Using Predictive Methods to Assess Candidates

Using Predictive Methods to Assess Candidates

Recruiters are screening and interviewing candidates all day, every day, directly with the candidates.  And then comes the whole process of assisting and advising the hiring team during the onsite interview process.

In today’s round-table session, we talk about ways interviewing and selection methods that can be done during the interview process to best asses candidates.

Listen in on what our panelists have to say.

This event is part of the “Let’s Talk Recruiting” series where a panel of recruiting practitioners get together online and have a conversation on a variety of topics related to corporate recruiting.

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Our Panelists…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Deborah Baimas Recruiting SFBA Manager, Talent Acquisition Aera Technology
Jonelle Wilson Recruiting Dallas Sr. Business Consultant, HR/Talent Childrens Health
Nicki Mitchell Recruiting Atlanta Director Talent Acquisition Cox Enterprises
William Uranga TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Spokeo

We did a follow-up one-on-one discussion with Yves Lermusi, an industry research expert and CEO of Checkster.

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We asked our attendees, “What is one tactic or method that you use when assessing candidates during the interview process?”

Here are their answers:

  • Ascertaining specific past examples of behavior and skills
  • Ask if their current employer will counter offer if they resign
  • asking a critical question multiple times in different ways
  • Assessing against company benchmark
  • BDI
  • Behavior based questions
  • Behavior Interview questions
  • Behavioral and technical interviewing
  • Behavioral based interviewing
  • behavioral based interviews
  • behavioral interview questions
  • behavioral interviews
  • Behavioral interviews
  • Behavioral questions that will bring out examples of past behavior relevant to the role
  • behavioral style questions
  • body language
  • Building a relationship with them so that can trust me
  • Career track record /performance results
  • case studies, tests/assessments
  • Competency-base interviewing approach
  • Computer Assessments
  • Consistent set of questions and score cards
  • Have the candidate teach you about how to screen against a desired skill..
  • Having them verify their employment dates to see if it matches the resume/application.
  • I like answers that come easily from the candidate.
  • I make a conversation. If the candidate is at ease, I can better understand his motivation and gauge his soft skills
  • I seek out sincere interest in our industry and organization by sharing a company video.
  • I'll explain the job description then ask the candidate to walk me through their resume and highlight any applicable experience
  • interivew questions
  • Interview guides
  • Interview scorecard
  • It's important for me to find out why candidates moved from one job to the next and to understand their reasoning for doing so.
  • Let them talk (within reason) and listen,they will tell you everything you need to hear. I use "tell me a little more about that
  • None
  • Nothing outside of behavioral interviewing - our HRBPs are concerned with outside tools potentially causing adverse impact.
  • Overarching themes, performance-based hiring aka high-performance indicators, red-flag warnings, candidate criteria & matching
  • Phone screen
  • PI
  • Pre-made technical screening templates or Internal tech resources
  • Predictive Index
  • Predictive Index
  • Predictive Index
  • Predictive Index
  • Predictive Index and Skillsurvey
  • Quality focused questions
  • Reference checks
  • Rely on my gut - it rarely lets me down #recruiterinstinct
  • Scorecards
  • Scorecards
  • Specific Measures ID'd in Pre-Brief and held to in De-Brief
  • STAR
  • Star method, Talent +
  • Structured Behavioral based questions tied to "Fit for team" and "Fit for Culture."
  • Structured work flow applied to all candidates
  • Tactic: Active Listening
  • Technical skills, soft skills, cultural fit, communication.
  • transcript progression
  • Using competency based questions
  • utilizing back door references
  • We follow the who interview process. Best part is the threat of references
  • We give them a business case scenario

Chat Messages from the Session…

10:10:06 >> From  Sean Rehder : Does anyone use google docs to share information with their interviewing team?

10:10:11 >> From  Gary Jackson   to   All panelists : What ATS do you use?

10:11:40 >> From  Deborah Baimas : @Gary – we use Lever

10:11:59 >> From  Gary Jackson   to   All panelists : Also with the questions being prepopulated what happens when someone ask probing questions? Are those added later in the process.

10:12:10 >> From  Gary Jackson   to   All panelists : Thanks

10:13:05 >> From  Anne Royse   to   All panelists : We use Lever for scorecards. We have an interview guide generator.  Set up a selection team calibration call at the beginning of the search to ensure everyone knows there part and has the interview guide, and then we’re off to the races.

10:13:22 >> From  Anne Royse   to   All panelists : *their

10:13:44 >> From  Anne Royse   to   All panelists : There, their, they’re.  Nails on a chalkboard when I have a typo.

10:14:14 >> From  Steven Green   to   All panelists : Good to hear training provided to both recruiters and hiring managers (new or those needing a refresher).  Over time, hiring managers who have participated will learn that this training helps them in other responsibility areas (better 1:1s, coaching sessions, performance discussions, etc.).

10:22:50 >> From  Peter Garneau : Has anyone used the Predictive Index and if so, for what roles?

10:23:02 >> From  Guiti Nabavi   to   All panelists : Yes we use Google suite and yes Google doc to share info with interviewing team such as mini training refresher & reminders of what to/not to ask.

10:23:10 >> From  Julie Kemp : We have a TA intranet page that houses (among other things) a google doc with our interview question bank.

10:23:26 >> From  Nicki Mitchell : Hi Peter, I have used PI extensively – I think we will get into a question about third party vendor options.

10:23:52 >> From  Peter Garneau : thanks nicki

10:24:21 >> From  Anne Royse   to   All panelists : We use P.I. all the time for all but a few roles.

10:26:20 >> From  Glenn Murani : I am sat in candidate interviews with hiring managers – it is a great help if you can do this in your organization – at least sit in one interview for a new type of position – it will give you a better idea of the skills required, types of questions that are asked and the type of interview it is (one-on-one, panel interview) – and you can give some feedback to the hiring manager.  Remember the candidate is interviewing the company too!   I would like to see how the hiring manager is “attracting” the candidate to the organization….

10:26:31 >> From  William Uranga : Spokeo uses JobScore as it ATS (migrated from Hire with Google)

10:27:44 >> From  William Uranga : @Gary If by “probing” you mean follow up questions – yes, we expect those to be cited/documented up front on Confluence.

10:28:01 >> From  Nicki Mitchell   to   Sean Rehder(Direct Message) : are you going to bring it back to predictive assessments?

10:28:57 >> From  William Uranga : Shadowing your interview team members and hiring manager is great to support and on-going coaching!

10:29:03 >> From  Anne Royse   to   All panelists : Do you like JobScore? What do you like about it?  Conversely, what could be better?

10:30:30 >> From  William Uranga : Happy to chat about JobScore offline if folks would like to. There are a lot of great solutions that have different advantages depending on your industry, size, org maturity and price point (

10:31:11 >> From  Julie Kemp : We use case studies extensively.  These are a great way of giving the candidate a sense of the work and a great way of seeing their work product.

10:31:14 >> From  Daniella McDonald : I’m working on a case study now for an interview process. I will be presenting to up to 8 people on Zoom. They indicated that there is no specific format to present. It’s the 2nd interview with this company.

10:33:04 >> From  Catherine Hansen : Re case studies, candidates have complained to me after the fact (or on Glassdoor) that it seemed that the company was looking for “free work”.  I think case studies if they need to be done (we use them for PM & marketing roles) should be a small assignment

10:33:52 >> From  Anne Royse   to   All panelists : Does anyone use preinterview assessments / tests? Gamification? Any of that?

10:34:02 >> From  Catherine Hansen : For engineer “case studies” we would use Karat as our technical platform vendor – worked very well

10:36:43 >> From  Sean Rehder   to   Nicki Mitchell(Direct Message) : Ill try here with deborah to bring it back to assessments

10:37:01 >> From  Julie Kemp : We use hypothetical case studies unrelated to work we are doing to make sure it is clear we are not asking for free work.

10:37:12 >> From  William Uranga : @Anne we do give test/exercises for various roles – Excel for digital marketing, SQL exercises for our data analyst or data scientist roles, etc. No gamifications per se.

10:37:56 >> From  William Uranga : @Julie Yes, making sure that it isn’t work that is currently being done in-house is key to/not to compensate…

10:39:03 >> From  Peter Garneau : Not familiar with Hackerinks

10:39:31 >> From  William Uranga : @Peter Hackerrank, HackerEarth

10:39:50 >> From  Anne Royse   to   All panelists : @William – Did you build them internally, or purchase them from somewhere?

10:40:05 >> From  William Uranga : Sorry “hackerank”

10:40:49 >> From  Anne Royse   to   All panelists : Thanks!

10:41:08 >> From  JoNelle Sood : as a suggestion, add the 2nd R for STARR which stands for Reflection. It’s a good way to allow the candidate to self reflect and say what they would do differently if given the opportunity. You get another insight to how the candidate would modify/adjust and self awareness.

10:42:47 >> From  Deborah Baimas : @JoNelle – I like your suggestion for ‘reflection’!

10:43:17 >> From  Catherine Hansen : +1

10:44:18 >> From  JoNelle Sood : @Deborah 🙂 

10:44:25 >> From  Gary Jackson   to   All panelists : Candidates are interviewing the company also.

10:45:09 >> From  Catherine Hansen : @Jonelle, so glad you are bringing up the importance of the candidate experience!

10:45:09 >> From  Peter Garneau : Thanks Bill…

10:45:28 >> From  Nicki Mitchell : We may not have time to discuss third party assessments – like Predictive Index, DDI, DiSC, Korn Ferry, CSS, etc.  Happy to talk to anyone off line if there are questions you have.

10:45:49 >> From  Deborah Baimas : Great meeting everyone!  I have to drop off.  Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

10:46:46 >> From  William Uranga : Thanks Deborah!

10:46:56 >> From  Steven Green   to   All panelists : Glad you mentioned candidate experience for reasons given and because of ‘broadcast’ exposure on social media (i.e. list of your interview questions finding its way to Glassdoor, Vault, etc.) and critique on types of questions asked as well as if every different interviewer met asked the same questions – importance of interview game planning up-front, as William mentioned earlier.

10:48:39 >> From  Chris Rosenau   to   All panelists : re: Jonelle – while I was at Amazon we worked on a project with Sales/Marketing to try and quantify the probability that a Candidate was also a Customer, and what the impact of a negative Candidate experience may be in the coming 12 months.  We weren’t able to materialize a “formula”, but I still think that approach is critical to recruiting and an enterprise.

10:49:17 >> From  Jonelle Wilson   to   All panelists : @Chrisrosenau Great application!

10:50:08 >> From  Anne Royse   to   All panelists : So important! Thanks Nicki!

10:50:13 >> From  Jean Sheehan : We use a validated simulation assessment tool for our call center positions to check if they have the skills available to perform the position for our bulk hiring.  I work with and the assessment allows the candidate to listen to calls and answer related questions.  They offer skills assessment based on the job.

10:54:23 >> From  Catherine Hansen : @Nicki, is there a cost associated with the Predictive Index product?

10:57:25 >> From  Daniella McDonald : @Catherine – yes, I used it at my last company. I do not know the cost, but there is software, there is training, there are reports and graphs and the assessment write up about a candidate or employee. We also had it integrated with our ATS to send the assessments through that so that the results were attached to the candidate record so there were costs there on both sides.

10:58:45 >> From  Steven Green   to   All panelists : Used a survey from The Forte’ Institute – Communications Profile that was a good development tool.  Good for individual and team development due to interaction profile capabilities.

10:59:13 >> From  Nicki Mitchell : I have a 2 pm call and will need to drop in a minute.  Happy to answer any questions off-line.  Thanks!

10:59:27 >> From  William Uranga : Thanks Nicki!

11:02:40 >> From  Steven Green   to   All panelists : Thanks to all.  Very helpful information, especially on case study development and usage.

Some of the attendees…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Saundra Ramsey Recruiting Atlanta Talent Acquisition Business Partner hiring all levels of Technology Wahoo Fitness
Graham Berg Recruiting Atlanta Talent Acquisition Manager CEDAR
Dan Baker Recruiting Atlanta Senior Corporate Recruiter Healthstat
Nicki Mitchell Recruiting Atlanta Director Talent Acquisition Cox Enterprises
Stefanie Smith Recruiting Boston Recruiting Manager, Customer Solutions Group New Relic
Kristina Saunders Recruiting Boston Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition J. Jill
Shawn Watzka Recruiting Chicago Senior Recruiter Inpatient Psych Solutions
Marie deGroh Recruiting Chicago Principal Talent Acquisition Partner - Cognitive Solutions & Research IBM
Tina Thomason Recruiting Dallas Director of Business Development ThinkWhy
Kimberly Dymond Balogh Recruiting Dallas Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist Core Mark International
Tiffanie Chiles-Mitchell Recruiting Dallas Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition GameStop
Jennifer Jamme Recruiting Dallas Senior Recruiter Impact Advisors
Dang Hua Recruiting LA Talent Acquisition Business Partner Opus Bank
Cindy Wong Recruiting LA Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist Princess Cruises
Viviana Baldarelli Recruiting LA Technical Recruiter Independent Contractor
Katherine Amato Recruiting LA Senior Corporate Recruiter Guitar Center
Denise Ward Recruiting Minneapolis Technical Recruiter Wunderlich-Malec Engineering
Lia Kosmicki Recruiting Minneapolis Regional Recruiter Agiliti
Peter Garneau Recruiting NYC Talent Acquisition Manager SMCP - North America (Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot, de Fursac)
Lori Rinn Recruiting NYC Sr Executive HR Recruiter Franklin Templeton
Amanda Flechtner Recruiting NYC Retail Talent Acquisition Manager - Direct Hire - US The Est‚e Lauder Companies
Mike Mattson Recruiting Portland Corporate Recruiter Papa Murphy's International
Jennifer Halabi Recruiting Seattle Director, Global Talent Acquisition Nintex
Anne Royse Recruiting Seattle Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition Talking Rain Beverage Company
Marita Arevalo Recruiting Seattle Recruiter Aegis Living
Thom Macfarlane Recruiting Seattle Sourcing Recruiter F5 Networks
Staci Daley Recruiting SFBA Recruiting Specialist for Guckenheimer @ Google Guckenheimer
Teri Owens Recruiting SFBA Senior Recruiter Hitachi America, Ltd.
Julie Kemp Recruiting SFBA Talent Acquisition Mercari
Catherine Hansen Recruiting SFBA Senior Manager, Recruiting Hippo Insurance
Alisha Miller Recruiting The Triangle Regional Recruiting Manager Sunbelt Rentals
Kevin Francis TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Lark Technologies
Daniella McDonald TA Leaders Talent Acquisition Leader Looking for Work
James Perduto TA Leaders Head of Talent Acquisition & Mobility Programs Looking for Work
Tim Mayer TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Kraus-Anderson Construction Company
Gyla Becks TA Leaders Director, Recruiting eBay
Glenn Murani TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Optima Global Solutions
JoDee Klinker TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Carson Group
Steven Green TA Leaders Vice President | Global Project Lead – Associate Recruiting |Global Human Resources Looking for Work
JoNelle Sood TA Leaders Founder and President Ho'omau Foundation
Stacey Kramer TA Leaders Director, Recruiting 314e Corporation
Guiti Nabavi TA Leaders Director Talent Acquisition MyVest
Bennett Yang TA Leaders Director Talent Acquisition SoundHound
Nancee Martin TA Leaders Managing Director Corporate Recruiting AvAirPros
Jean Sheehan TA Leaders Director, Talent Acquisition ConServe
Chris Rosenau TA Leaders Director of Technical Recruiting Coupang

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