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DE&I Conversations: Started From The Bottom Now We’re Here

How to Truly Increase D&I By Growing Talent, Encouraging Internal Mobility, and Recruiting for Transferable Skills.

An ongoing series occurring each month where we discuss topics related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Listen in on what our panelists have to say.

This event is part of the “Let’s Talk Recruiting” series where a panel of recruiting practitioners get together online and have a conversation on a variety of topics related to corporate recruiting.

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Our Panelists…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Amanda Radice Unsubscribed Senior Technical Recruiter, Design - Consumer + New Verticals DoorDash
Christina Shareef TA Leaders Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Reddit, Inc.
Melisa Medrano Recruiting SFBA Manager, Talent Acquisition Sonoma Biotherapeutics
Samantha Shobe Recruiting NYC Principal Account Manager | Principal Salesforce Recruitment Consultant Computer Futures

Chat Messages from the Session…

10:07:06 >> Sean Rehder : Does your company have an “internal job board” that employees go to?  Seems most ATS have that option now.

10:07:52 >> Tracey Anderson : Yes we do

10:08:04 >> John Capozzi : Hope you are dojng well.

I work with On Ramps to Careers is a DC non-profit that focuses on getting more women and underserved youth in the IT industry. We placed 200 DC students in virtual IT internships in 2020. Can an intern assist your company. this summer?


10:09:43 >> Daniella McDonald : In my last position as a Manager of Talent Acquisition our company did have an internal job board that was available through our company Intranet.

10:10:14 >> Tracy Royal   to   All panelists : We have an internal only job board, but internal employees do not always go to the posted positions.  This is a great reminder to increase communication to our team through our other marketing channels.  Tracy Royal

10:10:14 >> Tracy Royal   to   All panelists : Executive Recruiter, Talent Acquisition

10:10:14 >> Tracy Royal   to   All panelists : California Polytechnic State University

10:10:14 >> Tracy Royal   to   All panelists : San Luis Obispo, California

10:10:14 >> Tracy Royal   to   All panelists : Cell (805) 459-4104

10:10:14 >> Tracy Royal   to   All panelists : troyal@calpoly.edu

10:10:36 >> Daniella McDonald : All jobs were posted, but nothing earlier or only posted there.

10:11:10 >> Melisa Medrano : we send around a monthly newsletter highlighting priority openings as well

10:11:11 >> Catherine Hansen   to   All panelists : @Amanda, great that your recruiting team is trained to first think about anyone internal first, before posting to the outside.

10:11:39 >> Matt Englund   to   All panelists : How do we engage managers to be more involved in the recruiting process?

10:11:50 >> Catherine Hansen   to   All panelists : And love the idea of a GIG conversation

10:11:50 >> Sean Rehder : We’ve started to track internal promotions by department with a diversity metric on top of it.  Assigning diversity goals to department heads.

10:12:32 >> Sean Rehder   to   Matt Englund and all panelists : can you resend to “All Apanelits and Attendees”?  You need to change the drop down option.

10:12:49 >> Sean Rehder   to   Catherine Hansen and all panelists : can you resend to “All Panelists and Attendees”?  You need to change the drop down option.

10:14:13 >> Dhiraj Gupta : I also believe ERG (Employee Resource Groups) are a great way to engage diverse talent within the organization and promote internal mobility

10:15:01 >> Daniella McDonald : I don’t think people know what else they can do or feel their manager wouldn’t support it. That’s what I’ve seen in past companies.

10:15:01 >> Dhiraj Gupta : It also helps create an environment of inclusion

10:15:40 >> Sean Rehder : ERG’s are a great way to engage.  I’d connect with the “leader(s)” within each ERG to have them lead that conversation within their group and help encourage.

10:16:13 >> Guiti Nabavi : That sounds great Amanda

10:18:43 >> Catherine Hansen : @Amanda, a curiosity group is separate and different than a typical ERG?

10:19:03 >> Christina Shareef : “Always Be Recruiting”

10:19:10 >> Amanda Radice : Yes – they are small groups sessions that last a quarter, you meet 3-4 times In the quarter and the discussions are around specific topics

10:19:34 >> Amanda Radice : Could be Public Speaking, Building your personal Brand, Self Advocacy, etc

10:20:00 >> Melisa Medrano : Totally gonna borrow that!

10:20:01 >> Amanda Radice : I’d also recommend having them to highlight different parts of the business. “What does XYZ function do” – could be a strategy that works depending on your organization

10:20:03 >> Melisa Medrano : thanks for sharing

10:22:30 >> Tracey Anderson : Great topic!

10:25:04 >> John Capozzi : As an example of On Ramps to Careers IT Intern programs sucesses, Accenture is hosting 60 IT interns this summer and had 40 last summer. These are high school juniors, seniors and college students.  Clearly Accenture sees the potential to recruit these young, talented underserved DC youth–bout 90% of our youth go on to college, many to HBCU’s.  Also, they come at no-cost; they are paid by the DC Dept. of Employment services during the internship, so it a free way to build a diverse talent pipeline.  It would be great to talk with your Diversity and Recruiting people about how these interns can come to your company this summer.  email me: jcapozzi@onrampstocareers.org

10:25:14 >> Natalya McCool   to   All panelists : So are you saying that HBCU’s aren’t a great place to advertise?

10:25:25 >> Melisa Medrano : thye are great places to advertise

10:25:36 >> Amanda Radice : They just aren’t the only place 😉

10:25:38 >> Melisa Medrano : but others are not getting tapped

10:25:41 >> Melisa Medrano : exactly:)

10:26:11 >> Carin Crowder : YAS Christina!

10:26:12 >> Natalya McCool   to   All panelists : Got it

10:28:28 >> Christina Shareef : +1 Amanda

10:28:46 >> Catherine Hansen : @Amanda, I love this and incorporate these questions too.  In Engineering, esp in smaller co’s, I find major pushback from hiring managers.   Eg “they must have large scale systems design exp from a B2B SaaS co”. etc

10:28:55 >> Catherine Hansen : I wonder if this would be easier on the G&A side….

10:29:57 >> Amanda Radice : Personally I’ve found success with eng! You just have to really have honest conversations with the hiring managers about what is necessary, what is trainable, etc. Happy to chat offline about this if you want to brainstorm 🙂

10:30:42 >> Melisa Medrano : Totally have had good success with engineers and scientists as well – happy to discuss also!

10:31:29 >> Amanda Radice : You want to have an omnichannel approach to your candidate searches

10:31:47 >> Catherine Hansen : Thanks Amanda and Melissa!  Will send LI invites to connect

10:31:48 >> Melisa Medrano : word of the day!

10:31:56 >> Matt Englund   to   All panelists : This has been great! I wish I could stay longer.

10:32:11 >> Amanda Radice : @Matt you can always watch the recording later 🙂

10:34:05 >> Sean Rehder : Yup, all the round-tables get recorded and posted on https://Recruiting.Work

10:37:28 >> Amanda Radice : Great book to learn more about Grit – “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance” by Angela Duckworth

10:38:05 >> Daniella McDonald : great point @Melissa.

10:38:15 >> Tracey Anderson : I am reading that book now Amanda

10:38:20 >> Melisa Medrano : ooh new book1!

10:38:39 >> Amanda Radice : Its a great one! I learned a lot. We have a diversity book club here and it was one of the books we read together

10:40:19 >> Guiti Nabavi : Thank you all! another nice talk. I learn so much 🙂

10:42:33 >> Carin Crowder : Such a great session.  Thank you all panelists.  I need to jump off for now.  Thanks again

10:45:46 >> Tracey Anderson : Great session. Thank you panelist and Sean.

10:47:26 >> Amanda Radice : LOVE that

10:48:03 >> Daniella McDonald : Thank you everyone! Another great session and conversation! I need to jump off for another call.

10:58:57 >> Natalya McCool   to   All panelists : Thank you all so much, such a great session!

10:59:48 >> Dhiraj Gupta : Really good session! Thank you

11:02:31 >> John Capozzi : Thank you all–for a great thought provoking discussion.

Some of the attendees…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Betty Zabs Senior Corporate Recruiter Nordstrom
Isaak Kifle Human Resources Administrator and Recruiter Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL)
Audrey Ragueneau Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition Programs and Operations Biogen
Tracy Royal Executive Recruiter, Talent Acquisition California Polytechnic State University
Renee Myers Southwest Region Talent Acquisition Business Partner Avanade
Twyla Hatchett Lead Talent Acquisition Partner Darigold
Denise Ward Technical Recruiter Wunderlich-Malec Engineering
Rose Nolen Talent Acquisition Sourcer ManpowerGroup Talent Solutions
Katherine Amato Senior Corporate Recruiter Guitar Center
Tracey Anderson Executive Recruiter Veolia North America
Natalya McCool Senior Recruiter Berkeley Lab
Catherine Hansen Talent Acquisition Manager, Global Talent Acquisition Hippo Insurance
Scott Stevenson Vice President, Human Resources and Board Member USAA
Trey Fitzgerald Talent Acquisition Manager BGIS
Sandra Maldonado HR Business Partner and Recruiter Esri
Mike Mattson Strategic Talent Advisor (VIA SecureVision) Papa Murphy's International
Kristine Nemeth Corporate Recruiter | Talent Acquisition | Senior Recruiter | Full-cycle Recruitment | Diageo
Erica Sposato Sr. Recruiter- University Programs (TLA) Target
Maria Smithson Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist Faithlife
Kimberly Dymond Balogh Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist Fencing Supply Group
Saundra Ramsey Recruiting Atlanta Recruiting Manager (Sr IT Talent Acquisition Business Partner) & Wahooligan Wahoo Fitness
Andy Pittaluga Recruiting Boston Technical Recruiter Bose
Kelly McCarthy Recruiting Chicago Talent Acquisition Team Lead Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co., LLC
Danyell Howell Recruiting DCBmore Hospice Recruiter (Contract) Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care
Brad Sussman Recruiting DCBmore Talent Acquisition Manager CGI
Katrina Bishop Recruiting Denver Recruiter Denver Public Library
Matt Englund Recruiting Minneapolis Talent Acquisition Leader Nerdery
Carin Crowder Recruiting Portland Sr. Talent Acquisition Consultant Legacy Health
Shawn Nott Recruiting Seattle Senior Corporate Recruiter Nordstrom
Michelle Tomes Recruiting Seattle Recruiting Manager Snap! Raise
Carrie Walecka TA Leaders Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition Circle
Mark Donnelly TA Leaders Director, Head of Talent Acquisition Kinnate Biopharma Inc.
Bori Gilchrist TA Leaders Head of Talent Acquisition Anaplan
Guiti Nabavi TA Leaders Diversity & University Recruiting NVIDIA
Daniella McDonald TA Leaders Manager, Talent Acquisition WorkCare, Inc.
Jessica Burgess TA Leaders Director, Talent Acquisition-North America WE Communications
JoDee Klinker TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Carson Group
Oscar Gracia TA Leaders Division Director Talent Acquisition HCA Healthcare
John Capozzi TA Leaders Director of Recruiting and Retention On-Ramps To Careers
Kevin Francis TA Leaders Director Talent Acquisition Lark Health
Ravijeet Tokala TA Leaders Director, HR & Talent Acquisition Optym
Dhiraj Gupta TA Leaders Sr. Recruiting Leader - Devices | Alexa AI Australian Technical & Management College (ATMC

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