Managing C Level Expectations vs. Reality

Managing C Level Expectations vs. Reality

Your C suite may have expectations of your recruiting team that just can’t be lived up to. Our round-table discusses what are some of the ways that TA Leaders can manage those expectations?

Listen in on what our panelists have to say.

This event is part of the “Let’s Talk Recruiting” series where a panel of recruiting practitioners get together online and have a conversation on a variety of topics related to corporate recruiting.

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We asked our attendees, “What is one way that you use to manage C Level expectations?”

Here are their answers:

Chat Messages from the Session…

10:02:49//From  Steven Green : Greetings from Kansas City!

10:02:51//From  Tracey Dimof : Thanks Sean!

10:04:31//From  Sean Rehder : Feel free to add any comments or questions here in the Chat area

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10:08:14//From  Corinne Shalvoy : this is great insight!  How would you account for attrition in that forecasting?

10:08:46//From  Steven Green : Stacey, where does talent review and turnover by business line influence hiring plan prioritization?

10:10:51//From  Catherine Hansen : Stacey, what tools / technology (ATS, Excel, etc) do you use to deliver the hiring plan and recruiter capacity model?

10:11:25//From  Catherine Hansen : Stacey, what kinds of employees are considered “revenue generating”?

10:21:45//From  Steven Green : Good point on informed and credible education effort vs. playing victim role of being under-resourced to meet goals otherwise.

10:23:37//From  Steven Green : Great questions from Tony.  For market intelligence (either from known markets or prospective markets) is there suggestion on effective tools to use?

10:24:36//From  Corinne Shalvoy : how do you all stay in line with market pay?

10:24:58//From  Matthew Liptak : constant comp analysis

10:25:07//From  Holly Strople : Glassdoor is fantastic for market pay

10:25:19//From  Corinne Shalvoy : tools?  Thanks Holly!

10:25:24//From  Matthew Liptak : we probably do a Radford analysis every few months

10:25:34//From  Holly Strople : Gartner also does fantastic reporting annually on pay

10:25:44//From  Holly Strople : also Deloitte

10:26:01//From  Corinne Shalvoy : ty!!

10:28:48//From  Catherine Hansen : We use Compensia for market rates in the Silicon Valley and Austin areas

10:30:41//From  Tamara Garlett : TRUTH

10:37:14//From  Tamara Garlett : Thank you for the great information and discussion today, Sean and panel!

10:40:21//From  Steven Green : Has the pandemic and remote working environment created challenges for service delivery and expectations.  Ex:  How is contact management and engagement from recruiters to preserve positive candidate experience and hiring manager experience?

10:42:36//From  Matthew Liptak : I don’t feel like remote has created challenges, more like new advantages to outline a new creative proceess

10:43:13//From  Catherine Hansen : “People, process, and technology” is the Deloitte approach to a new consulting project

10:43:17//From  Catherine Hansen : (Per my boss)

10:43:24//From  Steven Green : Thanks, Matt.

10:45:19//From  Catherine Hansen : @Matt, what are your must-have tools for sourcing, recruiting, reporting, and forecasting?

10:48:47//From  Peter Garneau : I think Greenhouse is phenomenal

10:48:50//From  Tracey Dimof : What sourcing tools other than LI recruiter do you guys recommend?

10:48:54//From  Matthew Liptak : robust ATS, maybe a CRM or Talent pool tool, maybe a sourcing tool…tool for your metrics reporting, maybe automating manual process like reference checking

10:49:30//From  Matthew Liptak :, hiringsolved, entello

10:49:36//From  Matthew Liptak : all good sourcing tools

10:50:15//From  Steven Green : For Holly– For WD to be a success, did you work with a particular third-party implementation partner or did you work directly with WD?

10:50:17//From  Matthew Liptak : look into AI type tools that draw in and provide market intelligence

10:50:45//From  Tracey Dimof : Thanks Tony!

10:50:55//From  Holly Strople : We worked directly with WD. Typically they will assign you an implementation specialist when you sign the contract.

10:51:12//From  Holly Strople : HRIS was also heavily involved

10:51:45//From  Catherine Nichols   to   All panelists : Who do you use for background checks?

10:51:55//From  Tracey Dimof : What AI tools do you all like?

10:52:24//From  Steven Green : Thanks Holly.

10:52:32//From  Catherine Hansen : Anyone use

10:52:34//From  Matthew Liptak : sterling, hireright for background

10:52:45//From  Catherine Hansen : +1 HireRight

10:53:02//From  Tracey Dimof : Amazing panelists and conversation, thank you all SO much 🙂

10:53:11//From  Holly Strople : Sterling for background checks

10:53:53//From  Matthew Liptak : AI tools do a search on google., they change daily and there are a ton out there…I used engage talent but it since was acquired

10:54:07//From  Steven Green : Must quickly learn to speak “C-Suite”

10:55:17//From  Catherine Hansen : GREAT panel, all.  Thank you!

10:55:43//From  Yvette Kamperin   to   All panelists : Great discussion!  Thank you all for your insights.

10:55:44//From  Steven Green : Excellent discussion.  Thanks to all panelists and Sean for serving this up!

10:55:46//From  Toni Wells : Thank you for this much needed Info!

10:56:19//From  Stacey Richey : Thank you for having me, and all the great questions!

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