Tactics of a Consultative Recruiter

Tactics of a Consultative Recruiter

For the most part, recruiting programs have shifted from being order takers to taking on a more consultative and strategic role at their companies.

In today’s round-table session, we talk through ways that recruiters can be “consultative” with their hiring managers and hiring teams.

Listen in on what our panelists have to say.

This event is part of the “Let’s Talk Recruiting” series where a panel of recruiting practitioners get together online and have a conversation on a variety of topics related to corporate recruiting.

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Our Panelists…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Andy Marchetti TA Leaders Director, IT Recruiting XPO Logistics, Inc.
Colin Russell Recruiting LA Manager, Talent Acquisition Cluster
Diane Karija Recruiting Chicago Senior Manager Talent Acquisition | Recruiter Fresenius Kabi USA
Katherine Dahlke TA Leaders Director Talent Acquisition Oneida Nation Enterprises
Sherry Sims TA Leaders Founder/CEO BrightView

We asked our attendees, “What is one tactic that you use to be “consultative” to your hiring managers?”

Here are their answers:

  • A workback calendar to allay anxiety about timing, educating them helps
  • accurate data
  • Active listening
  • advise them
  • Ask a lot of questions that allow them to self-evaluate their decisions and the makeup of their team
  • Ask lots of questions, listen actively, take notes and follow up / allow them to edit
  • Ask more questions.
  • ask open ended Q
  • Ask questions.
  • Asking why and other questions to guide the hiring manager
  • Attend team meetings
  • Be proactive with communication. Have an intake meeting with them prior to working on any requisition/seach for them.
  • become a partner not a vendor
  • being an advocate for them within HR
  • bring data on hires if possible
  • build trust
  • Checking in beginning and end of the week with updates.
  • Conversation
  • data insights
  • Define my typical recruiting/presentation process and then encourage them to provide adjustments that fit their needs.
  • education them on the marketplace, and what is important to the candidates you are speaking with.
  • Giving a balanced (pro/con) of each candidate - no candidate is perfect
  • Go to the intake meeting with information about the job market and setting expectations regarding communication and feedback.
  • having a recruiting strategy meeting at the beginning of the process
  • help them understand they are in sales
  • I always use the word recommend when suggesting a strategy
  • I hold a kickoff call and I also establish an SLA with the HM of what the expectations are for both parties.
  • Indeed analytics, Tableau
  • Inquire about forecasting and business projections
  • Intake session (timelines, critical path, demographic/regional info)
  • Knowing their business.
  • Listen
  • Listen and understand before excuting
  • listen to their long term career goals and remind/ encourage them to make decisions towards the end result in mind.
  • Listen to their needs
  • Listen.
  • Maintain an open relationship with hiring managers
  • Making them aware of the market and where we stand against the competition. Must be able to push back when needed.
  • need to first gain their trust
  • Observe what is not done as well as what is
  • Open dialogue and debriefing meeting
  • Open discussion for asking key questions
  • panel
  • partnership
  • Proactive resources
  • Provide data
  • Provide market data on open job requisition
  • Provide them with market intel
  • Providing industry trends/stats, interviewing tips and importance of having an excellent candidate experience
  • Providing profiles for the manager to review prior to our initial strategy meeting.
  • Providing the candidate's motivations for possibly making a move.
  • Push for Job Descriptions review & updates.
  • Recruiting Game Plan before recruit starts
  • Research new and innovative ways to perform
  • Set up bi- weekly meeting to share information and updates
  • Share labor market data during intake call
  • share the EVP
  • Sharing information on market dynamics
  • Sharing market data
  • Strategizing creative ways to fill a req
  • Transparency, lay out all the information
  • understand the market
  • Use market data to support offer negotiations
  • weekly check in meetings
  • Weekly roundtable meetings

Chat Messages from the Session…

10:10:51 >> From  Maureen Daly : What specific engineering is in demand right now in your company?

10:11:37 >> From  Catherine Hansen : @All, what do you say to a hiring manager who views recruiting as a service organization, vs a partner?   Common in startups

10:13:53 >> From  Steven Green   to   All panelists : How do you overcome hiring manager bias to only look at industry-specific talent vs. cross-industry?

10:16:25 >> From  Heidi Gorman : How do you all ensure that you are partnering with hiring managers in D&I strategic recruitment initiatives and efforts?

10:18:46 >> From  Steven Green : Have you offered or utilized specific developmental effort to ensure recruiters develop skills as true talent consultants?  What has worked best for you all?

10:18:51 >> From  Daniella McDonald : I think consultative also includes providing market data, insights about candidate pools, competition

10:20:05 >> From  Steven Green : Great idea on introducing market supply/demand data.  What data sources have been most credible and meaningful?

10:20:27 >> From  Destiny Quinn : I require a Kickoff Call to discuss the role – I do not call it an “Intake Meeting”, as we are not order-takers.

10:20:50 >> From  Thea Cassia   to   All panelists : @Steven Green – we use LinkedIn Talent Insights, but there are numerous platforms. Gartner has a data platform and so does Emsi.

10:21:02 >> From  Catherine Hansen : Yes, I have observed 1st yr departures due to poor on- boarding or role being poorly scoped/defined

10:21:07 >> From  richard ku   to   All panelists : CareerBuilder has a supply/demand tool you can use

10:21:31 >> From  Heidi Gorman : Intake calls are critical. Love that line, Destiny. Definitely not order takers. We are critical stakeholders/business partners and have a voice at the table, too.

10:21:38 >> From  richard ku   to   All panelists : SeekOut has another a different version where it shows you where the candidates are located based on your search criteria

10:21:39 >> From  Daniella McDonald : @Steven I have used LinkedIn. CareerBuilder used to have supply and demand data.

10:22:20 >> From  Destiny Quinn : I let my HMs know that I will “go to market” with the HM’s requests – then I will meet with them by end of the week and showing them that “purple squirrel” they want for not enough $$ isn’t realistic but here’s what you need to pay should you want that skillset.

10:22:46 >> From  Steven Green : Thanks, Daniella.

10:23:48 >> From  Destiny Quinn : I also show them market data on the other profiles that might be closer to fit their budget and that we may need to tweak their requirements.

10:28:39 >> From  Steven Green : As a successful practice:  Did LinkedIn Lunch and Learns for busy manager groups, showing how they could leverage their networks to assist in supporting pipelining for skilled talent (cold and warm leads).  Also reinforced why their participation in the pipelining effort was essential (not just for recruiters).

10:30:02 >> From  Jessica Marotta : +1 “street cred”

10:30:16 >> From  Destiny Quinn : I love that @Katherine!

10:30:57 >> From  Jessica Marotta : GO Katherine!

10:30:58 >> From  Catherine Hansen : Yay Katherine

10:31:04 >> From  Heidi Gorman : Good for you, @Katherine! Advocating for yourself but also showing value proposition

10:32:21 >> From  Destiny Quinn : What makes this a great career move?

10:33:15 >> From  Steven Green : Good advice, Katherine!

10:34:01 >> From  Destiny Quinn : Exactly Katherine!

10:34:56 >> From  Antoinette Williams : that’s how i train recruiters.

10:35:08 >> From  Jessica Shew : We have our TAs at the more senior level mentor the less experienced TAs

10:35:10 >> From  Daniella McDonald : Being a partner with hiring managers is consultative. It’s their job to hire, recruiters are support.

10:43:47 >> From  Jessica Shew : For high profile roles, we will do Post mortem


10:44:18 >> From  Mary-Ellen Messer : I like to talk about that during the initial “intake” meeting and ask the Hiring Managers what could have been done better the last time you were recruiting for this position.

10:56:06 >> From  Mikaela Moore   to   All panelists : That’s great!!

10:56:25 >> From  Dan Shortall : That is an excellent point Sean Rehder- face time is key!

10:57:19 >> From  Maureen Daly : In the kick off call, I ask the HM their preference  on how to communicate.

10:57:37 >> From  Daniella McDonald : Great topic and conversation today. Thank you to everyone!

10:57:40 >> From  Maalikah Yorke : This was great information! Thank you!

10:57:41 >> From  Jessica Marotta : Such a great conversation! Thank you everyone!

10:57:44 >> From  Heidi Gorman : Virtual recruitment is here to stay. Thank you all for your wonderful feedback and input.

10:57:46 >> From  Maureen Daly : Thanks everyone!

10:57:52 >> From  Stacey Kramer : Great info – thanks everyone!

10:58:07 >> From  John Merciadez : Any good resources for an ‘interview playbook’ for interview teams and HM’s?

10:58:24 >> From  Guiti Nabavi   to   All panelists : Sorry missed something.. what was green belt?

10:59:23 >> From  Katherine Dahlke   to   Guiti Nabavi and all panelists : Six Sigma Green Belt – got certified to gain credibility with the business

10:59:48 >> From  Guiti Nabavi   to   All panelists : Thanks 🙂

11:00:20 >> From  Susandhya Narayani   to   All panelists : Very insightful session! Thanks everyone

Some of the attendees…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Rose Nolen Election Judge, HR Corporate Recruitment ManpowerGroup Talent Solutions
Dan Baker Recruiting Atlanta Senior Corporate Recruiter Healthstat
Antoinette Williams Recruiting Atlanta Recruiter KNAPP
Eileen Flynn Recruiting Boston Creative Talent Acquisition Manager / Sr. Creative Recruiter Wolverine Worldwide
Jessica Marotta Recruiting Boston Principal, Talent Acquisition Forrester
David Anderson Recruiting Boston Recruiting Consultant Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Sean Fennelly Recruiting Boston Senior Corporate Recruiter Cole Haan
Mary-Ellen Messer Recruiting Boston Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist Casa Systems
Connie Cheung Recruiting Boston Talent Acquisition adidas
Heidi Gorman Recruiting Chicago Senior Executive Recruiter Cheil North America
Thea Cassia Recruiting Chicago Program Lead, Talent Acquisition - International & Strategic Initiatives CDW
Cindy McWilliams Recruiting Chicago Talent Manager American College of Surgeons
Sarah Schaefer Recruiting Chicago Senior Recruiter Fresenius Kabi USA
Linsee Mathews Recruiting Dallas Talent Acquisition Specialist Apex Capital Corp
Amy Westbrook Recruiting Dallas Senior Corporate Recruiter Nielsen
Jonelle Wilson Recruiting Dallas Sr. Business Consultant, HR/Talent Childrens Health
Brandon Barber Recruiting Dallas Senior Technical Recruiter Hilton Worldwide
Matt Fox Recruiting DCBmore Technical Recruiter AMERICAN SYSTEMS
Allyson Leszman Recruiting Denver Talent Acquisition / Operations Transformation Looking for Work
Mary Chandler Recruiting Denver Senior Technology Recruiter FIS
Vira Garcia Recruiting Houston Director of Recruiting vcfo
Cindy Wong Recruiting LA Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist Princess Cruises
Lance Hunsicker Recruiting LA Executive Recruiter Parsons Corporation
Bez Rengifo Recruiting LA Sr. Manager / Director, People Services (HR Business Partner department) Loma Linda University Health Care
Caroldean Ross Recruiting LA Construction Recruiter | Multifamily Carmel Partners
Michelle McKnight Recruiting LA Senior Recruiter Herbalife
Matt Englund Recruiting Minneapolis Talent Acquisition Leader Nerdery
Christine Smith Recruiting Minneapolis Talent Acquisition Lead North American Region CommScope
Caitlin Braulick Recruiting Minneapolis Talent Acquisition Specialist H.B. Fuller
Lauren Melton Recruiting Nashville Corporate Recruiter Gresham Smith
Lori Rinn Recruiting NYC Vice President-Sr Recruiter Neuberger Berman
Betty Zabs Recruiting Phoenix Senior Corporate Recruiter Nordstrom
Maureen Daly Recruiting Seattle Talent Acuuisition Consultant Rose International
John Merciadez Recruiting Seattle Senior Technical Recruiter zulily
Farron McDonald Recruiting Seattle Senior Talent Acquisition, Leadership Tesla
Jessica Burgess Recruiting Seattle Director, Talent Acquisition Zones, Inc.
Thom Macfarlane Recruiting Seattle Sourcing Recruiter F5 Networks
Radhika Aggarwal Recruiting SFBA Senior Technical Recruiter Macy's
Catherine Hansen Recruiting SFBA Senior Manager, Recruiting Hippo Insurance
Susandhya N Recruiting SFBA Talent Acquisition Lead WinWire Technologies
Mikaela Moore Recruiting.Work Recruiter Charter Communications
Katie Hoffmeister Recruiting.Work Talent Acquisition Recruiter H&A Architects & Engineers
Tracey Saccani TA Leaders Head of Talent Acquisition Air Products
Destiny Quinn TA Leaders Assistant Vice President, Talent Acquisition Corvee
Guiti Nabavi TA Leaders Director, Diversity & University Recruiting Hinge Health
Daniella McDonald TA Leaders Talent Acquisition Leader Looking for Work
Bennett Yang TA Leaders Director Talent Acquisition SoundHound
JoDee Klinker TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Carson Group
Steven Green TA Leaders Vice President | Global Project Lead – Associate Recruiting |Global Human Resources Looking for Work
Jessica Shew TA Leaders Director, Talent Acquisition Irvine Company
Manisha Bavabhai TA Leaders Head of Recruiting Hudson MX
Glenn Murani TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Optima Global Solutions
Nancee Martin TA Leaders Managing Director Corporate Recruiting AvAirPros
Stacey Kramer TA Leaders Director, Recruiting 314e Corporation
Dan Shortall TA Leaders Sr. Director of Strategic Staffing Global Conductor
Lisa Trujillo TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Clear Capital
John Capozzi TA Leaders Director of Recruiting and Retention On-Ramps To Careers

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