Tool Time: SeekOut, an AI-Powered Talent Search Engine

Tool Time: SeekOut, an AI-Powered Talent Search Engine

Today we cover SeekOut, an AI-powered search engine built for recruiters and sourcers.

Their mission…

“Providing customers a competitive edge in recruiting hard-to-find and diverse talent for Digital Transformation”

SeekOut’s story…

“We built SeekOut after feeling the pain of trying to hire passive candidates in a competitive market. After experiencing the clunky tools, expensive licenses and terrible response rates, we knew we could do better. Our background working in search, messaging, machine learning/AI and natural language processing gives us a unique perspective in the space. SeekOut was built for sourcers, not to replace them, and we’re confident you’ll find it the most recruiter-friendly tool on the market.”

Listen in on what our panelists have to say.

This event is part of the “Let’s Talk Recruiting” series where a panel of recruiting practitioners get together online and have a conversation on a variety of topics related to corporate recruiting.

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Our Panelists…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Eric Jaquith Enterprise Sales SeekOut

We asked our attendees, “Besides LinkedIn, what is a favorite tool of yours that you like to use in the recruiting process?”

Here are their answers:

  • a modern and high tech ATS
  • Anything that helps source candidates!
  • Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Ats
  • ATS - campaigns
  • Beamery
  • Bullhorn CRM
  • Calendly!
  • CareerPlug
  • CRM Tool
  • Crystal Knows
  • Dice (for Techies)
  • Dice, Jobscore
  • do not have one unfortunately - desperately need one
  • Employee Referral programs and Meet up groups
  • Entello
  • Entelo
  • Entelo
  • Entelo
  • entelo
  • Entelo
  • facebook
  • Facebook
  • free sites and referral bonus tools
  • Gem, skill survey 360, Entelo, eightfold
  • Google, The Telephone
  • Handshake and Yello
  • Handshake, Indeed and Glassdoor
  • Hiretual
  • Hiretual
  • I only have Linkedin, I do cold call, but been on some trials - NEXXT and tried Seekout briefly
  • I'm not familiar with many others and would like to learn more about sourcing
  • Indeed auto searches
  • Internet Research (Boolean)
  • Leader
  • Meetup
  • networking
  • networking! 🙂
  • OneNote
  • OneNote
  • Outlook Calendar
  • Referrals, ATS, Dice, Google Search
  • SeekOut
  • SeekOut
  • SeekOut
  • SourceHub
  • standard google boolean searches. sometimes it can be difficult, but is a good passive search tactic i like.
  • Text Recruit
  • Text Recruit
  • textrecruit
  • VidCruiter, but would like an AI tool to help with sourcing/matching candidates to jobs
  • Workday Filters
  • zoominfo

Chat Messages from the Session…

10:02:55 >> David Marr : Eric is top notch and works for top notch orgs like Zap Info previously

10:03:07 >> David Marr : Agreed

10:04:21 >> David Marr : Does Seek Out have Licensing for Individuals? Or only Enterprise?

10:05:38 >> David Marr : Thank you

10:05:48 >> David Marr : Its worth it if you have the budget 🙂

10:06:28 >> David Marr : Definitely show off the Diversity Searching capabilities of SeekOut

10:09:02 >> Sean Rehder : just fyi..i’m recording this and will post.

10:10:47 >> Priyanka Tolia   to   All panelists : So the number of candidates viewed on Linkedin via Seekout don’t count against our allowed number of candidates viewed directly on Linkedin?

10:11:00 >> Angelo Deleon   to   All panelists : Eric did you say $3500 a month?

10:11:35 >> Daniella McDonald : Is this tool for technical searching only?

10:12:19 >> David Marr : NO Daniella

10:12:27 >> Daniella McDonald : Thank you.

10:12:33 >> David Marr : It works for technical, business, administrative etc

10:12:44 >> Jane Knaus   to   All panelists : What if I pay 11K a year for a LinkedIn Recruiter License with access to all profiles, what would be the benefit?

10:12:57 >> David Marr : Its a really cool tool if you have a budget.  Definitely worth checking out

10:13:06 >> Catherine Hansen   to   All panelists : Thanks Eric for describing Linked In’s tiered prices/filters.   Are you saying the SeekOut offers the max # of filters available on LI, regardless of seat/permissions?

10:13:18 >> David Marr : Even the trial to check it out to see if it works for you

10:13:37 >> Daniella McDonald : I have been hearing the name a lot lately.

10:13:55 >> David Marr : Because its a top tier 1 tool that’s game changing

10:14:43 >> Jane Knaus   to   All panelists : Fair enough

10:15:09 >> David Marr : Use a “Clown” as the example Search

10:17:31 >> Angelo Deleon   to   All panelists : nice!

10:19:25 >> David Marr : I think you can edit the URL and change the Zip code mile radius search

10:23:38 >> Christina Lust   to   All panelists : Can you create folders or projects in Seekout with profiles if you’re using LinkedIn free?

10:25:16 >> Danyell Howell : I signed up for 10 free credits per month through a chrome extension but haven’t used it yet….is this the same as what you are showing us?

10:40:20 >> David Marr : Great Freemium tool Eric for us who don’t have budget

10:40:22 >> David Marr : 🙂

10:48:30 >> Catherine Hansen   to   All panelists : Index is the same as export?

10:49:40 >> Daniella McDonald : What does the integration offer with the ATS? Exporting profiles?

10:55:35 >> Annette Rushin   to   All panelists : that is a compliance issue, they need to apply for OFCCP

10:55:53 >> Annette Rushin : that is a compliance issue, they need to apply for OFCCP

10:58:00 >> Annette Rushin : thank you, great presentation

Some of the attendees…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Katherine Amato Senior Corporate Recruiter Guitar Center
Raji Barani Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant Ruckus Networks
Manuel Santiago Head of Talent Acquisition SADA Systems
Scott Stevenson Vice President, Human Resources and Board Member USAA
Justin Zapol Sr. Talent Acquisition Lead KBR, Inc.
Catherine Hansen Talent Acquisition Manager, Global Talent Acquisition Hippo Insurance
Lance Hunsicker Lead Executive Recruiter Parsons Corporation
Deanna Berry Human Resources Manager CASA of Los Angeles
Justine Mullen Business Process Lead - Global Recruiting Programs & Operations Meta
Thom Macfarlane Senior Recruiter F5
Delaina Piowaty Senior Manager of Talent Aquisition RWS Group
Nancy Boyd Talent Acquisition Business Partner - Management Recruiting The Capital Group Companies, Inc.
Steven Rosenblum Principal Level 5 Partners
Kristine Nemeth Corporate Recruiter | Talent Acquisition | Senior Recruiter | Full-cycle Recruitment | Diageo
Jake Erickson Talent Acquisition Manager Slalom
Gary Gangi Manager, Tech Recruiting ServiceTitan
Kevin Oram Co-Founder Hivemind Careers LLC
Saundra Ramsey Recruiting Atlanta Recruiting Manager (Sr IT Talent Acquisition Business Partner) & Wahooligan Wahoo Fitness
Katie Stevens Recruiting Chicago Director, Global Talent Acquisition GE Healthcare
Jason Coffey Recruiting Chicago Talent Acquisition Manager Core & Main
Danyell Howell Recruiting DCBmore Hospice Recruiter (Contract) Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care
Shilpa Farmer Recruiting Houston Sr Technical Sourcing Recruiter Electronic Arts
Christina Lust Recruiting Seattle Recruiting Manager Moss Adams LLP
Nancee Martin TA Leaders Managing Director, Corporate Recruiting AvAirPros
Annette Rushin TA Leaders Vice President, Talent Acquisition and Employee Development Advanced Decision Vectors (ADV)
Kelley Clark TA Leaders Executive Director, Firmwide Diversity Campus Sourcing Lead JP Morgan Chase
Malia Jorgensen TA Leaders Senior Manager Talent Acquisition Sonos, Inc.
Christian Juan TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition DirectDefense
Le Nguyen TA Leaders Talent Acquisition Travelers
Dan Shortall TA Leaders Sr. Director of Strategic Staffing Global Conductor
Daniella McDonald TA Leaders Manager, Talent Acquisition WorkCare, Inc.
Nicola McGarry TA Leaders Senior Director, Talent Acquisition Armanino LLP

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