Ways to Master The Art Of Hiring Manager Management

Ways to Master The Art Of Hiring Manager Management

The art side of recruiting and working with hiring managers. What are some great tactics in working with hiring managers in the recruiting process?

Listen in on what our panelists have to say.

This event is part of the “Let’s Talk Recruiting” series where a panel of recruiting practitioners get together online and have a conversation on a variety of topics related to corporate recruiting.

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We asked our attendees, “What is one way that you recommend using to manage your hiring managers?”

Here are their answers:

Chat Messages from the Session…

10:09:35// Bennett Yang : Any opinion about “training” versus “just in time training”?
10:10:38// Mike Crosby   to   Bennett Yang and all panelists : Bennett, I seem to recall JIT was a Toyota mfng ops process but forgot the main idea – please remind, thanks.
10:13:09// Bennett Yang : The point being that offering training many weeks or months prior to a hiring manager  doing any actual recruiting means nearly all the training content is lost due to lack of application.  The idea of just in time training is to only train just before the content is to be applied.  The challenge in all recruiting is that reqs usually get opened long after the hiring manager feels a hiring need.
10:13:41// Mike Crosby   to   Bennett Yang and all panelists : Thank you – I like JIT then
10:15:48// Nadia McKinney   to   All panelists : Panel advice on getting hiring managers back on track when they don’t follow the process.
10:18:00// Mike Crosby   to   Nadia McKinney and all panelists : Nadia: If you have a regular meeting, talk about it then.  If you don’t set one.  That’s step 1, hopefully that works most of the time.  If not, escalate.
10:18:15// DeLaina Piowaty : We go over training about interviews or hiring during our intake call or inserted in our weekly calls with HM.
10:18:28// Saundra : we use slack
10:18:36// Betty Zabs : We use MS teams
10:18:43// Mike Crosby : Ticketmaster and Age of Learning both on Slack
10:18:43// Catherine Hansen : Yes- we have “engineeering” and “business” real-time resume Slack channels
10:18:48// Catherine Hansen : With hiring managers
10:19:09// Nicki Mitchell   to   All panelists : Training, on any topic, can be great way to help build a relationship prior to needing it.  It opens the door to have additional conversations, so I think it’s a combination of both training and just in time training.
10:19:21// Nicki Mitchell   to   All panelists : It’s discoverable.
10:24:46// Saundra : I use Trello for task list
10:25:21// Sean Rehder : Yes, Trello seems natural for hiring
10:26:25// Saundra : I love it and the way I have it set up. it’s just mine, but I love the fact that I can add people and assign them to the task
10:27:18// Joseph Kolligian : What resources do you use for labor market / talent pool data?
10:27:49// Catherine Hansen : yes this
10:29:28// DeLaina Piowaty : I use tracking spreadsheets, excel to document everything and /or record my intakes.
10:33:33// radhika aggarwal   to   All panelists : All the time
10:33:40// Catherine Hansen : Yes indeed (relationships) it’s done frequently at my companies
10:33:51// Catherine Hansen : also hiring managers would have guest speaking spots at our staff meetings
10:34:22// Mike Crosby : I wanted them to invite me, haha, and the systems engineers did when they were in town (many were remote) but the SWE leaders never did.  Maybe I should have asked them more!
10:35:16// Mike Crosby : More wanted to after we got some good hires together
10:39:38// Saundra : I love the idea about screen sharing while in LIR
10:39:56// Saundra : with the hiring manager
10:39:58// Catherine Hansen : Gary, is Linked In Recruiter your “go-to” tool to frame this hard search conversation with your CEO?  In other words, your source of truth?
10:41:50// Mike Crosby : @Saundra, and you can screen share regular free LI too, and train them how to search their own 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree connections for matches to skillset they need
10:44:05// Saundra : Sean Excellent suggestion
10:45:35// Saundra : love the sourcing jam
10:49:29// Gary Michael   to   All panelists : @ Catherine, yes LinkedIn
10:50:17// Catherine Hansen : @Mike, totally agree re transparency re req load.  I find that giving them a number of other searches you’re running is a great pause moment for them
10:52:40// Saundra : @Mike so true and great suggestion
10:53:45// Catherine Hansen : Thank you!
10:53:51// Roopali Patil   to   All panelists : Thank you

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