Sourcing TNT (Tips 'n Tricks) ~ All About BOTs

Sourcing TNT (Tips ‘n Tricks) ~ All About BOTs

Our panelists of Sourcing specialists talk about what BOTS they use and how to use them.

Listen in on what our panelists have to say.

This event is part of the “Let’s Talk Recruiting” series where a panel of recruiting practitioners get together online and have a conversation on a variety of topics related to corporate recruiting.

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10:06:40 >> Erwin Chan : Candidates often worry about ATS automatic review and filtering resumes but I’ve never seen any tool work well. How prevalent is this being used by companies?

10:07:17 >> David Marr : What’s your favorite free tool to use to manage your email campaigns?

10:07:35 >> James Brickley : we don’t use a free tool for our emails campaigns. we use LinkedIn (have an enterprise agreement). LinkedIn sends the info to our ATS iCIMS

10:08:35 >> Erica Leezer   to   All panelists : when you talk about a technology, can you please also put in the chat? I don’t know tello…?

10:08:52 >> Sean Rehder : Trello, I think is the name.

10:09:05 >> Erwin Chan : @David Marr – I’ve used Gem for tracking email campaigns and it’s pretty good

10:09:23 >> Fred Mathieu : +1 on Gem

10:09:57 >> Timothy Strandberg   to   All panelists : If everyone was a professional resume writer, these tools might work but there are many resume that error out during processing through tools like this

10:10:09 >> Lauren Springer : Outreach is powerful for creating automated email campaigns with different optiolns based on candidate responses

10:11:08 >> Sean Rehder : Are there any legal/compliance issues using bots or software to assign diversity (gender or ethnicity) to candidates that have not given their information?

10:11:12 >> Chris Rucks   to   All panelists : How are you obtaining buy in from hiring managers/ stakeholders to consider the diverse applicants that you are finding/submitting?

10:11:33 >> Beverly Royall : my company doesn’t invest in the LinkedIn Recruitment subscription, for those of you that have this available to you, do you feel of value enough to invest in as an individual?

10:11:50 >> Sean Rehder :

10:12:35 >> Sean Rehder : check out SeekOut as an “affordable” option to LinkedIn recruiter.

10:12:48 >> Sean Rehder : we just did a session on it going in depth.

10:13:01 >> Lauren Springer : Other critical automation tools include calendaring! Calendly, Google Calendar appointments, Outlook, stuff built into ATS (I believe iCIMS and Lever offer a tool)

10:13:36 >> Katherine Amato : what is the Chrome ext you use?

10:13:53 >> James Brickley : LinkedIn works great for my company. the agreement is expensive, but I have 14 recruiters; unlimited recruiter seats, etc. So totally worth t for me

10:13:55 >> DeLaina Piowaty : Chrome extension please

10:14:18 >> Rose Nolen : Yes, to Beverly’s Q.  LinkedIn Recruiter upgrade now is utilizing AI. Very helpful in that it automatically recommends 25 qualified candidates per project daily. 

10:14:19 >> Justen Baxter   to   All panelists : machine sourcer its 5 bucks a month I think Courtney is a wiz on it

10:14:32 >> Justen Baxter   to   All panelists : marinara is productivity tool

10:15:05 >> Lauren Springer : You’ve got to be careful about having sensitive candidate info outside of your ATS.

10:15:17 >> Jenny Bastrom : link?

10:15:46 >> Satish Ch   to   All panelists : machinesourcer?

10:15:58 >> Sean Rehder : multi highlighter…

10:16:16 >> Erwin Chan : Do you rely on the CRM features in your ATS or what CRM tools do you use?

10:16:17 >> Sean Rehder : Machine Sourcer…

10:16:22 >> James Brickley : true about privacy – we are a global company. GDPR is always on my mnd

10:16:29 >> Jenny Bastrom : Multihilife? is this correct?

10:16:42 >> Sean Rehder : Multi Highlight

10:17:19 >> Sean Rehder : Sorry… Highlighterer

10:17:56 >> Cynthia Summers : If you automate your 1st outreach or just auto search on a keyword you end up with non qualified candidates and blasting is one of my pet peeves.  Totally not relating to the person.  Also, personalized emails specific to candidates get much better results than email blasts.

10:18:26 >> Anne Patrick : Personalized but brief.

10:18:39 >> Sean Rehder : Strongly recommend checking with your marketing team to see what they use and if they have licneses you can use for email campaigns/automation.

10:18:48 >> Denise Ward : Has anyone dropped LinkedIn corp. recruiter after using Gem or Entelo?

10:18:51 >> Timothy Strandberg   to   All panelists : agree with Cynthia 100%

10:20:29 >> Sean Rehder : Make sure your CRM has good “de-duping” capalities.  That allows for “dumping of data” into the crm and then letting it clean itself.

10:21:53 >> Sean Rehder : Does anyone use Microsoft Access as a sourcing/recruiting tool?

10:22:15 >> Rose Nolen : To Denise’s q.  Have utilized Entelo and dropped it.  Kept LinkedIn Recruiter.

10:24:02 >> Saundra Ramsey : @Sean Rehder – can you find out about Tello or the correct way to spell it? I don’t think it would be Trello as I use that and it does not work as a “recruiting or sourcing” tool

10:24:39 >> Erwin Chan : I’ve seen people use Trello for recruiting – it’s more of a tracker

10:24:41 >> Martin Hancock   to   All panelists : Trello is more of an organizational tool

10:24:52 >> Denise Ward : Ok, thanks Rose

10:24:55 >> Maureen Daly   to   All panelists : Entelo

10:25:02 >> Saundra Ramsey : Ok I use it like that

10:25:03 >> Erwin Chan : I’ve also used Monday to track candidates and progress

10:25:04 >> Audrey Ragueneau   to   All panelists : Same as Rose – we tested Entelo but decided to drop and keep LinkedIn Recruiter

10:25:11 >> Sean Rehder : This is what I thought Tello was in reference to…

I know the business, especially in engineering, use it to interview and close on candidates.

10:26:11 >> Saundra Ramsey : Right,  me too

10:26:25 >> Saundra Ramsey : Wow, I had no idea.

10:27:09 >> David Marr : Engineering IT talent has been migrating away from LI

10:27:10 >> Lauren Springer : Authenticity is huge! Whenever possible, get candidates to apply directly to a website with a URL tag to track source or have a robust source attribution mechanism

10:28:37 >> Renee Lin : Is there a source for seeing engineering talent migrating away from LI?

10:29:01 >> Micah Sulewski : any tools recommended to source candidates off GitHub?

10:29:12 >> Lauren Springer : I think you can see the number of new profiles, active profiles, not sure about deleted profiles…not sure people would delete their profile

10:29:21 >> David Marr : SeekOut and Amazing Hiring do this well

10:31:50 >> Sean Rehder : I’m waiting to see if people use TikTok to express themselves if they had a bad experience with an potential employer.

10:32:29 >> Renee Lin : Has anyone used Hiretual? Is it any good?

10:32:38 >> Rose Nolen : To Micah;  Recruit’Em will allow you to build a string to source GitHub.

10:33:06 >> Audrey Ragueneau   to   All panelists : curious if anyone has experience with CandidateID? We recently had a demo, not sure what to think of it

10:33:38 >> David Marr : Hiretual is a good tool

10:33:56 >> James Brickley : got to run, have a 1:30. thank you all

10:34:05 >> David Marr : Social Talent’s SourceHub tool works well similar to Recruit’EM

10:34:26 >> Micah Sulewski : thanks all!

10:34:41 >> Lauren Springer : Great talk! Thanks, everyone!

10:34:47 >> Saundra Ramsey : Grammerly is my fav

10:34:52 >> Saundra Ramsey : amen

10:35:10 >> Saundra Ramsey : I use it for everything!

10:35:14 >> Sean Rehder :

10:35:19 >> Timothy Strandberg   to   All panelists : She redlines your valentines cards?

10:35:34 >> Jessica Burgess   to   All panelists : I love Grammarly

10:36:11 >> Jen Reilly   to   All panelists : Thoughts on utilizing videos when reaching out initially?

10:37:16 >> Sean Rehder : A few years old, but a great list of tools/bots…

10:37:37 >> Sean Rehder : for videos?  check out

10:37:54 >> Sean Rehder : there is a “free to use” light version

10:41:32 >> Jen Reilly   to   All panelists : Yes, Willo also has a free version. Wondering if anyone had luck with initial out reach using videos.

10:45:15 >> Jake Carstensen : This is great stuff! Thank you all, I have to run. Have a great day.

10:46:24 >> Saundra Ramsey : Gender Decoder for putting your JD in to see

10:47:54 >> Brad Sussman : Gender Decoder is ok, but there are some interesting words that they define as Male vs Female.  You still need to decide what does and does not make sense to change.

10:48:10 >> Saundra Ramsey : Good to know.

10:48:32 >> Jen Reilly   to   All panelists : Is anyone offering free tickets?

10:48:54 >> DeLaina Piowaty   to   All panelists : name of recruiting conference again?

10:48:55 >> Brad Sussman : It is still a very good tool to help you with descriptions. 

10:49:17 >> Katherine Amato : Thank you all panelist this has been great!!

10:49:26 >> Beverly Royall : Thanks to all!

10:49:28 >> Saundra Ramsey : I really appreciate these Table side chats!

10:49:47 >> Maureen Daly   to   All panelists : Yes – Thanks Everyone

10:50:07 >> Nicholas Steinberg : This was so great, really appreciate this panel!

10:50:18 >> Saundra Ramsey : thank you!

10:50:20 >> Timothy Strandberg   to   All panelists : Thank you all

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