Defining the Formulas We Use for Metric Reporting

Recruiting By the Numbers: Defining the Formulas We Use for Metric Reporting

When it comes to recruiting metrics in our industry, we want to make sure we are all speaking the same language and comparing “apples to apples.”

In today’s round-table session, our panelists talk through the formulas they use when they define their recruiting metrics.  This session is part of our ongoing series around industry benchmarking.

Listen in on what our panelists have to say.

This event is part of the “Let’s Talk Recruiting” series where a panel of recruiting practitioners get together online and have a conversation on a variety of topics related to corporate recruiting.

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Our Panelists…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Lance Boll TA Leaders Senior Director of Talent Acquisition J.B. Poindexter & Co.
Ryan Reeder TA Leaders Director Talent Acquisition Sorenson Communications
Sean Hanna TA Leaders Head of Talent Acquisition Operations Collibra
William Uranga TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Spokeo
Yvette Kamperin Recruiting SFBA VP, Talent Acquisition Scout RFP

We asked our attendees, “Do you keep track of a recruiting metric that you think most companies don’t? If so, what is it?”

Here are their answers:

  • # of employee referral hires
  • cost per hire
  • Cost per hire
  • depending on how the search is going, track the number of candidates/resumes rejected by hiring manager and reasons why
  • Diversity
  • Hiring Manager pass-through rate = strong recruiter-HM alignment.
  • how many candidates send you a follow up thank you after being hired
  • I can't think of anything
  • I don't believe I use anything different
  • I don't know what we track that others aren't already tracking. Interested to hear from the panel on this one.
  • I rely on other orgs to help define my metric tracking so I don't think I have anything unique here
  • I think I keep track of the same ones more TA leaders do.
  • Intern conversion
  • interview feedback completed
  • Lever
  • No just very basic
  • Not sure how folks are doing this but diversity metrics
  • Not that I can think of, but will be joining to learn more.
  • not yet
  • Offer acceptance rate
  • Offer declines reason?
  • Passthrough Rates
  • Percentage staffed in a monthly basis
  • Phone Screen to offer number of days.
  • Quality of hire
  • Quality of Hire
  • Quality of Hire/Turnover rate (in workgroups) compared to Employee Engagement scores of same workgroup.
  • ratio of number of interviews for each hire
  • Ratio of source (social media, employee referral, posting, etc.)
  • Retention
  • Roi
  • somewhat - not to all traditional tracking
  • targeted companies
  • This might not be unique, but I keep track of time from Apply to Contact/Disposition Candidates.
  • time to fill
  • Vacancy Rate / Avg VR by Period
  • We do not have a formal metric system
  • Why a candidate has no interest in pursuing a job they applied for after the initial conversation.
  • yes, TTH and candidate cycle ime

Chat Messages from the Session…

10:09:20 >> From  Kris Muth   to   All panelists :

10:09:21 >> From  William Uranga :

10:09:40 >> From  William Uranga : What Kris wrote…. 8~)

10:10:03 >> From  Kris Muth   to   All panelists :

10:10:15 >> From  Kris Muth   to   All panelists : Source Effectiveness Guidelines (ATAP)

10:10:45 >> From  William Uranga : There’s also a white paper on metrics, I believe…

10:12:44 >> From  ryan rowe : My former colleague Rebecca Fouts helped write that white paper, she’s a GOAT sourcer, 100% trust that document

10:14:01 >> From  Daniella McDonald : My last company didn’t really have direct competition so any data we had was more general against companies that did similar but not exact work.

10:15:09 >> From  Christine Higgins : can be a helpful place to start

10:15:22 >> From  Kris Muth   to   All panelists : ATAP & CXR are great Talent Acquisition Orgs/Groups that allow you to collaborate with other companies that care about TA

10:15:36 >> From  Kris Muth   to   All panelists :

10:15:57 >> From  William Uranga : CareerXroads is, indeed, another great org to benchmark…

10:16:39 >> From  Jonelle Wilson   to   All panelists : Being in the healthcare space, we are attempting to mirror our patient population as closely as possible because studies have shown that there are higher percentage of better patient outcomes

10:19:40 >> From  Lance Boll   to   Sean Rehder(Direct Message) : I am dialed in, but think I am in mute mode.  Can you please unmute my mobile number, 832-269-7732

10:20:10 >> From  Sean Rehder   to   Lance Boll(Direct Message) : done

10:21:18 >> From  Audrey Fong   to   All panelists : Do you have any examples of questions you use?

10:23:26 >> From  Audrey Fong   to   All panelists : Yes, thank you!

10:24:12 >> From  Christine Wisch   to   All panelists : thanks Sean!

10:24:14 >> From  William Uranga : for Candidate Experience Survey (questions)

10:24:54 >> From  Christine Wisch   to   All panelists : thank you William

10:30:01 >> From  William Uranga : When in Rome….

10:30:39 >> From  Tracey Jerdine : I find it challenging to calculate cost per hire given all the employees that are part of the hiring and onboarding process?. what’s best practice in doing so?

10:31:28 >> From  Alexandria Brown   to   All panelists : I always track 3rd party spend. It’s part of building out a People Team budget and it’s costly so I watch my spend like a hawk!

10:32:10 >> From  Ryan Reeder : Agree Alexandria

10:33:59 >> From  Daniella McDonald : I would get a report from finance with all recruiting spend. We had hiring managers who went on their own with agencies.

10:34:03 >> From  Jan Zizzo : The TA COE that I am leading – all agencies and contracts have to come through me.  We also add the invoices to Workday and only open up Workday to agencies we have approved.

10:35:32 >> From  Sean Hanna   to   All panelists : +1 on all the direct TA costs to influence cost per hire, we also look at indirect costs too (like interviewer time per hour, based on avg hourly rates by function since we track all interview data in GH)

10:36:08 >> From  Sean Hanna : +1 on all the direct TA costs to influence cost per hire, we also look at indirect costs too (like interviewer time per hour, based on avg hourly rates by function since we track all interview data in Greenhouse

10:37:02 >> From  Jonelle Wilson   to   All panelists : Yes, I’m a big fan of ratios for reporting

10:37:12 >> From  Jonelle Wilson   to   All panelists : that allows you to see where training needs to occur

10:38:07 >> From  Jonelle Wilson   to   All panelists : i.e. if your recruiter is submitting 10 people and your manager is only wanting to move forward with 2, then there’s something not being revealed during the intake

10:38:52 >> From  James Perduto   to   All panelists : William’s fan is mesmerizing 🙂

10:39:01 >> From  Chris Rosenau : +1 Yvette on throughput analysis and expectations.

10:39:41 >> From  William Uranga   to   James Perduto and all panelists : James…it is my ONLY fan that I have 8~) #punintended

10:40:25 >> From  James Perduto   to   All panelists : you now have another fan!

10:40:41 >> From  William Uranga   to   James Perduto and all panelists : #yourcheckisinthemail

10:40:53 >> From  yanin fucile   to   All panelists : is days to hire a significant measurement?

10:43:09 >> From  William Uranga : Days to hire can be a significant measurement…depends on factors of the function, industry, maturity of the organization…

10:44:11 >> From  William Uranga : …but it depends on what you need to be concerned about/improve. Days to hire could be great (metric-wise) but Days to start could be terrible (too long)…

10:47:26 >> From  Jonelle Wilson   to   All panelists : @William agree completely – you need to not only look at the time to fill and other recruiting metrics but also the onboarding metrics to see how those numbers are effecting recruiting

10:52:31 >> From  Daniella McDonald : our ATS did have a report that showed us the top 10 companies we hired from. LinkedIn had some data related to that as well when an employee would change their profile to our company. or even where they went after our company.

10:55:02 >> From  Daniella McDonald : you can also look at performance reviews and ratings.

10:56:18 >> From  Lara Gartner : It was great to hear everyone’s approach. Great panel – thank you!

10:56:44 >> From  Chris Rosenau : qoh: polling the hm at hire then at 6mos; asking if the candidate is ramping faster/same/slower than anticipated.

10:59:49 >> From  Lisa Trujillo   to   All panelists : Great discussion, I have to jump off the line and jump into another call. Thank you everyone  😉

11:01:22 >> From  Kris Muth   to   All panelists : don’t judge on commute too harshly.  I live in Atlanta and have an hour & half commute but I’m happy to do it for my job

11:01:42 >> From  Diane Mariuzza   to   All panelists : Thank you!

11:01:56 >> From  Daniella McDonald : Thank you everyone! Great topic!

Some of the attendees…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Kris Muth Recruiting Atlanta Manager, Talent Acquisition Assurant
Liza Bryant Recruiting Atlanta Director, HR M2GEN
Patrick Ward Recruiting Boston Talent Acquisition Partner Halloran Consulting Group
James Cercone Recruiting Boston Lead Technical Recruiter Everbridge
Eileen Flynn Recruiting Boston Creative Talent Acquisition Manager / Sr. Creative Recruiter Wolverine Worldwide
Tracey Jerdine Recruiting Chicago Senior Talent Acquisition Partner CIBC US
Eileen Beno Recruiting Chicago Senior Technical Recruiter / Scientific Recruiter Fermilab
Kimberly Joyce Recruiting Chicago Senior Analytics Sourcing Recruiter McKinsey & Company
Lara Gartner Recruiting Chicago Director, Talent Acquisition Ventas
Heather Levine Recruiting Dallas Recruiter - Allstate Agency Auto Dealership Program Allstate
Jonelle Wilson Recruiting Dallas Sr. Business Consultant, HR/Talent Childrens Health
Denise Estep Recruiting Denver Senior Talent Sourcing Recruiter G&A Automation Anywhere
Vira Garcia Recruiting Houston Director of Recruiting vcfo
Preston Peery Recruiting Houston Recruiting Manager Patterson-UTI
Cindy Wong Recruiting LA Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist Princess Cruises
Dang Hua Recruiting LA Talent Acquisition Business Partner Opus Bank
Bez Rengifo Recruiting LA Sr. Manager / Director, People Services (HR Business Partner department) Loma Linda University Health Care
Denise Ward Recruiting Minneapolis Technical Recruiter Wunderlich-Malec Engineering
Christine Wisch Recruiting Minneapolis Sr. Talent Acquisition Consultant thru Robert Half Spok
Roseanne Donohue Recruiting NYC Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, North America Radware
Tamara Garlett Recruiting Portland Senior Recruiter, Global Footwear Product Creation Nike
John Sullivan Recruiting Portland Talent Acquisition Lead (IT Group) The Standard
Tracey Gilbert-Dimof Recruiting Seattle Talent Acquisition Manager Urban Plates
Thom Macfarlane Recruiting Seattle Sourcing Recruiter F5 Networks
Jessica Burgess Recruiting Seattle Director, Talent Acquisition Zones, Inc.
Ryan Rowe Recruiting SFBA Technical Recruiting Lead Facebook
Audrey Fong Recruiting SFBA Talent Acquisition Manager cPrime
Alexandria Brown Recruiting SFBA Organizational Development/ Business Consultant - People Operations & Talent Acquisition In Cmmon
Christine Higgins Recruiting SFBA Technical Recruiter Quora
Wendy Jensen TA Leaders Business Consulting and Process Leader Nationwide
Glenn Murani TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Optima Global Solutions
James Perduto TA Leaders Head of Talent Acquisition & Mobility Programs Looking for Work
Manisha Bavabhai TA Leaders Head of Recruiting Hudson MX
JoDee Klinker TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Carson Group
Daniella McDonald TA Leaders Talent Acquisition Leader Looking for Work
Nancee Martin TA Leaders Managing Director Corporate Recruiting AvAirPros
Andrea Constantinides TA Leaders Director, Recruiting Operations Align Technology
Vera Gardner TA Leaders Sr. Director, HR Business Partner-Engineering & Strategic HR Programs Castlight Health
Gyla Becks TA Leaders Director, Recruiting eBay
Amy Clem TA Leaders Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition Chewy
Jan Zizzo TA Leaders Director Talent Acquisition Charter Manufacturing
Nina De Keczer TA Leaders Head of Global Talent Acquisition Mozilla
Diane Mariuzza TA Leaders VP, Senior Recruiter SitusAMC
Mahen Kathirithamby TA Leaders Director Of Recruiting Looking for Work
Stacey Kramer TA Leaders Director, Recruiting 314e Corporation
Tim Mayer TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Kraus-Anderson Construction Company
Brian Budchuk TA Leaders Associate Director, Talent Acquisition Critical Mass
Mercheley Beuns TA Leaders Vice President, Talent Acquisition Fox Corporation
Melissa Rutledge TA Leaders Talent Acquisition Director Point B
David Baker TA Leaders Sr. Director of Growth & Development/Brokerage Services One Homecare Solutions
Dan Shortall TA Leaders Sr. Director of Strategic Staffing Global Conductor
Lisa Trujillo TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Clear Capital
AnnMarie Cleary TA Leaders Director Talent Acquisition Guardicore
Chris Rosenau TA Leaders Director of Technical Recruiting Coupang
Ingrid Smith TA Leaders Director Global Talent Acquisition Globalization Partners

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