Recruiting By the Numbers: What Reporting Tools and Applications are Being Used?

Recruiting By the Numbers: What Reporting Tools and Applications are Being Used?

This session is part of an ongoing series that focuses on recruiting metrics and benchmarking in the industry.

In today’s round-table session, our panelists talk about what recruiting metrics and benchmarking they will be using in 2021.

Listen in on what our panelists have to say.

This event is part of the “Let’s Talk Recruiting” series where a panel of recruiting practitioners get together online and have a conversation on a variety of topics related to corporate recruiting.

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Our Panelists…

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We asked our attendees, “What tools do you use for reporting around your recruiting program?”

Here are their answers:

Chat Messages from the Session…

10:06:52 >> Danyell Howell : How do you spell it? Cota, Coda?

10:07:00 >> John Burke : Coda

10:10:22 >> Catherine Hansen : How to spell Vizier?

10:10:59 >> Catherine Hansen : @Genil, does Vizier sit on top of your ATS and scrape from it?

10:11:06 >> Matthew Longino : Genil, does Vizier tie into your HRIS as well as your ATS?

10:11:07 >> kathy king : What ATS are each of you using?

10:11:16 >> Nadia Mshaiel : ADP RM

10:11:21 >> Erin Doucet   to   All panelists : We use greenhouse

10:11:26 >> Paige Marsteller   to   All panelists : We are using Greenhouse

10:11:27 >> Josh Harben : LinkedIn Talent Hub

10:11:31 >> John Burke : Recruitee

10:11:56 >> Matthew Longino : Kathy King, we use iCIMS

10:12:28 >> kathy king : Matthew, what HRIS to you pair with that?

10:13:27 >> Matthew Longino : Workday. However, they are not integrated at this point.

10:13:49 >> Lynn Johnson : We use Paycom, but not yet as efficiently as we probably could.  Trying to identify the most meaningful metrics to track

10:14:54 >> Mark Wollin : We are Jobvite for ATS, and Workday for core

10:15:42 >> Catherine Hansen : @Paige – so Greenhouse/ATS—>AMZN Redshift—>PowerBI?

10:15:45 >> Daniella McDonald : My last company used iCIMS and UltiPro for HRIS.

10:15:51 >> Melisa Medrano : we have Lever but are moving to Greenhouse specifically for metrics and reporting

10:15:54 >> kathy king : We are a company of 3800 and this year hired an HRIS manager and an HRIS Analyst.

10:15:55 >> Catherine Hansen : That sounds like a job for a TalentOps person 🙂

10:16:03 >> Ben Bunker : Taleo

10:16:14 >> Kim Parkinson : we use Workday for everything – ATS & HRIS

10:16:39 >> Catherine Hansen : We use Greenhouse and Workday for HRIS

10:16:42 >> John Burke : D. – How did you like Ulti pro?

10:17:30 >> Sean Rehder : my tableau playground … using dummy data for this on public tableau…!/vizhome/TheHRDataStory/TheHRDataStory

10:17:45 >> Paige Marsteller   to   All panelists : UltiPro is ok – their performance mgmt. and onboarding tools aren’t customizable

10:18:25 >> Bonnie Chau : Former iCIMS ATS and now we are on UltiPro

10:19:02 >> Daniella McDonald : the only HR analyst at my last company was in HR versus TA and he ran reports for HR and leaders

10:19:04 >> kathy king : Do you guys all have a Scheduling Coordinator?

10:19:08 >> Melisa Medrano : yes

10:19:26 >> Melisa Medrano : necessary

10:19:47 >> John Burke : agreed!  the most popular person on the recruiting team.

10:19:54 >> Paige Marsteller   to   All panelists : We just recently hired on in Jan. 2021

10:20:03 >> Paige Marsteller   to   All panelists : A scheduler

10:20:57 >> Bonnie Chau : No scheduling coordinator. One stop shop for everything from beginning to end.

10:21:29 >> Kim Parkinson : yes we have multiple scheduling coordinators and someone focused on the operations & reporting

10:21:58 >> Daniella McDonald : We did not have a scheduling coordinator either. Each recruiter handled reqs, scheduling, sourcing.

10:22:03 >> Catherine Hansen : Which ATS has the best reporting for each stage of hiring process?   Hiring mgrs are now asking for reports showing how much time they are spending interviewing per week

10:22:19 >> Catherine Hansen : We have not found GH to be super robust for this particular solve

10:22:20 >> Mark Wollin : we do have a Recruiting Coordinator team that focuses on interview scheduling, among other activities

10:22:50 >> Sean Rehder : sample excel reports…

Sample Weekly Recruiting Scorecard

Sample Year Over Year Applicant Diversity Funnel Metrics

Sample “Year Over Year” Quarterly Company Report

10:22:54 >> Dorothy Falvey   to   All panelists : We do all of our own scheduling/posting/sourcing/screening/offer letters. We so have Hr Coordinators that do onboarding

10:23:12 >> kathy king : If you have a scheduling coordinator, how many recruiters do they support?

10:24:01 >> Kim Parkinson : ours each support 4-5 recruiters

10:24:15 >> Dorothy Falvey : We are moving to workday. How is Workday with reports and dashboards?

10:24:16 >> Paige Marsteller   to   Catherine Hansen and all panelists : GH has the capability to pull this – happy to connect w/ you

10:24:32 >> Catherine Hansen : @Sean – these are great.  Did you use Power BI for this?

10:24:38 >> Melisa Medrano : we have 2 recruiters but hired 80 people last year and we have a scheduling coordinator who also helps put together the data analytics for the EC

10:25:00 >> Kim Parkinson : @Dorothy – they’re a bit hard to create but it is pretty flexible and has given me what I need

10:25:50 >> Mark Wollin : our ratio is around 4 Recruiters to each Recruiting Coordinator

10:25:54 >> Melisa Medrano : thx for sharing all this info!

10:26:59 >> Kelsey Weber : We use WorkDay for HRIS and ATS, but have found that it is not a great ATS for us. We are looking for another tool to integrate and act as a true ATS

10:27:35 >> Catherine Hansen : Yes! Sourcing metrics are tough, and I have found to differ by function (eng vs G&A)

10:28:03 >> Catherine Hansen : Our sourcing metrics tend to be manual, but will general ideas of how many reach outs it takes to get a response etc

10:28:21 >> Mark Wollin : Jobvite seems to integrate pretty well with Workday.  Workday has also been inquiring about working with us on the HRIS side, but we are currently content with JV.

10:28:33 >> Kim Parkinson : we track the candidates the sourcers create job applications for and can report out of workday directly

10:29:02 >> Catherine Hansen : Eg, in the SF Bay Area, We have to reach out to roughly 125 engineers/week to get 5 responses

10:29:05 >> Daniella McDonald : iCIMS has something similar with LinkedIn.

10:29:27 >> Catherine Hansen : We use Linked In Recruiter to export to GH and it will track the source

10:29:45 >> Melisa Medrano : good to know

10:30:03 >> Melisa Medrano : I have to jump off to another meeting, but would love to connect and discuss further!  Thank you all!

10:30:30 >> kathy king : Every time I attend one of these I think they should be an hour!

10:30:35 >> Erica Sposato : Good for reporting and also candidate experience!

10:30:41 >> Erin Doucet   to   All panelists : I have to go to a meeting too. I look forward to the transcript

10:30:45 >> Melisa Medrano : agreed – my calendar got booked!

10:30:46 >> Erin Doucet   to   All panelists : Great topics

10:31:39 >> Tracey Jerdine : It would be great to have a separate conversation about pro and cons of Sources.

10:32:25 >> Tracey Jerdine : Sean, did you create this template? Love it!

10:32:49 >> kathy king : I love this.  Did you create this?????

10:34:19 >> Sean Rehder : yes, I created them… just using excel formulas.

10:34:30 >> Dorothy Falvey : What is the req load for you recruiter. I have had between 75-135.

10:35:16 >> Paige Marsteller   to   All panelists : I have to hop – thanks so much for facilitating, Sean.

10:35:17 >> kathy king : Sean, where did you post this?

10:35:50 >> Catherine Hansen : Dorothy, that req load sounds really high….I can’t imagine trying to stay on top of that many workstreams.  It would be impossible on the tech side/engineering…..

10:36:26 >> Renee Lin : There is no perfect ATS

10:36:52 >> Josh Harben : iCIMS! Yes!

10:36:52 >> Daniella McDonald : I am a big fan of iCIMS.

10:37:14 >> Josh Harben : Taleo is the worst

10:37:17 >> Erica Sposato : Workday can do that with status updates

10:37:57 >> Melissa Rutledge   to   All panelists : We  use Trello for tracking our project efforts in TA, but not to manage candidates.

10:37:59 >> Dorothy Falvey : Kenexa Brassring because we configured it well and ICIMS.

10:38:44 >> Mark Wollin :

10:39:13 >> Josh Harben : Recruiter workflow is great.

10:39:18 >> Josh Harben : iCIMS

10:39:24 >> Matthew Longino : For those that use iCIMS, what is your experience with reporting? We have iCIMs and the reporting is horrible; not intuitive or user friendly. Is this the same for you or are we just not using it correctly?

10:40:01 >> Melissa Rutledge   to   All panelists : Lever has been great for us, we came from Taleo Business Edition (which was not great).  Reporting is a challenge with all, but we use Lever’s LTI (Tableau interface) to get the reports we need. We use Tableau in our organization so was an easy transition.

10:40:55 >> Danyell Howell : Anyone else out there doing healthcare recruiting?  I carry a high req load as well 60 – 70

10:43:53 >> Matthew Longino : We are starting to look at Employee Engagement, as a precursor to attrition

10:44:01 >> Mark Wollin : average req volume is highly dependent on position type.  If focused on IT/Engineering/Tech, I think that the ideal is a max of 15-20, since they require a more thorough deep dive one each position

10:44:13 >> Kelsey Weber : We have a VP or Org Health who does this

10:45:16 >> Jon De Young   to   All panelists : Sean, is your HR Data Story available for us to look at?

10:47:09 >> Catherine Hansen : Recruiting function is getting more complex by the month!

10:47:36 >> Catherine Hansen : THANK YOU ALL

10:47:49 >> Daniella McDonald : thank you!

10:48:07 >> Tiffany Byrd   to   All panelists : Thank you!

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