We currently have 17 chapters, each being defined by location and each are new in 2020. So, we are a work in progress.

Our goal is to connect members of each chapter to each other in their shared geographical areas. Online, distant connections and friends are great, but having a strong network that is local to where you live is what we believe will lead to the best results for one’s professional development and success.

The simple foundation for each of our chapters are email listserve groups. What this does, is allow for direct communication between the members of each chapter with one another via email. From there, we will be looking to create meetups, roundtable sessions, online webinars and other examples of community collaboration that each chapter is interested in.

Throughout 2020, we will look to expand to new chapters throughout the country.

Come Join One of Our Chapters

We only allow corporate recruiters to be members of our groups. That includes if you are working on contract at an employer, too. Please fill out the fields below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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