting NYC Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, North America Radware
Nidia Rodriguez Recruiting NYC Talent Acquisition Specialist RB
Brian Mulligan Recruiting Philly Corporate Recruiter Penske
Elaine Dewitt Recruiting Phoenix Contract Recruiter HonorHealth
Becky Cooper Recruiting Phoenix Talent Acquisition Manager Republic Services
Mike Mattson Recruiting Portland Corporate Recruiter Papa Murphy's International
Daniel Snelgrow Recruiting Portland Recruiter Nike
Jenny Bastrom Recruiting Seattle Senior Recruiter / Sourcing Specialist Washington State Department of Social and Health Services
Jessica Burgess Recruiting Seattle Director, Talent Acquisition Zones, Inc.
Marita Arevalo Recruiting Seattle Recruiter Aegis Living
Abby Dooley Recruiting Seattle Recruiter (Technical) Edifecs
Tracey Gilbert-Dimof Recruiting Seattle Talent Acquisition Manager Urban Plates
Catherine Hansen Recruiting SFBA Senior Manager, Recruiting Hippo Insurance
Yvette Kamperin Recruiting SFBA VP, Talent Acquisition Scout RFP
Russell Jones Recruiting The Triangle Senior Technical Recruiter Lionbridge
Nicole McDaniel Recruiting.Work Talent Acquisition Partner 2 Huntington Ingalls Industries
Katie Hoffmeister Recruiting.Work Talent Acquisition Recruiter H&A Architects & Engineers
Manisha Bavabhai TA Leaders Head of Recruiting Hudson MX
Kathy King TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Confluent Health
Bennett Yang TA Leaders Director Talent Acquisition SoundHound
Kristina Droz TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Bluestone Properties
Mike Sensenig TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Haller Enterprises
Stacey Kramer TA Leaders Director, Recruiting 314e Corporation
Nancee Martin TA Leaders Managing Director Corporate Recruiting AvAirPros

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