Recruiting Success Stories

Recruiting Success Stories

This is a chance for community members to tell their success stories on “what’s working” on the inside at their company.

Are you proud of your work? Let’s talk about it.

Listen in on what our panelists have to say.

This event is part of the “Let’s Talk Recruiting” series where a panel of recruiting practitioners get together online and have a conversation on a variety of topics related to corporate recruiting.

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Our Panelists…

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Chat Messages from the Session…

10:01:56  >> Brooke Wheeler   to   All panelists : haha, maybe we are too hard on ourselves 🙂

10:02:12  >> Barbara Marks    to   All panelists : Probably  🙂

10:02:37  >> Brooke Wheeler   to   All panelists : Hi Barbara!

10:03:39  >> Barbara Marks    to   Brooke Wheeler and all panelists : Hello!   😉

10:10:04  >> Dhiraj Gupta : @DJ Cabeen – How do you manage internal competition for talent when sharing with other groups internally..Does talent sharing/ hires feed into metrics performance for recruiters?

10:10:31  >> Cheryl Hall : Hi, question for DJ- with the big increase in Diverse recruiting and the success you had, what was one of the first steps you took in achieving this?

10:14:06  >> Susan Landon   to   All panelists : Do you provide a referral bonus?

10:14:44  >> DJ Cabeen : Susan – Yes!

10:15:36  >> Natalya McCool   to   All panelists : What is a best practice to source diverse candidates?

10:16:06  >> Natalya McCool : What is a best practice to source diverse candidates? What does that looks like?

10:16:31  >> Saundra Ramsey : This was shared on the Slack Channel for some diversity.

10:17:00  >> Saundra Ramsey : Well it won’t let me cut and paste into the chat

10:18:42  >> Cheryl Hall : @DJ do you source mostly from LinkedIn or are their other social media platforms you spend time sourcing from?

10:19:20  >> DJ Cabeen : Cheryl – A lot of PR folks use Twitter so I use that and x-ray sourcing on google, bing, yahoo, etc

10:19:44  >> DJ Cabeen : On top of LinkedIn and Hiretual

10:20:18  >> Cheryl Hall : Thank you DJ

10:22:17  >> Khursheed Irani   to   All panelists : Love the stories where candidates turn into clients!

10:28:37  >> Shawn Watzka : Has anyone on the call have an employee referral program that didn’t offer a monetary reward?

10:28:52  >> Barbara Marks    to   All panelists : Extra PTO

10:33:14  >> Saundra Ramsey : No, but would love to see suggestions.

10:33:22  >> Cheryl Hall : @Shawn – I previously worked for a company that would give you points that you could then turn into dollars to give to a charity of your choice- you might still consider that a monetary award!?

10:35:01  >> Shawn Watzka : @Cheryl –  i like that idea .  thank you for sharing

10:35:44  >> Saundra Ramsey : Thanks Cheryl

10:41:19  >> Dhiraj Gupta : @Barbara you hit the nail in the head. Inclusion is key for success for D&I and future diversity talent pipeline. I am part of a leadership advisory team on ways to increase inclusion

10:55:13  >> Lance Hunsicker : So much great content in todays call.  Wonderful

10:55:25  >> Barbara Marks    to   All panelists : @Sara I couldn’t catch the LMS

10:56:22  >> Sara Fatima : Barbara – its Docebo

10:57:10  >> Dhiraj Gupta : Really great stories. Thank you so much @Sara @Barbara @Pam

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