I Love My ATS and Here's Why

I Love My ATS and Here’s Why

We rarely hear recruiters say they love their ATS, but it does happen sometimes.

In today’s round table, we’ll talk about some of the “good things” certain Applicant Tracking Systems have in our industry and what recruiters love about them.

Listen in on what our panelists have to say.

This event is part of the “Let’s Talk Recruiting” series where a panel of recruiting practitioners get together online and have a conversation on a variety of topics related to corporate recruiting.

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We asked our attendees, “Can you name one thing you love about your ATS? If you can, what is the ATS and what do you love about it?”

Here are their answers:

Chat Messages from the Session…

10:06:57 >> From  Melissa Rutledge   to   All panelists : We (Point B) implemented Lever last year and are big fans!

10:08:31 >> From  Joseph Kolligian : Can the panelists speak a bit to their experience with CRM / Candidate Relationship Management?  How do you use your system for marketing campaigns for candidate engagement, collecting leads through marketing campaigns, etc.?

10:09:50 >> From  Beth Wolfe : Delayed rejections are one of the BEST features that ATS companies have added in the last couple of years!

10:09:53 >> From  Tamara Garlett : How does your company deal with negative feedback from one hiring manager and positive from another?  Maybe one HM or a group of HMs like the candidate and others do not . . . i.e. a candidate might be liked for one job and the people in that function, but not for another.

10:14:23 >> From  Tamara Garlett : Referring to the fact that Lever (sp?) has candidate notes from ALL hiring managers follow them throughout the company

10:17:34 >> From  mercheley beuns   to   All panelists : Are any of the panelist on Workday?

10:20:10 >> From  Catherine Hansen : @David, didn’t catch – which ATS are you using /speaking of?

10:20:11 >> From  Tamara Garlett : David – great info – pipelining – is there a function / tools that help you with pipelining in your ATS?

10:21:09 >> From  Barbara Marks   to   All panelists : David — do you do a lot of hourly hiring or mostly salaried hires?

10:21:11 >> From  Tamara Garlett : i.e. scheduling follow-up / keep warm email messages, warehousing candidates

10:21:46 >> From  Deborah Baimas : @Tamara – Through Lever we se access levels for all employees.  So unless you have a certain access level you cannot read all of the feedback.  This helps with anyone reading the feedback and influencing their decision/impression

10:22:02 >> From  Tamara Garlett : Thanks @Deborah!

10:23:42 >> From  Barbara Marks   to   All panelists : And you’re moving from Taleo to SuccessFactors?

10:26:32 >> From  Joseph Kolligian : I gave up on tagging when our ATS offered CRM functions.

10:26:39 >> From  Katie Stevens : @Beth – I’m sorry, I missed it – which ATS do you use?

10:26:55 >> From  Joseph Kolligian : I think that she said SmartRecruiters

10:27:05 >> From  Katie Stevens : @Joseph – thank you!

10:27:05 >> From  Beth Wolfe : Yes, SMartRecruiters

10:27:27 >> From  Kristina Saunders   to   All panelists : What is your best practice for tagging?  what tags do you think are critical?

10:28:24 >> From  Beth Wolfe : It really depends on the type of positions. But we tag based on “silver medalist” status and key skills like C#, java, or data science for our technical roles.

10:31:58 >> From  David Lucero : @Tamara – Interesting situation you are faced with.  Are the leaders utilizing a scoring tool as a means to minimize subjectivity.  Also – I would be pulling business partners into those types of scenarios.  It appears they are being subjective and not everyone is going to agree.  Also – we have pulled managers into meeting to discuss and hash out the candidates – helps us from the TA side to have a better understanding of what they are looking for why they may have or did not like a candidate.

10:32:38 >> From  Joseph Kolligian : Yes, iCIMS reporting was phenomenal.  Very lengthy implementation, but very customize-able.

10:35:15 >> From  David Lucero : Thank you all for the time and your questions.  Unfortunately I need to drop for a work meeting.   If there are any additional questions I can help with – feel free to find me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-a-lucero/

10:36:48 >> From  Deborah Baimas : Hi Everyone – thanks for joining today, and so many fantastic questions!  Please feel free to connect with me https://www.linkedin.com/in/deborahbaimas/

10:37:24 >> From  Kristina Saunders   to   All panelists : Do you feel an integration with ATS and CRM is beneficial?  or is icims reporting solid enough to solve without the cost of an integration?

10:43:21 >> From  Sherry Sims   to   Sean Rehder(Privately) : I have a hard stop at 2 pm 🙂

10:43:41 >> From  Joseph Kolligian : We had an integration between Workday and iCIMS to show headcount data, division data, and also, current/former EE status, which was super helpful when screening apps!

10:43:41 >> From  Sean Rehder   to   Sherry Sims(Privately) : ok…going to you next. we won’t be much longer

10:43:45 >> From  Corrinne Wilsey   to   All panelists : I do think ATS and CRM is beneficial. With iCIMS, we utilized that as both ATS and CRM. There was no need for a separate CRM. With Success Factors, we also use CBiz as our CRM, which is less efficient.

10:43:59 >> From  Sherry Sims   to   Sean Rehder(Privately) : thank you

10:44:12 >> From  mercheley beuns : Agreed!

10:44:53 >> From  Catherine Hansen : @Beth, yes – to me, Greenhouse feels like it was built by engineers vs recruiters!

10:45:37 >> From  mercheley beuns : Greenhouse gets great reviews from an ATS perspective 

10:46:29 >> From  Kristina Droz : Beth, what is the system called again?

10:46:53 >> From  Catherine Hansen : That’s fantastic re SmartRecruiters free version!

10:47:54 >> From  Daniella McDonald : We looked at SmartRecruiters last year with an RFP and really loved it. We stayed with our current system iCIMS but it was a close choice

10:47:56 >> From  Catherine Hansen : @All, which system has the most intuitive/best UI from a recruiting perspective?

10:49:53 >> From  Deborah Baimas : @Catherine – In my experience Greenhouse and Lever have good UI’s

10:51:40 >> From  Beth Wolfe : @Catherine – Agree with Deborah – we vetted both Greenhouse and Lever before going with SmartRecruiters and they all had nice UIs that were user friendly (especially for hiring managers)

10:55:06 >> From  Beth Wolfe : I also liked JazzHR when we vetted them, but they couldn’t support our multiple brands when we looked at them. They had a nice interface, too, though.

10:59:05 >> From  Barbara Marks   to   All panelists : Love Trello!!

10:59:56 >> From  Catherine Hansen : THANK YOU!

11:00:01 >> From  Lucy Dettl   to   All panelists : Thank you!

11:00:04 >> From  Eileen Beno   to   All panelists : Thank you!

11:00:04 >> From  Daniella McDonald : Thank  you

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