Best Practices for Recruiting On LinkedIn

Best Practices for Recruiting On LinkedIn

Seems just about every corporate recruiter has a LinkedIn Recruiter account. What are some ways to make sure you and your team getting the most out of the tool?

Listen in on what our panelists have to say.

This event is part of the “Let’s Talk Recruiting” series where a panel of recruiting practitioners get together online and have a conversation on a variety of topics related to corporate recruiting.

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Our Panelists…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Eric Jaquith Enterprise Sales SeekOut
Katie Stevens Recruiting Chicago Director, Global Talent Acquisition GE Healthcare
Roseanne Donohue Recruiting NYC Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, North America Radware
Sinda Allen Lead Talent Partner Moogsoft

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We asked our attendees, “What is one thing that you do that get’s the most out of LinkedIn for you?”

Here are their answers:

  • Adding meaningful notes in connection
  • Ask connections for introductions
  • Be personal and make it about the candidate, not why my opportunity is "best"
  • boolean
  • boolean searching
  • Catchy Subject Lines
  • Competitor insights
  • connect
  • Connect - simplemessage
  • Connect with SME or Community leaders
  • Consistent Follow-up Cadences
  • Continue to build my network!
  • creating Projects and collaborating with hiring managers, profiles searches comments and new tools
  • cross reference candidates
  • daily utilization of the company page
  • dedicate time to LinkedIn
  • Direct and transparent communication with members.
  • Direct Recruit
  • Diversity Sourcing
  • everything
  • Executive Sourcing
  • Expanding my network into highly specialized areas, this helps to source hard to fill positions
  • Filters
  • find great talent
  • Follow up and be responsive when somebody does reply.
  • Good Boolean search strings
  • I connect with at least 10 people today.
  • Immediately follow up with the candidates that reply,
  • In InMails, not highlighting one particular job I'm looking to fill, instead appealing to candidates on a more personal level.
  • Industry/role latest devts, learnings
  • InMail
  • inmail
  • Inmail
  • InMails worked in the past, but not the best recently
  • job postings.
  • Keeping in touch with my contacts socially...
  • KSA Search
  • LI clone quality candidates.
  • LinkedIn Job Posting responses - I have hired some really good passive job seekers that way.
  • LinkedIn Quick Apply with Resumes directly to my Inbox
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Searches
  • Making connections
  • Making sure to emphasize in my communications with candidates that I've read their profile!
  • network
  • Network
  • Network network network
  • Network with other professionals and keep updated on trends
  • Networking
  • Networking
  • networking
  • Networking
  • networking / current and pipeline roles
  • Networking with candidates and potential referral resources.
  • No your audience and make sure initial outreach brief and to the point
  • Not getting the most
  • Not much more than LinkedIn Recruiter sourcing activities.
  • not proficient with the tool yet, inadequate training
  • Notes notes notes! Make lots of notes in candidate profiles so you know why you pursued or did not pursue someone
  • Passive candidate recruitment
  • Personalize ALL communication.
  • Personalize each InMail and reference something unique on a potential candidate's profile.
  • personalize everything
  • personalizing messages
  • Post jobs
  • Post my jobs by using my own page
  • Posting to Groups
  • Project Folders
  • Project Folders
  • Project Folders
  • Projects
  • Reaching out with targeted InMails
  • Reading profiles and targeting your audience
  • Recruit
  • Recruiter
  • recruiter
  • Regular trainings with LI Account Manager and my team
  • Respond to every inmail
  • respond to every person that replies to my LinkedIn and try to keep it human
  • review projects with hiring teams for faster review
  • saved templates saves time!
  • Search Alerts
  • Send effective InMail message
  • send great instant messages with high rate of replies
  • send inmails
  • share and post the job
  • Share Articles/Source
  • Share the jobs that we have posted wth my Linkedin network
  • Sharing company stories with my network
  • sharing content
  • short messages and to the point
  • Source passive candidates
  • Sourcing
  • Sourcing
  • Sourcing / Recruiting
  • Sourcing and job posting
  • sourcing candidates
  • Sourcing in Linked-In Recruiter
  • Sourcing through Recruiter Lite
  • Staying active and publishing useful content
  • Tailored outreach email
  • The ability to create talent pipelines.
  • Top Talent Hires
  • Updated profile, keep it fresh and sharing info on discussions about the company?
  • Use boolean statements
  • Using all of the LIR features (projects, reports, custom filters, etc).
  • Utilize Recruiter Lite to search proactively to build a pipeline for the future as well as using for any current openings
  • Utilize the projects functio
  • Utilizing Projects
  • We don't have a Recruiter Account, so I'm interested to learn how to best leverage the standard LI platform more effectively.
  • We use Gem on top of LIRecruiter seats to get personal emails (it is more expense/another tool)
  • When I reach out I mention connections in common or specific skills they have
  • When sending InMails be specific and not just use a template.

Chat Messages from the Session…

09:59:37 >> From Eric Jaquith : Hello Everyone. Let’s connect on LinkedIn or call 770-598-2751

10:00:50 >> From Katie Stevens   to   All panelists : Hello Everyone!  I’d love to connect with everyone too!

10:02:49 >> From Sinda Allen : Let’s do it!

10:03:26 >> From Sean Rehder : Feel free to add any comments or questions here in the Chat area.

Make sure as an attendee, if you message something in the Chat area that you select “All Panelists and Attendees.” 

The default is just to Panelists but I want everyone to see the messages coming through.

10:06:25 >> From Catherine Hansen : @Katie, any idea on cost of LI Talent Insights module?

10:07:19 >> From Steven Green : How cost effective have you found Insights to be, considering LI Recruiter licenses can pricey.  Any suggestions to pitch budget requests to include Insights?

10:07:28 >> From Liza Bryant : Also can you purchase LI Talent Insights as a stand-alone product or is it bundled with LinkedIn Recruiter?

10:08:49 >> From Jenny Bastrom   to   All panelists : Recruiting in state government puts limits on tax payer money. At six figures, we decided to cancel our complete LI Recruiter account a couple of years ago.

10:09:19 >> From Destiny Quinn : @Liza you are able to purchase a’la’carte

10:10:08 >> From Destiny Quinn : If you have a Premium Account you can also purchase LI Talent Insights I believe

10:10:32 >> From Liza Bryant : Thanks!

10:10:42 >> From Tracey Dimof : Can anyone tell me ballpark cost for 1 license for LI insights?

10:10:42 >> From Kathy King   to   All panelists : Two levels of seats.  Recruiter and Recuriter lite.

10:11:29 >> From Roopali Patil   to   All panelists : I have utilized the insight at my earlier company at J&J for hard to fill role to show the market data to HM

10:11:54 >> From Erin Marie Doucet   to   All panelists : is the company function similar but better than glassdoor?

10:13:02 >> From Destiny Quinn : In LI Recruiter you can use Advanced Search and target specific companies

10:15:36 >> From Roopali Patil   to   All panelists : Yes in advance feature of LI recruiter you can look for specific company and you can also exclude a company

10:15:55 >> From Alicia Branon   to   All panelists : @Tracey I think it was around $20-$25k when I got a demo & pricing.

10:16:21 >> From Alicia Branon : @Tracey I think it was around $20-$25k when I got a demo & pricing.

10:16:51 >> From John Shearer   to   All panelists : The LI TI reports are powerful when dropped into a PPT for leaders.  It resonates.

10:17:09 >> From Theresa Hart   to   All panelists : With regards to Talent Insights, we recommend to our recruiters not to just print a report and hand it to a hiring manager as it can sometimes create more questions or false assumptions. It’s best to take a consultative approach and use it a as a conversation piece when advising the hiring manager.

10:18:41 >> From Jennifer Ellis : I’m answering “Yes” on the poll, but it’s really LI Recruiter Lite

10:18:53 >> From Peter Garneau : Would be great to have a future session just on Talent Insights!

10:19:40 >> From Kristina Droz   to   All panelists : I answered “No”, I have recruiter lite and it does not have all the same functions as the recruiter seat

10:19:47 >> From Michelle McKnight : Great idea, Peter!

10:20:00 >> From Katie Stevens : @Theresa – you are absolutely correct, you don’t want to send the information – rather use it to drive a conversation

10:22:31 >> From Tracey Dimof : Thanks Alicia!

10:24:06 >> From Erin Marie Doucet   to   All panelists : hugely helpful

10:24:10 >> From Jennifer Ellis : Roseanne–that was really helpful!

10:24:18 >> From Giuliana Anglin   to   All panelists : Thank YOU! That was very HELPFUL! on SEO for LinkedIn

10:24:37 >> From Catherine Hansen : @Roseanne, would you divide these keywords with a comma?   Ex:  “web security”, cloud, “front end software engineer” …?

10:25:28 >> From Erin Marie Doucet   to   All panelists : how are you showing your success around diversity candidates?

10:25:31 >> From Vira Garcia   to   All panelists : HOw can you tell from a LinkedIn profile whether or not they are a diverse candidate?

10:28:00 >> From Tina Thomason : @Sinda, great point, thanks for sharing

10:29:15 >> From Roseanne Donohue : separate like this: Cybersecurity | DDoS | WAF | Cloud

10:29:17 >> From Daniella McDonald : I was going to suggest what Sinda said – searching by specific colleges, groups associated with underrepresented candidates

10:29:56 >> From Roseanne Donohue : Sindha – can you share the names of those groups again in the chat?

10:31:25 >> From DJ Cabeen : Sinda – Have you had success in changing your company’s perspective and wording on the “diversity & inclusion” front to “under-represented minorities”?

10:31:36 >> From Alicia Branon : Yes, Sinda I’d love to get a list of the organizations & places you reach out.

10:32:42 >> From Catherine Hansen : @Sinda, you would put a “go mustangs” in the reach-out subject line?   Just clarifying…..

10:33:12 >> From Catherine Hansen : 50% response rate is GREAT!

10:34:18 >> From Katie Stevens : Swoop is another tool that is much less expensive than LinkedIn – but pulls LI along with a lot of other sources

10:34:35 >> From Eric Jaquith : is a great compliment to LI Recruiter

10:34:46 >> From Destiny Quinn : Hiretual is a great AI Sourcing tool that you are able to use in lieu of LI Recruiter – you can cross-reference names there as well

10:34:56 >> From Sandra Maldonado   to   All panelists : Sinda – What was the tag line you used when you  have an interested candidate that recently started a new position?

10:35:29 >> From Kimberly Baxter   to   All panelists : I personally like to use my person LI that is free and run a Boolean in the search and connect with candidates with a meaningful note. 🙂 Free way of bypassing costs.  If Boolean scares you there are a lot of tools that can auto create a Boolean.

10:35:35 >> From Roseanne Donohue : Connect with me:

10:35:57 >> From Kimberly Baxter : I personally like to use my person LI that is free and run a Boolean in the search and connect with candidates with a meaningful note. 🙂 Free way of bypassing costs.  If Boolean scares you there are a lot of tools that can auto create a Boolean.

10:35:57 >> From Catherine Hansen : @Roseanne, love your customized URL!

10:36:06 >> From Roseanne Donohue : ty 🙂

10:36:18 >> From Katie Stevens : I’d love to connect too!

10:37:59 >> From Bez Rengifo : Sinda, you get it.  Appreciate your view on this important matter 🙂👍🏼

10:38:44 >> From Eric Jaquith : recommendation to save this chat. click on the three dots in the upper right of this chat box and click save chat.

Tip from: call me for a demo 770-598-2751

10:39:03 >> From Tina Thomason : I can’t say that I would LGBTQ within my LI profile…fear of not being considered

10:39:05 >> From Sinda Allen : @Sandra Maldonado Oops you went to the wrong company you should be at….    Or I see you just moved positions, but…

10:40:28 >> From Tina Thomason : exactly Sean!

10:41:08 >> From Catherine Hansen : @Eric, totally agree this where things are going

10:41:19 >> From Erin Marie Doucet   to   All panelists : agreed

10:41:45 >> From Catherine Hansen : In many instances, I’m noticing non-mandatory questions (re gender, veteran status, and race) on job applications/postings

10:41:52 >> From Daniella McDonald : Or even when you first set up your profile in LinkedIn they could start collecting that information

10:41:58 >> From Vira Garcia   to   All panelists : Does anyone ever specify in their job posting that they are recruiting underrepresented minorities?

10:42:46 >> From Erin Marie Doucet   to   All panelists : agreede

10:43:48 >> From Steven Green : Some companies have policies against providing recommendations; lumping it in with limitations on who can provide employment references.

10:52:41 >> From Sinda Allen : @vira Garcia – I would not recommend that you can have a DEI statement under each job posting.

10:52:58 >> From Michelle McKnight : WOW! Good to know, Eric!!

10:54:09 >> From Wahoo Fitness : Eric, you are awesome and I can always come away with a new nugget of info!

10:54:11 >> From Lori Davis : Eric, that was amazing!! Thank you!!!!

10:54:29 >> From DJ Cabeen : Amazing

10:55:40 >> From Theresa Hart   to   All panelists : Eric is right

10:55:42 >> From Wahoo Fitness : Wow I thought it all went away

10:55:44 >> From Theresa Hart   to   All panelists : It’s true

10:55:44 >> From Erin Marie Doucet   to   All panelists : true. I”ve experienced it

10:56:11 >> From Sam Dumash : You can also export data as a PDF.

11:00:03 >> From Catherine Hansen : THANK YOU panelists!!

11:00:08 >> From Erin Marie Doucet   to   All panelists : will you send out the recording on this?

11:00:09 >> From DJ Cabeen : Great stuff!

11:00:12 >> From Elaine DeWitt : Great information!  THANK YOU!

11:00:13 >> From Daniella McDonald : Thank you! This was very useful and informative!

11:00:17 >> From Steven Green : Tank you!

11:00:18 >> From Mary McNaugher : Thank you!

11:00:21 >> From Erin Marie Doucet   to   All panelists : You covered so much. So helpful! THank you!

11:00:22 >> From Stacey Kramer : Excellent info — thank you!

11:00:26 >> From Arpita Agarwal   to   All panelists : Thank you!

11:00:43 >> From Roopali Patil : Great information ! Thank you

11:00:53 >> From Michelle McKnight : Thank you for all the information shared today!!

11:01:17 >> From Tracey Dimof : Great content! TY all 🙂

11:01:47 >> From Jenny Bastrom   to   All panelists : thank you!

11:01:52 >> From Erin Marie Doucet   to   All panelists : Thanks again!!

11:01:53 >> From Sandra Maldonado   to   All panelists : Thank you all

Some of the attendees…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
DJ Cabeen Sr Recruiter - Team Lead Amazon
Amanda Mich Senior Recruiter Heidrick & Struggles International
Deanna Berry Human Resources Manager CASA of Los Angeles
Melayne Smith Talent Acquisition Specialist Washington State Employees Credit Union
Jennifer Ellis Human Resources Generalist Three Wire Systems
Catherine Hansen Talent Acquisition Manager, Global Talent Acquisition Hippo Insurance
Dan Baker Recruiting Manager Healthstat
Amanda Albrent National Retail Recruiter Blick Art Materials
Tracey Gilbert-Dimof Talent Acquisition Manager Urban Plates
Allyson Leszman Lead Experienced Hire Recruiter Open to Opportunity
Denise Ward Technical Recruiter Wunderlich-Malec Engineering
Sandra Maldonado HR Business Partner and Recruiter Esri
Thom Macfarlane Senior Recruiter F5
Alyse Parrino Sr. Recruiter Veev
Hansol Lee Talent Acquisition Manager CAST
Roopali Patil Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist - R&D Engineering Johnson & Johnson
Alyssa Mullen-Zidik Talent Acquisition and Development Manager GBH
Natalie Guerrero Talent Acquisition State Farm
Dana Brandt Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner Zebra Technologies
Alexa Montane Talent Sourcer, Finance & Accounting Realogy Holdings Corp.
Sam Dumash Senior Recruiter FTI Consulting
Dang Hua Senior Manager Talent Acquisition Opus Bank
Kendall Lockwood Manager, Technical Talent Acquisition Cambium Learning Group
Dani Michael Sr. Technical Recruiter @Walt Disney Imagineering Disney Online Studios
Patrick Ward Talent Acquisition Manager Halloran Consulting Group
Eddie Stewart Talent Acquisition Strategy Consultant Independent
Justin Zapol Sr. Talent Acquisition Lead KBR, Inc.
Robin Kohls Talent Acquisition Recruiter Cargill/Versique
Elaine Dewitt Contract Recruiter HonorHealth
Becky Gramenz Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist Open to Opportunity
Rob Sheard Senior Recruiter CGI
Erin Doucet Executive Talent Acquisition Lead, Strategy & Incubation, Finance, Marketing and Corporate Affairs XPO Logistics, Inc.
Lance Hunsicker Lead Executive Recruiter Parsons Corporation
Stephanie Reese Senior Sales Recruiter Apptio
Cindy McWilliams Talent Manager American College of Surgeons
Trish Kellow President Elev8Talent Group
Barbara Fasth Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner Menasha
Nyesha Song Talent Acquisition Coordinator Solidifi
Abby Dooley Recruiter Edifecs
Natalya McCool Senior Recruiter Berkeley Lab
Jenny Bastrom Senior Recruiter / Sourcing Specialist Washington State Department of Social and Health Services
Elizabeth Ramos Talent Acquisition Blue Sprig
Katherine Amato Senior Corporate Recruiter Guitar Center
Bennett Yang Director Talent Acquisition Unknown
Saundra Ramsey Recruiting Atlanta Recruiting Manager (Sr IT Talent Acquisition Business Partner) & Wahooligan Wahoo Fitness
Justin Dobbie Recruiting Boston Senior Technical Recruiter Athenahealth
Theresa Hart Recruiting Dallas Talent Acquisition Program Manager Altice USA
Kimberly Baxter Recruiting Dallas Talent Acquisition Specialist The Delta Companies
Jessica Pasco Recruiting LA Sourcer - G&A Internet Brands
Michelle McKnight Recruiting LA Recruitment Lead, Corporate Functions, Marketing & Sales Herbalife
Jenna Kalish Recruiting NYC Sr. Recruiter, Talent Acquisition WebMD
Brandy Burrows Recruiting Phoenix Senior Sales Recruiter Medix Team
Marita Arevalo Recruiting Seattle Senior Healthcare Recruiter-Diversity Channels Aegis Living
Kathy King TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Amazon Web Services (AWS)
JoDee Klinker TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Carson Group
Christine Smith TA Leaders Talent Acquisition Lead North America CommScope
Abby Snauwaert TA Leaders Director, Talent Acquisition Revenue Analytics, Inc.
Mike Sensenig TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Haller Enterprises
Gina Kelleher TA Leaders Vice President, Talent Acquisition/Executive and Diversity Sourcing Citizens Bank
Vira Trevino-Garcia TA Leaders Recruiting Consultant Hexcel Corporation
Diane Mariuzza TA Leaders Principal Recruiter Paramount
Destiny Quinn TA Leaders Assistant Vice President, Talent Acquisition Material Bank
Jay Barrow TA Leaders Manager, Talent Acquisition C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.
Melissa Rutledge TA Leaders Talent Acquisition Director Point B
Peter Garneau TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition - North America SMCP - North America (Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot, de Fursac)
Steven Green TA Leaders Talent Acquisition Partner - Technology Recruiting Dairy Farmers of America
Steve Chapman TA Leaders Director Talent Acquisition Thornton Tomasetti
Nancee Martin TA Leaders Managing Director, Corporate Recruiting AvAirPros
Jessica Burgess TA Leaders Director, Talent Acquisition-North America WE Communications
Glenn Murani TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Vitalief Inc.
John Capozzi TA Leaders Director of Recruiting and Retention On-Ramps To Careers
Kristina Droz TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Bluestone Properties
Stacey Kramer TA Leaders Recruitment Advisor, Information Technology, EHR Medix
Greg Schmaltz TA Leaders Director Of Recruiting Precision Medical Products
John Shearer TA Leaders Talent Acquisition Leader Curity
Kevin Francis TA Leaders Director Talent Acquisition Lark Health
Daniella McDonald TA Leaders Manager, Talent Acquisition WorkCare, Inc.

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