The Best Solutions for Candidate Satisfaction

The Best Solutions for Candidate Satisfaction

Hiring begins with the candidate experience. What tools or tactics can help recruiters use to keep the whole candidate experience a good one?

Listen in on what our panelists have to say.

This event is part of the “Let’s Talk Recruiting” series where a panel of recruiting practitioners get together online and have a conversation on a variety of topics related to corporate recruiting.

Our Panelists…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Andy Edmundson TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Stoel Rives LLP
Cathy Barry Recruiting Chicago Sr. Talent Acquisition Business Partner iRhythm Technologies
Christine Drelling Recruiting DCBmore Global Team Lead - Technical Recruiting Sitecore
Lisa Wrezel Recruiting Chicago Talent Acquisition Lead Centric Consulting

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Some of the attendees…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Rose Nolen Election Judge, HR Corporate Recruitment ManpowerGroup Talent Solutions
Dan Baker Recruiting Atlanta Senior Corporate Recruiter Healthstat
Patrick Ward Recruiting Boston Talent Acquisition Partner Halloran Consulting Group
David Federici Recruiting Boston Senior Manager Talent Acquisition Boston Scientific
Maria Smithson Recruiting Chicago Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist Faithlife
Claudia Castaneda Recruiting Chicago Sr Talent Advisor U.S. Cellular
Sarah Schaefer Recruiting Chicago Senior Recruiter Fresenius Kabi USA
Sarah Moore Recruiting Chicago Talent Acquisition Recruiter / Partner NorthShore University HealthSystem
Carrie Bell Recruiting Dallas Manager, Talent Acquisition Commercial Metals Company
Lindsay Marzett Recruiting Dallas Talent Acquisition Analyst Slalom Consulting
Brady Beavers Recruiting Dallas Recruiting Manager Nexius
Marcie Dicello Recruiting DCBmore Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant Marsh and McLennan Companies, Inc
Brandie DeJean Recruiting Houston Talent Acquisition Specialist Vallourec
Vira Garcia Recruiting Houston Director of Recruiting vcfo
Katie Lundgaard Recruiting Houston Talent Acquisition Manager Cimarron Software Services
Nancy Genitempo Recruiting Houston Associate, Talent Acquisition Operations Looking for Work
Mac Mwengi Recruiting Houston Sr. Talent Acquisition Advisor The Friedkin Group
Betsy Bernard Recruiting Houston Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner Looking for Work
Julie Montgomery Recruiting Houston Technical Recruiter Beyondsoft
Russell Coats Recruiting Houston Talent Acquisition Lead Fieldwood Energy LLC
Rawson Leavitt Recruiting LA Lead Technical Recruiter TigerConnect
Christine Doane Recruiting LA Director, TA On the market
Jane Knaus Recruiting LA Affinity Fulfillment Leader- Sr. Technical Recruiter Affinity
Cindy Wong Recruiting LA Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist Princess Cruises
Jeffery Broussard Recruiting LA Senior Technical Recruiter Redhorse Corporation
McKenzie Sutton Recruiting LA Talent Acquisition Consultant Mammoth Distribution
Bianca Medici Recruiting LA Talent Acquisition Manager Havas Edge
Gillian Diamond Recruiting LA Senior Manager Talent Acquisition Entertainment Partners
Lance Hunsicker Recruiting LA Executive Recruiter Parsons Corporation
Shannon Brady Recruiting Minneapolis Talent Acquisition Specialist
Preslie Deusenbery Recruiting Minneapolis Talent Acquisition and Credentialing Manager Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
Denise Ward Recruiting Minneapolis Technical Recruiter Wunderlich-Malec Engineering
Becky Gramenz Recruiting Minneapolis Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist Looking for Work
Keith Rutsky Recruiting NYC Talent Acquistion Live Nation Entertainment
John Cssr Recruiting Phoenix Executive Recruiting and Sourcing Western Alliance Bank
Nancie Meeks Recruiting Phoenix Senior Corporate Recruiter Insight Enterprises, Inc.
Diane Redinger Recruiting Portland Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition Altium
Cailin Daley Recruiting Portland Principal Talent Acquisition Business Partner Portland General Electric
Maya Skolnik Recruiting Seattle Senior Manager, Recruiting & Talent NanoString Technologies
Jessica Burgess Recruiting Seattle Director, Talent Acquisition Zones, Inc.
Joel Elmer Recruiting Seattle Manager, Talent Acquisition Edwards Lifesciences
Nancy Longcoy Recruiting Seattle Senior Recruiter Washington Permanente Medical Group
Svitlana Sikora Recruiting SFBA SWE Leadership Sourcing Recruiter Facebook
Athena Hendrix Recruiting SFBA Sr. Corporate Recruiter LiveRamp
Audrey Fong Recruiting SFBA Talent Acquisition Manager cPrime
Jessica Nbuyen Recruiting SFBA Talent Acquisition Roku
Radhika Aggarwal Recruiting SFBA Senior Technical Recruiter Macy's
Jisha Nambiar Recruiting SFBA Manager cPrime
Darshna Patel TA Leaders Senior Manager Talent Acquisition & Employee Relation American Dental Association
Nancee Martin TA Leaders Managing Director Corporate Recruiting AvAirPros
Kathy King TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Confluent Health
Rita Kelly TA Leaders Senior Director of Talent Acquisition Acelero Learning
Delta Stein TA Leaders Director, Talent Acquisition Frontier Technology
Kevin Francis TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Lark Technologies
Kreisler Ng TA Leaders Director, Talent Acquisition & Public Training Practice cPrime
Taylor Friesz TA Leaders Corporate Director of Talent Acquisition Spire Hospitality
Khursheed Irani TA Leaders Head of Talent Acquisition cPrime
Nick Moore TA Leaders Director of Recruiting sbe Lifestyle Hospitality
JoDee Klinker TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Carson Group
Bennett Yang TA Leaders Director Talent Acquisition SoundHound
Joe Giadone TA Leaders Head of Talent Acquisition & Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer Americas KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America, Inc.
Renée Ingram TA Leaders Director Of Recruiting Apple Growth Partners
Jessica Wall TA Leaders Associate Director, Talent Acquisition: Recruitment and Supplier Relationships SAGE Therapeutics
Bix Cruz TA Leaders US Head of Recruiting, Airbus Urban Mobility (Vahana, UTM, Voom and Systems) Airbus
Glenn Murani TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Optima Global Solutions

We asked our attendees, “What do you recommend as a tool or tactic to keep a candidate’s experience a good one at your company?”

Here are their answers:

  • 3 day follow up rule. Use surveys to gauge candidate experience.
  • Back to basics, don't over think it, be clear with communication, set realistic expectations, follow up, give non-update updates
  • Clear timeline outlined at the beginning of the process and then adhere to it.
  • Clear, timely communication
  • Close the loop, even if they aren't hired. Most candidates appreciate knowing one way or the other.
  • Communicate openly and often
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate - and make it easier with templates!
  • communication
  • Communication and follow-up
  • consistent communication
  • Consistent communication - and explain the recruiting process during the first conversation with the candidate.
  • Consistent feedback
  • Consistent feedback throughout the process & Closing the loop 100% of the time, hired or not.
  • Consistently keep them warm each week with an update, even if it's a small one or to let them know you don't have an update.
  • Constant communication
  • Constant communication and transparency
  • Contact through ATS once the candidate is hired (For FTE internal roles)
  • Defined communication intervals, honesty & follow up surveys.
  • Develop an e-mail drip campaign that helps to maintain engagement. Speak to active candidates once a week
  • Employee development and Go365 Wellness tool
  • Establish candidate experience standards and a process that everyone follows
  • Feedback
  • Follow up
  • follow up and easy application for the ATS
  • Follow ups
  • frequent communication
  • Frequent communication and honesty
  • Frequent touch points throughout the recruiting process leading up to their start date
  • Frequent updates and a transparent process
  • I like to solicit candidate feedback/suggestions about our TA processes at defined stages: pre-selection/job review/resume ect.
  • I'm old school. Just communicate with them at least once or twice a week even if you have no real updates.
  • Keep the process moving
  • Leveraging calendar for touching base. Using Shared notes with HMs within the REQ on the ATS
  • Maintain communication
  • Maintain communication throughout the application and recruitment process. Provide feed to candidates that were not selected.
  • open communication
  • Provide timely updates
  • regular communication
  • Regular Updates or Check In's
  • Responsiveness; open communication with all stakeholders
  • Send a gift card for the HM and candidate to get coffee during their first week
  • Send out quarterly satisfaction surveys to all interviewed/offered/hired candidates
  • Setting expectations up front on the cadence of communication
  • Setting proper expectations and follow through.
  • stay in touch with the candidate throughout the process and after hire.
  • survey
  • Surveys
  • Texting capabilities via ATS to make it easier to stay in touch with candidates
  • Update from team on candidate feedback on recruiting process to help
  • We have a structured process from application to post interview/hire and involve the hiring managers in the process.
  • Weekly (1 or more) check ins with candidates even if you’ve got no update yet
  • Weekly touch base, more if a top candidate
  • You encourage the candidate to reach out to you anytime; that way, they can always get the updates they want when they want them

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