Sourcing TNT - Talent Engagement in a Crowded Space

Sourcing TNT – Talent Engagement in a Crowded Space

This session is part of an ongoing series that focuses on sourcing tips n’ tricks.

Listen in on what our panelists have to say.

This event is part of the “Let’s Talk Recruiting” series where a panel of recruiting practitioners get together online and have a conversation on a variety of topics related to corporate recruiting.

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Chat Messages from the Session…

10:04:17 >> David Marr : Hello Everyone!   David Marr from Chicago Sr. Tech Sourcer with Indeed.  Feel free to connect

10:06:51 >> Sean Rehder : One step above iMovie, and a step below Adobe Premier is Camtasia for making videos.  TechSmith is the company that makes it.  If you want to make videos for your company or your self, highly recommend it.

10:09:46 >> Glenn Gutmacher   to   All panelists : it’s hard to be a Patriots fan in the post-Brady/Gronk era

10:10:09 >> Mikey Weil : Hi Glenn! reppin new england.

10:10:10 >> Justen Baxter   to   All panelists : lol

10:10:20 >> Justen Baxter   to   All panelists : Pats suck

10:10:22 >> Dorothy Falvey : How many of you let the candidates that applied but didn’t get selected for interviews know that the position has been filled? I call the candidates we interviewed and email the other candidates.

10:11:28 >> Sean Rehder : Has anyone had success with asking people in your “1st degree” network to introduce them to specific people in their network?  Say a targeted employee referral program for example.

10:12:26 >> Chelsey Eccleston : Can the panel share the chrome extensions that they are using to the chat? That would be helpful, thank you!

10:12:37 >> David Marr : Crystal

10:12:41 >> Josh Harben   to   All panelists : Are these add-ons that incorporate with LI, ie while you are in your search or do you need to toggle back and forth?

10:12:45 >> David Marr : Humantic

10:12:50 >> David Marr : Human predictions

10:12:58 >> David Marr : Some are Josh

10:13:10 >> David Marr : Chrome extensions do a lot

10:13:15 >> Sean Rehder :

10:13:18 >> Glenn Gutmacher : Crystal:

10:13:28 >> David Marr : Yes I have Dorothy

10:14:48 >> Mikey Weil : im trying to find a recent list of my chrome extensions

10:16:03 >> Tonia Romanelli : David Marr!!!!!!!! Hi.

10:16:11 >> David Marr : Hey Tonia!

10:16:13 >> Tonia Romanelli : 🙂

10:16:49 >> Jenny Bastrom   to   All panelists : With no $$ for automation tools, how does one use personalization for sourcing outreach that may hit more than 200 prospects? Any tips, as I have one coming up. Even preparing a mail/merge is going to take a lot of time

10:16:52 >> Dylan Brady   to   All panelists : How do you avoid creating bias while still building a connection with a candidate?

10:17:58 >> Jennifer Lokie   to   All panelists : What about high volume roles where candidates are not on LinkedIn?

10:18:42 >> Sean Rehder : @Dylan: I love CRMs, so have you looked at ? I believe they have a free version that may help.

10:18:42 >> Steven Green   to   All panelists : ?? Do you find that people in highly skilled or niche roles you are recruiting for check LinkedIn mail frequently or is it better to do your initial bursts via e-mail?

10:19:01 >> Brad Sussman : How do you feel about texting candidates and would you do this as a way to get an initial conversation started if they haven’t responded to inmails/voicemails/emails?

10:19:03 >> Tonia Romanelli : Neither is ahead.  It’s a matter of culture.  I feel Canada is more likely to respond to in-person call vs. US

10:19:11 >> Josh Harben   to   All panelists : I call BS on that. I’ve worked EU (UK, FR Benelux)

10:19:29 >> David Marr : Emails have been proven to get higher click rates then LI Inmails

10:19:38 >> Glenn Gutmacher : “bot”

10:19:39 >> Danyell Howell : I text most of the time, I am finding candidates prefer

10:19:39 >> David Marr : Personal emails

10:20:01 >> David Marr : Texting and personal email are people’s preference

10:20:27 >> Preston Peery : Agreed.  We use Text and Email, and try to keep it as personal as possible.

10:20:27 >> Tonia Romanelli : agree

10:20:38 >> Chelsey Eccleston : How long are your text messages to candidates?

10:20:42 >> Sean Rehder : would you ever “cold text” someone?

10:20:45 >> Tonia Romanelli : I need a good phone number finder. ANYONE??

10:20:47 >> Bethany Maxcey : I agree – majority of my success is through texting and email. txt are as short as I can make it

10:20:50 >> Daniella McDonald : As a candidate I prefer email. Maybe a text.

10:21:01 >> Mikey Weil : Tonia – That’s Them

10:21:07 >> Tonia Romanelli : Thx!

10:21:23 >> Brad Sussman : Thank you!

10:21:24 >> Preston Peery : Yep – KISS – Keep It Short & Sweet

10:21:29 >> Mikey Weil : Texting candidates is best as a follow-up or last result

10:21:42 >> Danyell Howell : My target candidate is nursing and they are working 12 hour shifts, they prefer text rather than phone or email

10:21:44 >> David Marr : @Tonia swordfish

10:21:45 >> Mikey Weil : if someone applied for a role a few years ago and u are reengaging them texting doesn’t hurt

10:21:49 >> Preston Peery : We text our entry level/high volume.  Email/call our more senior level hires

10:21:49 >> Mikey Weil : in my opinion!

10:21:58 >> Tonia Romanelli : THX again!!!

10:22:17 >> Danyell Howell : We use text recruit, been a game-changer

10:22:21 >> Josh Harben   to   All panelists : Agreed, a call out of the blue can be seen as intrusive.

10:22:35 >> Mikey Weil : anyone use any free texting tools? besides your personal cell?

10:22:41 >> Steven Green   to   All panelists : ??  Considering the wide-spread emphasis on D,E&I for all levels of roles, are you finding one sourcing strategy to be more effective than another – especially when your local market is not the most diverse?

10:22:45 >> Preston Peery : Google Voice

10:22:47 >> Chelsey Eccleston : I recruit for sales roles in financial services, so they are niche because of their certifications, and they usually also are highly regulated under their business’s compliances teams. Any creative suggestions to reach those people?

10:23:29 >> Glenn Gutmacher : @Chelsey – the database is webscrapable

10:23:41 >> Terri Pawlowski : I use TextFree

10:23:46 >> Mikey Weil : thanks!

10:23:47 >> Sean Rehder : Is there an ATS that had embedded “texting” added to it for candidate messaging?

10:24:00 >> Chelsey Eccleston : Thanks Glenn! I do use it actively

10:24:10 >> Danyell Howell : iCIMS

10:24:16 >> Kaisa Rowe : ICIMS is integrated with TextRecruit

10:24:16 >> anna forsberg   to   All panelists : paylocity

10:24:26 >> Justen Baxter   to   All panelists : love textrecruit!

10:25:33 >> Justen Baxter   to   All panelists : david will pay mikey later for plug 🙂

10:25:36 >> Daniella McDonald : @Chelsey look at where and how they get their certifications. Maybe there are job boards. Or LinkedIn groups. Are there niche job boards or organizations for those candidates?

10:25:41 >> David Marr : LOL

10:26:29 >> Jeff Eveler : i find in the high clearance area phone calls are working better with developers then the high tech (social media, text, emails) due to the sensitivity of the marketplace place. Individuals with high level clearances need to have trust first, built by phone dicussions.. then automation will work..

10:26:55 >> Chelsey Eccleston : @Daniella – I have not come across job boards for them. The certifications are FINRA licenses, so I use the FINRA website to cross-reference my sourcing.

10:27:10 >> Mikey Weil : hahaha i love indeed i work in manufacturing mostly so its super helpful

10:27:13 >> Neil Collins   to   All panelists : What are your thoughts on finding people’s emails and phone numbers when they are not listed on their LinkedIn? Do you pay for this information?

10:27:31 >> Justen Baxter   to   All panelists : Neil swordfish is great for this

10:27:34 >> Justen Baxter   to   All panelists : highly recommend

10:27:42 >> Justen Baxter   to   All panelists : a cheaper CE is contactout

10:27:45 >> Justen Baxter   to   All panelists : also some free sites

10:27:47 >> David Marr : @Neil.  I highly recommend d doing this

10:27:48 >> Justen Baxter   to   All panelists : PIPL is decent too

10:27:58 >> Daniella McDonald : OK. Search on LinkedIn or other job boards for the certification or license

10:28:57 >> David Marr : Sites thatsthem, usphonebook, truepeoplesearch, fastpeoplesearch

10:29:15 >> anna forsberg   to   All panelists : yes

10:29:19 >> Kaisa Rowe : Melissa lookup for verification too – phone and email

10:29:54 >> Steven Green   to   All panelists : ?? Do we know where the collected data from BOTS winds up (i.e. salary expectations, other ‘qualifiers’ that can lead to subjective bias?) How much of a contributing factor can bot messaging be to ruling out candidates early in the process?

10:30:07 >> David Marr : There are also freemium chrome extension will help you find contact emails.  Check out swordfish, numeric, Lusha, contact out, rocket reach, hiretual

10:30:12 >> Neil Collins   to   All panelists : Thanks David!

10:30:50 >> Danyell Howell : I recruit for hospice, mostly nurses and aides, text is 100% the way to contact

10:31:03 >> Justen Baxter   to   All panelists : seekout os bomb

10:31:14 >> Justen Baxter   to   All panelists : and you search indeed with seekoutr and you don’t need indeed!

10:31:20 >> Mikey Weil : i miss seekout 🙁

10:31:21 >> Justen Baxter   to   All panelists : than cross reference on another plastforms 🙂

10:31:21 >> Danyell Howell : Nurses can’t answer their phone on the hospital floor but they can text

10:31:23 >> Justen Baxter   to   All panelists : saves you money

10:31:25 >> Justen Baxter   to   All panelists : recommend Seekout!

10:32:02 >> David Marr : Seekout is a very solid tool

10:32:10 >> Dorothy Falvey : I recruit nurses and use mostly emails but will f/u with phone call and text. We do google meet interviews

10:32:18 >> Glenn Gutmacher : Susanna Frazier compiled most contact info tools that Dean Da Costa showed in his recent SourceCon weinar:

10:32:20 >> Jennifer Lokie   to   All panelists : Mikey, so you think Seekout would work well for a high volume work force.

10:32:43 >> Mikey Weil : seek out is strong for IT last i knew

10:32:51 >> Mikey Weil : indeed is good for high volume

10:33:09 >> Justen Baxter   to   All panelists : Seekout can do all industries use it for corporate. execuitive, tech, international…

10:33:15 >> Justen Baxter   to   All panelists : you can save indeed dollars

10:33:18 >> Justen Baxter   to   All panelists : and use seekout!

10:33:40 >> Mikey Weil : seek out helps with finding contact info and also helps show you propsects githubs, websites, everywhere they exist on the interweb

10:33:52 >> Mikey Weil : seek out is trying to replace LinkedIn and def has for some sourcing teams

10:34:08 >> Jennifer Lokie   to   All panelists : Thanks!

10:35:05 >> Glenn Gutmacher : most complete free database of work email addresses by company/domain:

10:35:31 >> Preston Peery : That’s crazy – i’m going to try that

10:35:44 >> Preston Peery : Is there a Headhunter emoji?

10:35:52 >> Mikey Weil : haystack?

10:35:54 >> Mikey Weil : squirrel?

10:36:29 >> Preston Peery : ah yes – the Purple Squirrel

10:39:29 >> Neil Collins   to   All panelists : With the whole adjustment to remote, as Sean said, how does remote change the way candidates are responding to your messaging? What new questions do you see candidates asking?  Have their priorities changed in terms of comp etc.?

10:40:04 >> Chelsey Eccleston : Has the panel found that people are less likely to make a change during this time?

10:40:18 >> Mikey Weil : def not a lot of ppl wanting to relocate at this time

10:40:19 >> Chelsey Eccleston : Or any of the attendees*

10:40:21 >> julie.barbic   to   All panelists : love remote

10:40:22 >> David Marr : @chelsey. no

10:40:35 >> Mikey Weil : target the companies laying off

10:40:47 >> Chelsey Eccleston : @Mikey Thanks!

10:41:04 >> Mikey Weil : or look at recently updated indeed messages

10:41:06 >> Mikey Weil : Open to work on LI

10:41:07 >> Tom Fobert   to   All panelists : I’m finding people wanting to leave my company for a true remote role.

10:41:10 >> Mikey Weil : there’s plenty out there now

10:41:13 >> David Marr : Remote is appealing to many but not everyone.  Some candidates want to work from an office setting to avoid the family chaos that prevent them from working… I think the key is to offer flexibility to the target audience you hire for

10:41:14 >> Mikey Weil : indeed resumes****

10:42:13 >> Justen Baxter   to   Sean Rehder(Direct Message) : I need to wrap up

10:42:20 >> Sean Rehder   to   Justen Baxter(Direct Message) : ok

10:44:45 >> Josh Harben   to   All panelists : We already have that

10:44:48 >> Daniella McDonald : I have seen that on many job ads. Remote, but has to be in the Atlanta area or Seattle.

10:45:14 >> Sean Rehder   to   Justen Baxter(Direct Message) : do you want me to close it or did you want to?

10:45:15 >> Josh Harben   to   All panelists : Remote is 30% less than A regions.

10:46:06 >> Josh Harben   to   All panelists : Sometimes we avoid West coast in the east and the other way around, depending on how high-touch the role.

10:46:13 >> Glenn Gutmacher : 3 hour coast gap isn’t crazy, but Hawaii timezone for east coast gets problematic

10:46:57 >> David Marr : I have to drop off…

10:47:04 >> Justen Baxter : if you have young kids like me your already up crazy early anyways!

10:47:09 >> David Marr : If you want to connect

10:48:26 >> Glenn Gutmacher : dental lobby: “put your money where your mouth is”

10:48:57 >> Justen Baxter : they need to partner with wallstreet ….@glenn

10:49:14 >> Amber Jeffries   to   All panelists : Thank you, this was great!

10:49:47 >> Daniella McDonald : Thank you everyone! Look forward to the next conversation.

10:49:49 >> Chelsey Eccleston : Thanks everyone!

10:49:50 >> John Sullivan : thank you for your insight & time today!

10:49:53 >> Jenny Bastrom   to   All panelists : Thank you

10:49:59 >> Crystal Mitchell : Thanks everyone!

10:49:59 >> Ebony Banks : Thank you everyone!

10:50:01 >> Jennifer Lokie   to   All panelists : Nice chat all!

10:50:08 >> Genea Iacovelli   to   All panelists : Thanks to all!  Great knowledge to be shared today….(O:

10:50:09 >> Steven Green   to   All panelists : thanks!

10:53:58 >> Glenn Gutmacher : the SeekOut Githu stars data is fuzzy logic – it’s really an indicator of activity & followers, not code quality

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