5 Reasons the CEO Should Not Ignore Recruiting

5 Reasons the CEO Should Not Ignore Recruiting

CEOs are busy people to say the least. What are some reasons that they should not forget about recruiting teams?

Listen in on what our panelists have to say.

This event is part of the “Let’s Talk Recruiting” series where a panel of recruiting practitioners get together online and have a conversation on a variety of topics related to corporate recruiting.

Our Panelists…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Amanda Mendez Recruiting NYC Senior Technical Recruiter Tapad
Bez Rengifo Recruiting LA Sr. Manager / Director, People Services (HR Business Partner department) Loma Linda University Health Care
Matthew Liptak TA Leaders Director, Talent Acquisition Aura
Stephen Lavergne TA Leaders Director of Global Recruiting Fivetran

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We asked our attendees, “What do you think is a reason that CEO’s should be paying attention to your recruiting team’s efforts?”

Here are their answers:

  • As a "service" company, our talent is our most important resource.
  • Because recruiting is very crucial to the company growth
  • Bringing on the right talent will determine the success of the company
  • Business Impact in hiring the right team
  • Can't have a strong staff/team/organization without good talent. Without a great recruitment team, you don't have that talent
  • CEO should pay attention to the recruiting team's efforts because hiring is intimately influencing company culture with eachhire
  • CEO's are essential in strategic hires acceptance when in competitive offer situations
  • cohesion
  • Culture
  • hiring should be a priority
  • Identifying top talent for the future of the company. Cost savings by not spending additional funds to agency.
  • it effects employer branding, budgets, D&I, etc...
  • It has a direct correlation to the quality of talent.
  • it's a strategic initiative
  • Metrics that have a bottom line impact on P&L and investor ROI
  • Recognition
  • Recruiters not only help bring in top talent but they create a brand identity for the org in their interactions with candidates.
  • recruiting is the heartbeat and epicenter of an organization
  • Recruiting is the key to his/her best assets
  • recruiting ties directly to P&L
  • ROI
  • TA's shape the org
  • Talent is the biggest cost to the business
  • The people we hire are the DNA of the company, huge investment and all contribute to the bottom line.
  • the right IT Talent can drive your organizations revenue
  • They should actively participate in the TA strategy and their leaders will follow
  • To bring in strong talent and build a world class organization. A company is what a company is because of it's people.
  • To remember the "why" CEO's often get so busy they forget. Recruiters have great stories about candidates who are hired

Some of the attendees…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Dan Baker Recruiting Atlanta Senior Corporate Recruiter Healthstat
JENNIFER ONEIL Recruiting Boston Talent Acquisition Manager Forward Financing (previous)
Koli Donohue Recruiting Chicago Manager Stillwater Architecture, LLC
Lisa Wrezel Recruiting Chicago Talent Acquisition Lead Centric Consulting
Trista Jones Recruiting Chicago Senior Manager Talent Acquisition Lawson Products
Jeanette Young Recruiting Chicago Director Talent Acquisition EN Engineering
Timothy Koirtyohann Recruiting Dallas Sr. Talent Acquisition Manager - Strategic Initiatives Sunbelt Rentals, Inc.
Rachel Meyer Recruiting Denver CEO Raystar Partners
Susan Collins Recruiting Houston Director, Talent Acquisition - Stores & Employer Branding Talbots
Vira Garcia Recruiting Houston Director of Recruiting vcfo
Khadija Washington Recruiting Houston Senior Recruiter Southwest Airlines
Lance Hunsicker Recruiting LA Executive Recruiter Parsons Corporation
Becky Gramenz Recruiting Minneapolis Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist Looking for Work
Moe Karimi Recruiting Minneapolis Talent Acquisition Manager/Recruiter Proozy
Disha Salgia Recruiting Seattle Recruiter - Sales & Marketing ExtraHop
Marita Arevalo Recruiting Seattle Recruiter Aegis Living
Radhika Aggarwal Recruiting SFBA Senior Technical Recruiter Macy's
Katie Hoffmeister Recruiting.Work Talent Acquisition Recruiter H&A Architects & Engineers
Tracey Saccani TA Leaders Head of Talent Acquisition Air Products
Marti Pranger TA Leaders Director, Talent Acquisition Empower Partnerships
Khursheed Irani TA Leaders Head of Talent Acquisition cPrime
John Capozzi TA Leaders Director of Recruiting and Retention On-Ramps To Careers
JoDee Klinker TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Carson Group
Chrissy Gibson TA Leaders VP/Talent Acquisition Delivery Consultant, Senior UMB Bank
Jeanne Amey TA Leaders Vice President Talent Acquisition PennyMac Loan Services, LLC
Dawn Losinger TA Leaders Head of Talent Acquisition Precision BioSciences
Rachel Racr TA Leaders Field Director of Talent Acquisition Medical City Healthcare (Formerly HCA North Texas)
Rachel Cupples TA Leaders Director, Talent Strategy & Partnerships Recruiter.com
Len Syriaque TA Leaders VP , Head of Talent Acquisition iCapital Network
Kevin Francis TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Lark Technologies
Nancee Martin TA Leaders Managing Director Corporate Recruiting AvAirPros
Michael Jin TA Leaders Senior Director, Talent Acquisition AuditBoard

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