Request a Slack Invite for the Group

Sometimes our conversations can go a bit deeper and become too much for our email inbox. Because of that, I’m adding for our group members who want to participate using that “platform.”

It’s a not a requirement, just an option.

If you have never used slack and want to learn it, this group is a great place to learn from others. I recommend you learn it as many companies are starting to use Slack or something very similar to it.

I really like this guy’s video on what Slack is, the benefits, how to use it, etc.

It’s invite-only, so if you are a member of the group and want an invite… just fill out the short form below and I’ll add you into it.

Keep in mind, I’m still kind of learning Slack myself… especially the admin side of it. 😉

Sean Rehder
Group Manager

Send me an Invite to Slack.

Yes, I am an expert. Yes, I understand it. Yes, but I am still getting the hang of it. No, but I have heard of it. No, I have never heard of it.