Tool Time with Marvin Smith and Eric Jaquith ~ Using the Free Version of LinkedIn

Not everyone has the paid version of LinkedIn Recruiter.  Today Marvin and Eric talk about how to get the most out of using the free version of LinkedIn and how best to use LinkedIn to find your next job.

We get “hands-on” and walk through some of the best ways to use LinkedIn.

Our Panelists…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Eric Jaquith Enterprise Sales SeekOut
Marvin Smith Recruiting Seattle Talent Sourcer, Software Engineering | Talent Engagement Strategist Lockheed Martin

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We asked our attendees, “Not including LinkedIn, what is your favorite tool or trick that you like to use in your recruiting?”

Here are their answers:

  • ATS
  • ATS
  • ATS
  • Boolean
  • Boolean search command
  • Boolean Search Strings
  • Calendly
  • Calendly
  • Connecting with community leaders/Indeed
  • crm
  • CRM sourcing
  • engagement newsletters
  • Facebook
  • Facebook
  • Facebook
  • google
  • google
  • google search and plugins
  • Google x-ray searches
  • Hiretual
  • I do not have a favorite, but there are useful chrome extensions that can be used to help identify candidates on social media.
  • Indeed
  • Indeed
  • Internal database, ATS
  • Keeping in touch with talent pools
  • Keeping pipelines active
  • Knockout questions, Boolean searches
  • LinkedIn is my lifeline, but my next top source of candidates is referrals-always get referrals from internals and externals
  • lusha
  • Lusha
  • Mining
  • my network
  • NACE
  • Networking
  • Networking
  • Networking/Referrals
  • Past candidates already through process
  • Recruit'em
  • Referrals
  • Referrals
  • research companies, schools, orgs
  • seekout
  • Social Talent boolean builder
  • Sourcehub
  • Sourcing from Groups
  • Sourcing in ATS
  • Tech404
  • Workday and Jobvite
  • x-ray search
  • ZAPinfo

Chat Messages from the Session…

10:01:05// Saundra Ramsey : 😁

10:01:44// Sheila Robinson  to  All panelists : Hey Saundra!  🙂

10:03:34// Sean Rehder : Feel free to add any comments or questions here in the Chat area

Make sure as an attendee, if you message something in the Chat area that you select “All Panelists and Attendees.” 

The default is just to Panelists but I want everyone to see the messages coming through.

10:04:29// Sean Rehder  to  Sheila Robinson and all panelists : make sure to choose All Panelists and Attendees.

10:04:38// Sean Rehder  to  Sheila Robinson and all panelists : Saundra didn’t see your message.

10:08:29// Sean Rehder : Who posts more than once a week on their LinkedIn profile?

10:10:05// Sheila Robinson  to  All panelists : I try to share content a couple of times a week

10:10:18// Shailly Sharma : i change post as per the priority

10:11:54// Gretchen Mays : How do we know which of our skills are not on Linked In’s list?

10:12:00// Sheila Robinson  to  All panelists : I post what I’m working on but unfortunately get a lot of solicitation from 3rd party agencies (that I can’t use) or interested talent from outside the US

10:13:27// Sean Rehder : To find “missing” skills, I think if you just do a search and see if it comes up as a filter option.

10:15:51// Gretchen Mays : Does job title Recruiting vs. Talent Acquisition make a difference in terms of being found?

10:18:10// Catherine Hansen  to  All panelists : I’ve noticed Talent Acquisition is used heavily in the tech industry (just like People Operations vs Human Resources).  Have you noticed this?

10:21:00// Sean Rehder : I see Talent Acquisition or TA used a lot, yes.

10:21:43// Catherine Hansen  to  All panelists : Eric, could you over again how you navigated to the screen you are in?  I assume this is Linked In Recruiter?

10:22:38// Sean Rehder : its the free LinkedIn he’s in.

10:22:55// Sean Rehder : I’ll ask him to show how he got there again

10:23:32// Gretchen Mays : CONNECTIONS TAB helps you sort your connections?

10:30:21// Sean Rehder : Gretchen…I don’t think the Connections tab helps that much.  It’s limiting IMHO.

10:30:36// Fal Patel : I have to drop for another call. Will a recording be sent out?

10:32:03// Sean Rehder : Yes…I’ll be recording it and posting it today at www.Recruiting.Work

10:32:54// Shailly Sharma : can we find people who worked in the past company instead of current company?

10:36:55// Sean Rehder : If you click on “all filters” you can then choose past companies.

10:37:21// Shailly Sharma : thank you

10:38:06// Shailly Sharma : how can we search for non visa candidates?

10:38:48// Catherine Hansen  to  All panelists : Could you possibly recap keyword search again – which screen is this done in?

10:40:36// Jessica Marotta  to  All panelists : That is amazing Eric!

10:41:09// Jessica Marotta  to  All panelists : Super surprising about that. What is the value of 1 day posting?

10:43:22// Gretchen Mays : best way to search for recent college grads at a certain college or students currently taking classes at a local college?

10:44:33// Saundra Ramsey : Its wanting me to enter an email address for them.

10:45:52// Sean Rehder : The email address should only be for those that require it…I think.

10:46:21// Shailly Sharma : where do we see that we have common groups?

10:48:17// Jessica Marotta  to  All panelists : I have never withdrew a connection request in LI – where do you find this

10:48:39// Ajay kumar : I think it is 3 weeks for sending a invite again for same person after withdrawing.

10:50:10// Jessica Marotta  to  All panelists : All the questions

10:50:18// Jessica Marotta  to  All panelists : Given followers are diff than connections

10:50:46// Jessica Marotta  to  All panelists : would you look at followers as well?

10:51:33// Becky Gramenz : Do they get a notification if you disconnect with them?

10:53:38// Abigale Dooley  to  All panelists : Why do you think people hide their connections?

10:56:41// Sean Rehder : Disconnects do not get a notice.

10:57:02// Gretchen Mays : Have to drop off call but this was AWESOME!!!!

10:57:16// Sheila Robinson  to  All panelists : I’d love a topic on finding email addresses that are not Chrome extensions

10:57:30// Catherine Hansen  to  All panelists : thank you so very much, panelists and Sean

10:57:34// Becky Gramenz : Thank you! Great information!

10:57:45// Jennifer Jamme : Thank you!

10:57:46// Saundra Ramsey : Thank you so much, I have lots of nuggets to take away

10:57:49// Shailly Sharma : Thank you

10:57:51// Sheila Robinson  to  All panelists : This was great, thank you!

10:57:53// Jessica Marotta : Thank you!!

10:57:57// Allyson Leszman  to  All panelists : THANK YOU!!

10:57:57// Jessica Marotta : Love this!

10:58:12// Ajay kumar : Thank you!

Some of the attendees…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Matthew Lipinski Talent Acquisition Manager Slalom
Aruna Mandulapalli Senior Recruiter (Contract) Broad Institute
Amanda Albrent National Retail Recruiter Blick Art Materials
Jennifer Jamme Senior Recruiter Impact Advisors
Abby Dooley Recruiter Edifecs
Natalie DiChiaro Contract Corporate Recruiter Indorama Ventures PCL
Tim Reiter Talent Acquisition Manager Vizient
Bennett Yang Director Talent Acquisition Unknown
Krystan Silva Senior Technical Recruiter Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Sheila Robinson Sourcing Manager, Talent Acquisition | Talent ID Team PwC
Jessica Bunting Talent Acquisition Specialist Solidifi
Nyesha Song Talent Acquisition Coordinator Solidifi
Ajay kumar Talent Acquisition Specialist A1 IT Solutions
Shawn Watzka Physician Recruiter NorthShore University HealthSystem
Becky Gramenz Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist Open to Opportunity
Allyson Leszman Lead Experienced Hire Recruiter Open to Opportunity
Heather Levine Recruiter - Allstate Agency Auto Dealership Program Allstate Insurance
Radhika Aggarwal Senior Technical Recruiter Macy's
Antonia Ndi Sr. Recruiter Academic Partnerships
Seta Kafi Senior Talent Acquisition Partner Medecision
Roopali Patil Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist - R&D Engineering Johnson & Johnson
Victoria Quarterman Senior Director, Head of Talent Acquisition QTalent Solutions
Kelli Ready Talent Acquisition Partner BluePearl Veterinary Partners
Nancy Genitempo Associate, Talent Acquisition Operations Open to Opportunity
Deb Smith Principal Technical Recruiter Best Buy
Rachel Meyer Enterprise Sales Recruiter Raystar Partners
Michael Salas Sr. Recruiter Unknown
Eileen Beno Senior HR Business Partner Fermilab
Sheila Chiodo Principal Recruiter, G&A Intuit
Siena Buccigrossi Sr. Recruiter, Special Projects Surf Search
Lei Feng Recruiter Mayo Clinic
Ronda Estrada-Campbell Sr. Global Recruiter Infoblox
Marta Gordon Senior Recruiter Coherent
Betty Zabs Senior Corporate Recruiter Nordstrom
Janet Bender Talent Acquisition Manager M Financial Group
Kathy Simmons Talent Acquisition Lead Accenture
Saundra Ramsey Recruiting Atlanta Recruiting Manager (Sr IT Talent Acquisition Business Partner) & Wahooligan Wahoo Fitness
Crystal Mitchell Recruiting DCBmore Sr. Recruiter Legal Interpreting Services, Inc DBA: LIS Solutions
Michelle McKnight Recruiting LA Recruitment Lead, Corporate Functions, Marketing & Sales Herbalife
Marita Arevalo Recruiting Seattle Senior Healthcare Recruiter-Diversity Channels Aegis Living
Jeanette Young TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Qventus, Inc
Jay Barrow TA Leaders Manager, Talent Acquisition C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.
Lori Rinn TA Leaders Senior Executive Recruiter Verizon
Vira Trevino-Garcia TA Leaders Recruiting Consultant Hexcel Corporation
Stacey Kramer TA Leaders Recruitment Advisor, Information Technology, EHR Medix
Fal Patel TA Leaders Director, People & Culture Reibus
Le Nguyen TA Leaders Talent Acquisition Travelers
Jeff Klein TA Leaders Director, Talent Acquisition Motrex LLC
JoDee Klinker TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Carson Group
Jessica Marotta TA Leaders Talent Acquisition Manager Forrester
Tina Ramirez TA Leaders Manager, Recruiting- GTM Palo Alto Networks
David Baker TA Leaders Sr. Director of Growth & Development/Brokerage Services One Homecare Solutions
Tiffany Byrd TA Leaders Director, Recruiting & Training | Executive Leadership | Employee Development Pioneer Industries International
Jeanne Amey TA Leaders Talent Acquisition Manager Sevita
Ginger Auchter TA Leaders Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant Milwaukee Tool

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