Leading a Recruiting Team: When to Jump in With the Hiring Manager

Leading a Recruiting Team: When to Jump in With the Hiring Manager

It is up to Recruiters to manage the relationships with their managers. But when those relationships begin to sour, when is the right time for TA Leaders to jump in?

Listen in on what our panelists have to say.

This event is part of the “Let’s Talk Recruiting” series where a panel of recruiting practitioners get together online and have a conversation on a variety of topics related to corporate recruiting.

Our Panelists…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Brenda Tern TA Leaders Head of Sales Recruiting, NAMER + LATAM Region Udemy
John Burke TA Leaders Director, Human Resources Great Minds
Justen Baxter Recruiting DCBmore Sourcing Team Manager | Intel & DOD Sourcing Recruiter | National Security | DOD | Civilian Markets SAIC
Stephanie St. Peter TA Leaders Director Of Recruiting Zenetex

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We asked our attendees, “When do you think a TA leader should jump in with a hiring manager?”

Here are their answers:

  • As needed.
  • As soon as the Recruiter or Hiring Manager engages you or you see things starting to turn in the wrong direction.
  • Before the Hiring Manager goes to her/his manager.
  • Business critical roles when hiring manager doesnt seem to have the authority to make decisions without their leaders approval
  • Case by case. Certainly, as a new recruiter is assigned; on known hard to fill opportunities.
  • Communication / policy clarification
  • Communication with the leader should happen as soon as an issue arises. The leader should then decide when an how to address.
  • Consistent Constructive feedback from the hiring manager and recruiter themselves unaware
  • Depends on the seniority of the recruiter, for junior recruiters jump in early for more tenured recruiters coach them
  • Depends on the situation
  • Depends on the situation
  • Early on if possible and then let go of the reigns
  • Est strategy & direction
  • every situation is different, it all depends
  • good question! not sure, hoping to learn some of that on this webinar
  • High interview to offer ratio
  • I think it depends on the tenure/experience of the recruiter. But definitely if the recruiter asks for support.
  • If the HM is aggressive, demeaning - immediately! Day-to-day situations, I give them more room to find their voice.
  • If the HM is non-responsive and/or not approaching the recruiting process with respect and professionalism
  • If there is a need; meaning critical high visibility search, any issues with the assigned TA rep, of a difficult/high touch mana
  • It depends on many factors
  • low volume, challenging market, opportunity open for extended period, etc.
  • Not sure- curious to find out what the panelists discuss
  • only after coaching a recruiter though the difficult discussions and there's no resolution at their level
  • Partnering with the hiring manager should be a regular part of the leadership support of the business.
  • Right from the intake meeting
  • ROI - strategic role, high NPS impact
  • TA Leaders should monitor the dashboard and if something is preventing the search from success, the TA Leader should step in
  • There should be a close partnership with the recruiter and the recruiting mgr. Once the recruiter flags they need support.
  • to help coach their recruiters
  • When a manager is not getting their needs met
  • When asked to do so by the recruiter, or the manager expresses concerns.
  • When either the recruiter or hiring manager are not able to resolve their issues together.
  • When it's been escalated to an executive or there area lot of hiring manager complaints.
  • When requested by a team member.
  • when the recruiter asks or the hiring manager is being unreasonable
  • When the recruiter feels like they need support
  • When the recruiter is hitting a roadblock and they have already tried to communicate.
  • When the recruiter isn't making hires or there is a complaint
  • When the recruiter or Hiring Manager come to the TA Leader
  • When the team is getting down and they need direction. Everyone works together!
  • When their is a communication breakdown. If the hiring manager has unrealistic expectations.
  • when there are challenges above what the recruiter can handle, workforce planning
  • when there is a bottleneck in the recruitment process when it comes to decision/candidate selection. OR if there is bias.
  • When there is a breakdown in the process or expectations aren't being met on either end.
  • when there is no progress with the recruiting - frustration on both sides
  • when they are super frustrated
  • when they do not like any candidates
  • When your recruiter is showing signs of frustration/exhaustion with the hiring manager.

Some of the attendees…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Dan Baker Recruiting Atlanta Senior Corporate Recruiter Healthstat
Jessica Marotta Recruiting Boston Principal, Talent Acquisition Forrester
Robin Guidry Recruiting Boston Manager, Talent Acquisition Acquia
Amy Sparling Recruiting Chicago Senior Talent Acquisition Manager - Central Region West Monroe Partners
Maria Smithson Recruiting Chicago Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist Faithlife
Erin Laramie Recruiting Chicago Regional Talent Acquisition Manager HMSHost
Lisa Wrezel Recruiting Chicago Talent Acquisition Lead Centric Consulting
Stephanie Williams Recruiting Dallas Corporate Recruiter 2020 Companies
Alexis Dalton Recruiting DCBmore Talent Acquisition Manager Sevatec
Krystan Silva Recruiting DCBmore Talent Acquisition Manager Looking for Work
Delaina Silva Recruiting Denver Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant SDL plc
Khadija Washington Recruiting Houston Senior Recruiter Southwest Airlines
Sidney Fagan Recruiting Houston Talent Manager, Coach and Executive Recruiter Marathon Oil Corporation
Ashley K. Recruiting Houston Senior Corporate Recruiter, National Multi-Business Veolia North America
Stacey Milton Recruiting Houston Director Of Recruiting Trimac Transportation
Vira Garcia Recruiting Houston Director of Recruiting vcfo
Susan Collins Recruiting Houston Director, Talent Acquisition - Stores & Employer Branding Talbots
Gillian Diamond Recruiting LA Senior Manager Talent Acquisition Entertainment Partners
Tanya Dierks Recruiting LA Recruiter Activision
Dave Keldsen Recruiting LA Talent Acquisition Manager Northrop Grumman
Bianca Medici Recruiting LA Talent Acquisition Manager Havas Edge
Christine Smith Recruiting Minneapolis Talent Acquisition Lead North American Region CommScope
Preslie Deusenbery Recruiting Minneapolis Talent Acquisition and Credentialing Manager Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
Deb Smith Recruiting Minneapolis Talent Acquisition Senior Corporate Recruiter Best Buy
Christine Wisch Recruiting Minneapolis Sr. Talent Acquisition Consultant thru Robert Half Spok
Denise Ward Recruiting Minneapolis Technical Recruiter Wunderlich-Malec Engineering
Becky Gramenz Recruiting Minneapolis Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist Looking for Work
Tamara Garlett Recruiting Portland Senior Recruiter, Global Footwear Product Creation Nike
Angela Carr Recruiting Seattle Talent Acquisition Senior Manager Slalom Consulting
Marita Arevalo Recruiting Seattle Recruiter Aegis Living
Eric Stewart Recruiting Seattle Recruiter H10 Capital
Jessica Burgess Recruiting Seattle Director, Talent Acquisition Zones, Inc.
Audrey Fong Recruiting SFBA Talent Acquisition Manager cPrime
Deborah Baimas Recruiting SFBA Manager, Talent Acquisition Aera Technology
Sinda Allen Recruiting SFBA Senior Manager Global Talent Acquisition Moogsoft
Radhika Aggarwal Recruiting SFBA Senior Technical Recruiter Macy's
Katie Hoffmeister Recruiting.Work Talent Acquisition Recruiter H&A Architects & Engineers
Jeanne Amey TA Leaders Vice President Talent Acquisition PennyMac Loan Services, LLC
Jennifer Parulekar TA Leaders Associate Director, Research & Advisory Recruiting Gartner
Clancy Bucy TA Leaders Talent Acquisition Manager CGI
Kreisler Ng TA Leaders Director, Talent Acquisition & Public Training Practice cPrime
Michael Bulger TA Leaders Director of Recruiting Cellular & More
Nadia McKinney TA Leaders Sr. Director, Talent Acquisition & Development PROS
Rachel Racr TA Leaders Field Director of Talent Acquisition Medical City Healthcare (Formerly HCA North Texas)
Bennett Yang TA Leaders Director Talent Acquisition SoundHound
Angus Dobbie TA Leaders Director & Senior Recruiting Manager - Institutional Clients Group Citi
Dawn Losinger TA Leaders Head of Talent Acquisition Precision BioSciences
Danielle Dutcher TA Leaders Global Director, Talent Acquisition Claire's
Amy Clem TA Leaders Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition Chewy
JoDee Klinker TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Carson Group
Chrissy Gibson TA Leaders VP/Talent Acquisition Delivery Consultant, Senior UMB Bank
Kevin Oram TA Leaders Director, Talent Acquisition Operations DreamWorks Animation
Ryan Reeder TA Leaders Director Talent Acquisition Sorenson Communications
Jay Barrow TA Leaders Head of Talent Acquisition Southern States Cooperative
Lance Boll TA Leaders Senior Director of Talent Acquisition J.B. Poindexter & Co.
Nancee Martin TA Leaders Managing Director Corporate Recruiting AvAirPros

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