5 Great Ways to Spend Your Recruiting Budget

5 Great Ways to Spend Your Recruiting Budget

My mind on my money and my money on my mind. What are some of the best ways to spend your budget so that you get a clear return on your money?

Listen in on what our panelists have to say.

This event is part of the “Let’s Talk Recruiting” series where a panel of recruiting practitioners get together online and have a conversation on a variety of topics related to corporate recruiting.

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10:06:10 >> Daniella McDonald : In my last company we used JobTarget, but there was no control on spending and no data that we were getting candidates so we stopped it.

10:06:37 >> Daniella McDonald : There were lots of options for colleges and specialty boards.

10:07:15 >> Khristina Jones : My ATS (ApplicantPro) provides for a large variety of job posting sites, some local, some more targeted).

10:07:19 >> Bonnie Chau : Same here with my previous employer and JobTarget. It didn’t work well for our industry at the time.

10:07:34 >> Michelle Tomes : I’ve had a good experience with JobTarget, working with my account manager to only use the boards that worked best for us- and not post to others that were not brining in the right candidates.

10:07:47 >> Matthew Liptak : it depends on the company

10:08:11 >> Bonnie Chau : Agreed Matthew L.

10:08:34 >> mercheley beuns   to   All panelists : Circa job board does that at well

10:08:46 >> Khristina Jones : Love Handshake!

10:08:49 >> Jenny Shedd   to   All panelists : +1 on  handshake

10:08:53 >> Matthew Liptak : yes circa bought Americas job exchange

10:09:14 >> mercheley beuns   to   All panelists : Handshake is great!

10:09:15 >> Daniella McDonald : We used LocalJobNetwork, now Circa. Similar to what is being mentioned now…OFCCP compliance, diversity sites, women, veterans. it was pretty inexpensive.

10:09:18 >> Jenny Shedd   to   All panelists : Just found purple briefcase for community colleges

10:09:18 >> KRISTINA SAUNDERS : Handshake, are you successful with the free platform or are you paying?

10:09:28 >> Matthew Liptak : its free

10:09:46 >> Matthew Liptak : simplicity

10:09:48 >> Matthew Liptak : is similar

10:10:01 >> Andrew Shelton   to   All panelists : I’ve found Handshake works well sometimes and we come up empty sometimes. Hard to figure out why there is a difference in results…

10:10:56 >> Khristina Jones : Free, though there was an announcement recently about upgrading to a charge site.

10:11:00 >> Matthew Liptak : handshake you need to make sure to add a lot of schools

10:12:53 >> mercheley beuns   to   All panelists : 100% agree Matt

10:13:16 >> Khristina Jones : Partnering w/Marketing is critical for branding.

10:15:03 >> Rita Kelly   to   All panelists : What are thoughts on Glassdoor vs Comparably?

10:15:11 >> Rita Kelly   to   All panelists : for branding

10:15:18 >> Matthew Liptak : Glassdoor very powerful

10:15:32 >> Matthew Liptak : I always recommend putting money into glassdoor

10:15:40 >> Glenn Murani   to   All panelists : I partner and speak at local outplacement companies.  It’s a great way to meet quality people that recently got laid off from their firm.

10:16:14 >> Brad Mumpower   to   All panelists : We used Muse, but found that the value didn’t justify the cost after the first marketing project with them was done.

10:17:43 >> Jenny Shedd   to   All panelists : We have sponsored meetup groups in the past

10:19:15 >> Sean Rehder : what was the cost, Jenny?  do you remember?

10:19:56 >> Brad Mumpower   to   All panelists : Meetup is a fantastic tool for job visibility, marketing/branding. We partner with a local Veterans group and typically have a good number of people show up from that community.

10:20:12 >> Khristina Jones : Pre-COVID I launched a Meetup program where I would partner with local groups to present at our facility. Gave us exposure to local tech talent and gave folks a chance to meet our engineers/employees. Very effective and low cost. I usually had a sponsor for food.

10:21:17 >> mercheley beuns   to   All panelists : Now that we are virtual,  we can network with minimal costs

10:22:34 >> Matthew Liptak : in the past I used to start a yahoo group to network

10:22:52 >> Matthew Liptak : construction candidates at the management level weren’t on linkedin

10:23:08 >> Matthew Liptak : they would join the yahoo group to network with peers

10:23:32 >> Khristina Jones : LinkedIn is tough since they moved to a PPC model. I just can’t wrap my head around that model. How do you even budget for that effectively?

10:23:57 >> Matthew Liptak : usage Year over year to evaluate cost

10:24:26 >> Bonnie Chau : All employees are “brand ambassadors”.  Some are just more active than others. 🙂

10:24:26 >> Daniella McDonald : I used Facebook groups in my last position. Joining groups for the cities we were recruiting in. They were hourly positions like delivery drivers and warehouse.

10:26:39 >> Jan Ackerman   to   All panelists : Tracking Pixels are another way to do it.

10:27:51 >> Matthew Liptak : Gen z putting QR codes on their resumes

10:29:49 >> Jenny Shedd   to   All panelists : Has anyone used the Professional Diversity Network

10:31:50 >> Bonnie Chau : Same for the construction industry and finding craft workers.

10:32:12 >> Catherine Hansen   to   All panelists : Internal mobility – SO important.  Why lose great talent already in the company?

10:32:20 >> Matthew Liptak : right

10:32:26 >> Rita Kelly   to   All panelists : We are working on implementing an Internal Mobility Workshop for internal staff.

10:32:30 >> Matthew Liptak : I just rolled out an internal mobility program

10:32:38 >> Catherine Hansen   to   All panelists : Yes – employees now want defined paths and visible company commitment to their careers inside

10:32:40 >> Matthew Liptak : its very comprehensive

10:33:03 >> John Capozzi : Do you need a free IT intern this summer?

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10:33:07 >> mercheley beuns   to   All panelists : @Matt would you be willing to share your program?

10:33:27 >> Catherine Hansen   to   All panelists : My last company had an internal mobility program – the key was streamlined interview process.  In other words, an employee doesn’t have to go through a slate of interviews for a new internal role.   Maybe 1-2 ppl

10:33:33 >> Matthew Liptak : it was my last company..but I can share details

10:33:37 >> Matthew Liptak : ping me on linkedin

10:33:45 >> Catherine Hansen   to   All panelists : And we looked for transferrable skills and potential (vs exact experience)

10:34:03 >> Matthew Liptak : more simplified way for internals to apply to roles

10:34:13 >> Matthew Liptak : and seek out opportunities

10:34:16 >> Catherine Hansen   to   All panelists : Love the leadership / management development training program

10:34:24 >> mercheley beuns   to   All panelists : @Matt will do

10:37:17 >> Brad Mumpower   to   All panelists : Right, mobility has to be embraced by all stakeholders – including managers/teams that are losing those employees with no promise of being able to backfill them any time soon.

10:38:07 >> Matthew Liptak : with my own teams, I have always encouraged to go after internal roles if they want to grow

10:38:26 >> Matthew Liptak : there has to be career development conversations

10:39:08 >> Brad Mumpower   to   All panelists : It’s a balancing act, but necessary to develop that employee and ultimately keep them – better for company and employee alike

10:39:30 >> Matthew Liptak : as a leader you cannot be selfish with your team members

10:39:42 >> Brad Mumpower   to   All panelists : 100%

10:39:43 >> Matthew Liptak : you have to allow for a career track

10:41:55 >> Matthew Liptak : knowing how hard it is to find a good recruiter, I still pushed my team to seek career growth

10:49:33 >> Catherine Hansen   to   All panelists : Agree Tara.  Managing, say 10 hiring manager with 10 niche roles means 10 work streams.  And reduced capacity

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