Tool Time with Marvin Smith and Eric Jaquith

Tool Time with Marvin Smith and Eric Jaquith ~ Organizational framework for recruiting and sourcing process

An ongoing series of round-table sessions that focus on recruiting tools in our industry. 

Marvin Smith (Lockheed Martin) and Eric Jaquith (SeekOut) are going to have a conversation about organizational framework for recruiting and sourcing process.  

They will discuss how to use the Google Chrome Toolbar as well as, OneNote, in addition to some other Microsoft Outlook tools.  In fact, Eric will show how he runs his recruiting life on Chrome.  

Listen in on what our panelists have to say.

This event is part of the “Let’s Talk Recruiting” series where a panel of recruiting practitioners get together online and have a conversation on a variety of topics related to corporate recruiting.

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Our Panelists…

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We asked our attendees, “Besides LinkedIn, what is your favorite tool you use in your day to day recruiting?”

Here are their answers:

Chat Messages from the Session…

10:04:03 >> From  Lance Hunsicker : Will these slides be available?

10:04:28 >> From  David Marr : @Lance, not something that has been done thus far

10:04:44 >> From  Sean Rehder   to   David Marr and all panelists : I try to have the panelists monitor the chat area when they can…

10:06:11 >> From  Sean Rehder : I’ll be posting the recording later today at https://Recruiting.Work

All past recorded sessions can be found at https://Recruiting.Work/events

10:06:43 >> From  Barbara Marks   to   All panelists : Thanks for posting the recording!

10:12:52 >> From  Marvin Smith : Do any of you use something similar to organize your workflow?

10:13:51 >> From  Sue Sabol : OneNote

10:14:23 >> From  Marvin Smith : @sue my favorite

10:14:29 >> From  Eileen Sullivan   to   All panelists : I use bookmarks, but not separate categories

10:14:36 >> From  Catherine Hansen : Do these tips work in both suite and O365?

10:18:00 >> From  Brandon Barber : OneNote a lifesaver

10:20:22 >> From  Catherine Hansen : What kind of tool is OneNote, and is it part of the MSFT O365 suite?

10:20:26 >> From  Chau Nguyen : Yes, it’s sharable

10:20:41 >> From  Liza Bryant : Yes, part of O365.  I just pinned it to my task bar

10:20:56 >> From  Liza Bryant : Looks like a good tool to stay organized.  Thanks

10:21:00 >> From  Amy Westbrook : I Live by Onenote

10:21:19 >> From  Angelo Pancho : @Marvin -Do you copy & paste (or export) the content from Talent Insights to OneNote tabs for the Battlecards?  Also, are you syncing your OneNote to a MS Teams Channel?

10:24:35 >> From  Amy Westbrook : Yes

10:24:43 >> From  Brandon Barber : Yes

10:28:44 >> From  Marvin Smith : @Angelo In the case of the insights I displayed came from SeekOut.  I have not tried to export from LinkedIn Insights.  Do you do that?

10:30:00 >> From  David Marr : Spreadsheets

10:30:06 >> From  Kim Joyce : We use Smart Sheet

10:30:09 >> From  Lori Davis : Trello

10:30:28 >> From  Kim Joyce : It’s amazing for a Kanban

10:30:29 >> From  Sean Rehder : Smart Sheet is an excellent tool.

10:30:33 >> From  Sean Hanna : Dashboards and reporting for status

10:30:58 >> From  Kim Joyce : Avature is good for making a people list too

10:31:18 >> From  Sean Hanna : we use is a combo of dashboard and Trello to show status by req/job

10:31:51 >> From  Le Nguyen : Another way to share information is use your Contacts. Your contacts do not need to be real people, but can be subjects. The notes section allows for attachments. So it’s an easy way to share spreadsheets, pdfs, links or texts

10:33:09 >> From  Angelo Pancho : @Marvin -Yes, it’s a simple export from LI Talent Insights…it’s a .pdf report.  I haven’t added the .pdfs to OneNote yet, but I will start doing it.

10:35:37 >> From  Marvin Smith : @Angelo I have frequently sent PDF’s to OneNote.  It saves everything as an image.  Works well except with I want live linkes

10:35:39 >> From  Marvin Smith : links

10:36:25 >> From  Rob Bursee   to   All panelists : Love this!

10:36:48 >> From  Catherine Hansen : @Eric, any tips on a bootcamp or training for learning Excel or Google pivot tables etc?

10:37:09 >> From  Catherine Hansen : …esp or recruiting or HR function would be awesome

10:38:21 >> From  Consuelo Mendez   to   All panelists : Could you share out the spreadsheet template?

10:40:12 >> From  Brad Mumpower : @Catherine LI Learning has some great Excel courses, with first month free. Pluralsight is also a good option (if you work in tech, sometimes Engineering departments have extra seats so check with that dept first to avoid cost).

10:40:46 >> From  Sean Rehder : Yes, LinkedIn learning is good…Udemy is good too

10:41:06 >> From  Mike Haley   to   All panelists : any other one note best practices?

10:41:16 >> From  Rob Bursee   to   All panelists : Any chance we could get an example copy of those last spreadsheets?

10:41:36 >> From  Mike Haley   to   All panelists : this is great by the way!!

10:42:57 >> From  Brad Mumpower : @Marvin/Eric, I’m interested to see/hear what kinds of data visualizations you share with hiring managers based on the candidate data you’re gathering, if any

10:44:11 >> From  Catherine Hansen : +1 Brad

10:46:10 >> From  Marvin Smith : Dean DaCosta’s mother lode of tools.  There should be a couple of search string builders on it…

10:47:03 >> From  Dan Baker   to   All panelists : @eric I’d be very interested in seeing your Excel templates you have built out.

10:49:22 >> From  Dan Baker   to   All panelists : Awesome meeting today gentlemen. A lot to digest, but this was a huge value add. Thank you!

10:49:44 >> From  Vanessa Presta   to   All panelists : Thanks everyone!

10:50:01 >> From  Tamara Garlett : Great panel – thanks, guys!

10:50:02 >> From  Scott Hand   to   All panelists : Thank you so much.  Very useful stuff.

10:50:07 >> From  Audra Colquite-Matthews   to   All panelists : Great information, thank you!

10:50:09 >> From  Angelo Pancho : Thank you guys, very helpful!

10:50:09 >> From  Catherine Hansen : Awesome panel!  And congrats on new gig Marvin

10:50:10 >> From  Brad Mumpower : @Eric thank you. Always looking to improve reporting, especially for C-Suite stakeholders

10:50:16 >> From  Kristin Megneys   to   All panelists : Thank you! Great topics

10:50:16 >> From  Vanessa Presta : Thanks everyone!

10:50:19 >> From  Christine Maniacek : Thank you, Gents!

10:50:23 >> From  Shailly Sharma : Thank you

10:50:30 >> From  Rob Bursee : Thanks for your time today… Great tool talk!

10:50:36 >> From  Saundra Ramsey : thank you for the great info always fun with you two!

10:50:37 >> From  Kristine Nemeth   to   All panelists : Thanks!

10:50:39 >> From  Kim Joyce : Good stuff!

10:50:40 >> From  Katherine Amato   to   All panelists : Thank you, great session!

10:50:41 >> From  Kim Joyce : Thank you!

10:50:42 >> From  Angie Sartori   to   All panelists : Thank you!

10:50:42 >> From  Amy Westbrook :  Thank you guys, I have learned so much!! Y’all are amazing, and I look forward to the next time!!!

10:50:45 >> From  Ronda Campbell : Thank you

10:50:49 >> From  Helen Tunea   to   All panelists : Thank you!

10:50:50 >> From  Melisa Medrano : THANKs!!!

10:50:53 >> From  Lori Davis : Thank you!!

10:50:55 >> From  Kirsten Barron : Thank you!

10:50:56 >> From  Rob Bursee : Thanks Sean! appreciate the share

10:50:59 >> From  John Sullivan : thank you

10:51:02 >> From  Tom McNamara : thank you! Nice work: )

10:51:19 >> From  Tiffanie Chiles-Mitchell   to   All panelists : Thank you, very helpful!

Some of the attendees…

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