Lots of Noise from Hiring Managers - 5 Ways to Fix It

Lots of Noise from Hiring Managers? 5 Ways to Fix it

Many TA teams measure their success by the amount of noise coming from the hiring managers. If silence equals happiness, what are some ways that teams can get there?

Listen in on what our panelists have to say.

Our Panelists…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Jessica Marotta Recruiting Boston Principal, Talent Acquisition Forrester
Mike Crosby Recruiting LA Talent Acquisition Partner Age of Learning / ABCmouse.com
Steven Rosenblum Recruiting Chicago Talent Acquisition and HR Operations Leader Level 5 Partners
Tom Longstreth TA Leaders Senior Director, Talent Acquisition Roche

Some of the attendees…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Dan Baker Recruiting Atlanta Senior Corporate Recruiter Healthstat
Robin Guidry Recruiting Boston Manager, Talent Acquisition Acquia
Claudia Castaneda Recruiting Chicago Sr Talent Advisor U.S. Cellular
Andreia Cardoso Recruiting Chicago HR Administrator Fresenius Kabi
Sarah Schaefer Recruiting Chicago Senior Recruiter Fresenius Kabi USA
Katie Stevens Recruiting Chicago Talent Acquisition Leader GE Healthcare
Maria Smithson Recruiting Chicago Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist Faithlife
Lisa Wrezel Recruiting Chicago Talent Acquisition Lead Centric Consulting
Sarah Moore Recruiting Chicago Talent Acquisition Recruiter / Partner NorthShore University HealthSystem
Herlinda Martinez Recruiting Dallas Regional Recruiter Pacific Retirement Services
Antonia Ndi Recruiting Dallas Talent Acquisition Partner Academic Partnerships
Shelbi Davis Recruiting Denver Sr. Talent Advisor - Digital Services & Technology Charles Schwab
Laura Pawlak Recruiting Denver Talent Acquisition Specialist Medtronic
leah herzog Recruiting Denver Recruiter Spectrum
Kris Saprano Recruiting Denver ED and ICU Recruiter SCL Health
Nancy Genitempo Recruiting Houston Associate, Talent Acquisition Operations Looking for Work
Vira Garcia Recruiting Houston Director of Recruiting vcfo
Preston Peery Recruiting Houston Recruiting Manager Patterson-UTI
Tiffany Reyna Recruiting Houston Talent Acquisition Percepta
Naveed Agha Recruiting Houston Sr. Talent Acquisition Manager, North America BAKER HUGHES
Kathleen Gutierrez Recruiting Houston Talent Advisor, Sr. Recruiter Gilead Sciences
Christine Doane Recruiting LA Director, TA On the market
Melissa Willis Recruiting LA Talent Acquisition Project Manager Allstate
Jane Knaus Recruiting LA Affinity Fulfillment Leader- Sr. Technical Recruiter Affinity
Gillian Diamond Recruiting LA Senior Manager Talent Acquisition Entertainment Partners
Nicholas Steinberg Recruiting LA Talent Acquisition Specialist Bluebeam
Manny Sanchez Recruiting LA Vice President Talent Acquisition AmeriHome Mortgage Company, LLC
Denise Ward Recruiting Minneapolis Technical Recruiter Wunderlich-Malec Engineering
Johannah Saari Recruiting Minneapolis Corporate Recruiter ABILITY Network
Becky Gramenz Recruiting Minneapolis Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist Looking for Work
Elise Holmes Recruiting Nashville Corporate Talent Manager Insight
Jennifer McWilliams Recruiting Phoenix Senior Principal Talent Acquisition Business Partner Northrop Grumman
Betty Zabs Recruiting Phoenix Senior Corporate Recruiter Nordstrom
Nancie Meeks Recruiting Phoenix Senior Corporate Recruiter Insight Enterprises, Inc.
Dana Del Rio Recruiting Phoenix Senior Recruiter Edward Jones
Richard Shoff Recruiting Seattle Senior Recruiter Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Twyla Hatchett Recruiting Seattle Lead Talent Acquisition Partner Darigold
Beth Kester-Warner Recruiting Seattle Global Manager, Recruiting & Sourcing ExtraHop
Maureen Daly Recruiting Seattle Talent Acuuisition Consultant Rose International
Natalya McCool Recruiting SFBA Recruiter Berkeley Lab
Melisa Medrano Recruiting SFBA Manager, Talent Acquisition NGM Biopharmaceuticals
Juston Willis Recruiting SFBA Lead Corporate Recruiter | SaaS/PaaS solutions | Committed to diversity & inclusion | Xray Unknown
Gloria Cpsp Recruiting SFBA Leadership Recruiter, HCA Far West Division San Jose Market HCA
Nicole McDaniel Recruiting.Work Talent Acquisition Partner 2 Huntington Ingalls Industries
Tom Graumann TA Leaders Talent Acquisition & Leadership Dev at ARC Automotive Connecting opportunity and talent w/ the best inflator maker
Melissa Rutledge TA Leaders Talent Acquisition Director Point B
Chawn Jackson TA Leaders Senior Director, Talent Acquisition AvalonBay Communities
Jeanne Amey TA Leaders Vice President Talent Acquisition PennyMac Loan Services, LLC
Glenn Murani TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Optima Global Solutions
Maria Perry TA Leaders Director, Talent Acquisition Mark Spain Real Estate
Antonio Fiorentino TA Leaders Vice President Talent Acquisition Valet Living
Shelley Radford TA Leaders Vice President of Talent Acquisition The Wonderful Company
Kreisler Ng TA Leaders Director, Talent Acquisition & Public Training Practice cPrime
Silke Olsen TA Leaders Recruiting Associate Director Moss Adams
Natalie Nowak TA Leaders Director Of Recruiting Barkley
Khursheed Irani TA Leaders Head of Talent Acquisition cPrime
Kathy King TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Confluent Health
Nadia McKinney TA Leaders Sr. Director, Talent Acquisition & Development PROS
Kevin Francis TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Lark Technologies
Jessica Wall TA Leaders Associate Director, Talent Acquisition: Recruitment and Supplier Relationships SAGE Therapeutics
Morgan Price TA Leaders Senior Vice President, Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Allied Universal

We asked our attendees, “What is one way that you recommend to quite the noise coming from hiring managers?”

Here are their answers:

  • Anticipating the needs of the managers.
  • Asking them to help source
  • Be responsive
  • Check in with updates before they check in with you
  • Communicate on a regular basis.
  • Communicate regularly and set times for communication.
  • communication
  • Communication
  • Communication with the Manager
  • Educate them on current market conditions and challenges attracting specific talent. Know what competitors are offering.
  • Educate them that purple squirrels aren't real 🙂
  • Education on Process and SLAs
  • Ensure they are receiving weekly updates at a minimum
  • establish when they will hear regular updates from you and also schedule re-group meetings (weekly or bi-weekly for example)
  • Explain Quality over Quantity and share for every one person we send to them, we have talked to 3-5 more and narrowed them down
  • Find them quality Candidates
  • Frequent communication and updates
  • Get ahead of hiring needs. Sit in with executive teams.
  • Get to know them outside of work
  • Good communication and send reports on positions status
  • Have documented processes with strategic touch points/updates built into proceess
  • Have regular feedback sessions from hiring managers
  • I don't think that silence equals equals happiness. I think that silence means that TA and the business aren't communicating.
  • Keep in contact
  • Keep them updated
  • Listen and bring market data on talent
  • Listen to what the noise is and find a solution
  • listening
  • Listening. Understand the problem from the business. Synthesize that data with team and design a strategy to win confidence back
  • Make sure that you bring value - i.e. market insight, etc.
  • Make sure they have resources available to them
  • Meet with them - what’s causing the “noise” ensure you are visible and taking feedback in
  • Metrics and Communication
  • More frequent updates
  • No surprises! Overcommunicate, and as always under promise and over deliver.
  • Outline communication cadence from the beginning
  • Over Communicate
  • Presenting good candidates but evaluating them well before submitting resumes
  • Proactive communication
  • Proactive Updates
  • provide data
  • Regular communication on the status of Reqs as well partnering with the Manager on recruiting challenges.
  • regular meeting with HMs
  • rely on data, internal business intelligence
  • Req status calls - weekly - 10-15 min. Give status updates to HM and request feedback. Quick, short, to the point.
  • Schedule weekly meetings
  • Set clear expectations on the process up front, have regular check-ins so they can have a voice, shared accountabilty, etc.
  • Set proper expectations
  • set up an intake meeting with them to discuss the jobs
  • Set up weekly calls with HM's - that way, it's limited noise
  • set up weekly checkins
  • Start with an intake meeting and ask them how they want to work/communicate/frequency of check-ins
  • Tell the story with Data, show them numbers to understand the recruiting lifecycle
  • Transparency on all activities in real-time.
  • Understand their expectations.
  • Understand what data/information they are most interested in and provide routine updates on status/efforts.
  • Weekly updates
  • Weekly/Bi-weekly meeting to discuss updates

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