Tips for Building and Managing Talent Pipelines

Tips for Building and Managing Talent Pipelines

Having a “ready to go” pipeline of qualified and interested candidates for a new req that gets put on your desk is a great feeling to have.  However, building and keeping those pipelines up to date is no easy task.

In today’s round-table we’ll talk about how to build out your pipelines and ways to keep them up to date.

Listen in on what our panelists have to say.

This event is part of the “Let’s Talk Recruiting” series where a panel of recruiting practitioners get together online and have a conversation on a variety of topics related to corporate recruiting.

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Our Panelists…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Amanda Mendez Senior Technical Recruiter Tapad
Chiara Hughes TA Leaders Head of Technical Recruiting Carvana
Glenn Murani TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Vitalief Inc.
Michelle Randall-Berry TA Leaders Head of Global Talent Acquisition Teradyne

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We asked our attendees, “If you currently use pipelining as part of your recruiting strategy, what is one tip you have for others to achieve this?”

Here are their answers:

  • Always ask for a referral if they decline my inmail
  • Always be recruiting
  • Always keep candidates warm - always check in with them, even if you don't have an update.
  • Be strategic in organizing your pipelines.
  • Being honest with candidates
  • Building network on social media
  • Consistency
  • Consistency- always set aside time to work on recruiting a pipeline
  • Consistent communication with the passive candidates in your pipeline
  • Consistently network and respond to inmails in LinkedIn
  • Continuous sourcing
  • Create a file of candidates that declined a job offer or onsite interview, if they were stellar candidates to keep them warm
  • Create general pipeline folders, don't make them too specific
  • CRM
  • Definitely use referrals that come in. And reach out every few months.
  • Despite hiring environment, keep the pipeline active
  • Develop a communication plan
  • Don’t forget to search your ATS instead of always starting from scratch.
  • efforts that are measured are done ...
  • Email or text them periodically with relevant information pertaining to their career, not your company.
  • excell
  • Follow-up with your pipeline candidates at least 3-4 times annually
  • Former interns
  • Have a consistent practice around where to save your pipeline candidates and how frequently you reach out to them.
  • I am not currently doing this. Looking forward to learning more.
  • I do not manage my pipeline as good as I'd like.
  • I don't right now
  • I need to learn more about this
  • Invest the time and it will pay off in the long run
  • it is critical to build a pipeline of talent for high impact positions that there will be churn
  • it takes daily active conscious work to maintain -- it doesn't just happen
  • It's all about relationships
  • Jobvite
  • Keep a spreadsheet going for pipelining roles, actively update
  • keep adding to projects
  • Keep candidates warm - keep in touch
  • Keep in touch with relevant outreach
  • Keep it current.
  • Keep them warm, stay in contact with them.
  • Looking for some tips myself...
  • make folders of evergreen positions
  • Make sure you're pipelining proactively (6+ months). It isn't a reactive thing and I've seen a lot of people make that mistake.
  • Marketing campaigns every 60-90 days
  • Mirror and populate your email folders and LI projects with skill/title categories and refer to them first on a new search.
  • Organization!
  • Outreach
  • Personalizing message and sharing my why
  • Pipeline when you have any downtime
  • Pipelines for me don't last beyond the current position I'm working on, though I do source from former applicants on ATS systems
  • Pipelining is about building relationships for networking and future opportunities.
  • plan ahead...
  • Projects
  • Reach out to qualified candidates now even if you don't have an opening. Start a relationship and leave the door open for future
  • Regualr proactive unsolicited communication with your pipeline
  • Serve quality content
  • Set calendar reminders for when you're going to check back in with your top prospects.
  • Set yourself reminders to continue to reach out/keep in touch with candidates
  • Stay organized!
  • strong f/u system, consistently adding new potential candidates finding new sources, and qualifying candidates to that pipeline
  • Think ahead in case what you are looking for changes.
  • Track the date and add quick note about candidate conversion , helps be more personable during follow ups calls
  • understand what's coming so you know who to target
  • Understanding the signals that indicate when the timing is right
  • Use a collaboration tool to keep candidate contact efforts up to date.
  • Utilize a CRM
  • Validate the pipeline against business forecast and overall projections. This should be a monthly exercise.
  • We really don't have a pipeline strategy

Chat Messages from the Session…

10:09:28 >> From  Marie deGroh : Talent Network

10:10:07 >> From  Amanda Mendez : Here is a blog post I wrote for recruiting marketing tips and how to get started:

10:10:13 >> From  Daniella McDonald : At my prior company we used iCIMS and when candidates applied they could sign up to get emails about other positions that open of interest. Or if there were no jobs open they could just get into the talent pool and get notifications of new jobs that open.

10:10:52 >> From  Erin Doucet   to   All panelists : my experience has been the same as Daniella

10:11:31 >> From  Lynda Whittemore   to   All panelists : Hi Daniella. We use ICIMS talent community as well. They can get job alerts, and we also do email campaigns. We also go in and identify candidates to nurture more closely.

10:13:34 >> From  Erin Doucet   to   All panelists : I have

10:14:03 >> From  Marie deGroh : We used Smashfly for our pipeline CRM

10:14:58 >> From  Catherine Hansen : @Ciara, that’s amazing re hiring manager Recruiter seats!  Do they use these?

10:15:16 >> From  Lucy Dettl : Indeed just rolled out a Project feature as well.

10:15:53 >> From  Chiara Hughes   to   All panelists : Yes!  Our hiring managers use LinkedIn Recruiter a lot!  

10:16:05 >> From  David Marr   to   All panelists : Indeed acquired Zapinfo and it allows you to work with their Zapboard and be able to create projects/ lists that allow you to group your candidates and upload them into your ATS

10:16:55 >> From  David Marr   to   All panelists : At the tech companies I’ve worked for, Recruiting would send messages on behalf of the Hiring Manager

10:17:35 >> From  David Marr   to   All panelists : If you are just using LI, you are missing out on a large % of Tech talent as they don’t utilize Linkedin

10:18:54 >> From  Catherine Hansen : @Ciara, great way to manage your hiring managers and get them involved.  Curious if the hiring teams are mandated by leadership to be so involved in hiring?

10:23:01 >> From  Lloyd Fassett   to   All panelists : What kinds of numbers are we talking about? How many open reqs? How many fills per month? How many candidates in your pipeline that you market to?

10:26:38 >> From  Chiara Hughes   to   All panelists : @lloyd fassett, was that question directed at me?

10:26:40 >> From  David Marr : Indeed acquired Zapinfo and it allows you to work with their Zapboard and be able to create projects/ lists that allow you to group your candidates and upload them into your ATS
At the tech companies I’ve worked for, Recruiting would send messages on behalf of the Hiring Manager
If you are just using LI, you are missing out on a large % of Tech talent as they don’t utilize Linkedin

10:27:34 >> From  Tracey Anderson   to   All panelists : Me either Michelle..

10:28:27 >> From  Tracey Anderson   to   All panelists : Does any use NextDoor?

10:28:38 >> From  Chiara Hughes   to   Catherine Hansen and all panelists : @catherine Hansen, yes – leadership mandates that all hiring managers are involved in recruiting for their teams.

10:28:55 >> From  Erica Cuthbertson : Any tips for connecting with niche talent that isn’t on LinkedIn?

10:29:15 >> From  Erica Cuthbertson : Also, what tools do you use outside of your ATS to track talent for follow-up

10:29:48 >> From  Tamara Garlett : I would love to have the template also, please!

10:29:54 >> From  Tamara Garlett : AMAZING!

10:29:55 >> From  Monique Carroll   to   All panelists : @Ciara can you post on the deck?

10:30:07 >> From  Chiara Hughes : @lloyd fassett, was that question directed at me?

10:30:10 >> From  Erin Doucet   to   All panelists : please send template to me too!

10:30:12 >> From  Tamara Garlett : Great discussion panel!

10:30:14 >> From  Melissia Bruehl : Chiara, I would love to receive that too!  (

10:30:21 >> From  Erin Doucet   to   All panelists : I think we all would love those training wheels

10:30:22 >> From  Natalya McCool   to   All panelists : I would love the template too! Is that possible?

10:31:02 >> From  Sonji Johnson : Please share template!  Awesome information.

10:31:04 >> From  Sammyra Scribner   to   All panelists : same goes for me!

10:31:07 >> From  Sammyra Scribner   to   All panelists : Thank you!

10:31:16 >> From  Erin Doucet   to   All panelists : for the template please

10:31:17 >> From  Monique Carroll   to   All panelists : @Chiara

10:31:18 >> From  Catherine Hansen : @Chiara, me too!  (

10:31:24 >> From  Barbara Fasth : Chiara I would also love that template – Thanks in advance, Barb

10:31:28 >> From  Dang Hua   to   All panelists : Hey Chiara, I would love to receive the template!

10:31:40 >> From  Catherine Hansen : Template requests blowing up!  Awesome Chiara.

10:31:42 >> From  Lloyd Fassett : @ciara I thought of it for you, but it works for anyone on the panel.

10:31:53 >> From  Chiara Hughes : You guys are so cool to be so interested!  I can’t keep up with the template requests!  Just shoot me an email at

10:35:47 >> From  Lynda Whittemore   to   All panelists : @RoomandBoard, we identify markets/roles, actual post a “future” job openings (not a greenfield job posting, just transparent it’s an open role), go through our standard selection process, extend an offer (formal letter and pre-employment) and stay in touch every 3 weeks until the role opens.  We’ll hire them up to 6 months before the anticipated role officially opens. We filled 25% of our roles last year using that strategy.

10:38:11 >> From  Chiara Hughes : We have tons of job openings.  Mostly hundreds for our inspection centers and, right now, for our Customer Care positions.  Each recruiter has KPI’s at 10 hires per week.

10:39:08 >> From  Erin Doucet   to   All panelists : a tickler file

10:41:09 >> From  Erin Doucet   to   All panelists : This is amazing info. Another great webinar, Sean. I have to run but hope to get to the recording as soon as you release it.

10:41:38 >> From  Chiara Hughes : @lynda whittemore, what is your falloff percentage before the candidate actually starts work?  How do you keep the candidates warm?  For what type of roles?

10:43:29 >> From  Catherine Hansen : @Glenn, what tool/s do you use to manage/store these Hotlist candidates?  I used to keep a spreadsheet of these but getting hard to manage

10:44:45 >> From  David Marr : @glenn Instant Datascraper chrome extension will do that

10:44:59 >> From  Amanda Mendez : I forgot to mention I add reminders AND tag the people I talk to with unique tags. For example, for engineering, I will add “2020 SWE Level 3”.  The key is to be very specific. I use Greenhouse.

10:45:43 >> From  David Marr : @Erica Follow-up messaging technology that works great to look at are as follows: GEM, Loxo, and Interstellar (my personal favorite)

10:46:46 >> From  David Marr : Tags are also very important to track all sorts of short hand.  I’d recommend making a list of all the tags you use and track based upon your industry, niche etc

10:47:48 >> From  Lynda Whittemore   to   All panelists : @Chiara – very little fall out. We have a “communication plan” that is built out with a touch point every 3 weeks by the hiring manager or recruiter.  We pipeline for our core hiring roles – Design Associates in our showrooms and Delivery Associates, Warehouse Associates. Not technology roles or highly specialized roles (at least not at this point).

10:48:00 >> From  Lloyd Fassett : @Sean, thanks for the answer to say more Quality…makes sense, but then how to measure quality?

10:49:14 >> From  Marie deGroh : Are your teams only pipelining candidates you have spoken to? If not, how do you truly know the quality.

10:49:41 >> From  Tracey Anderson   to   All panelists : Preach Chiara

10:49:54 >> From  Chiara Hughes : Haha!  Thanks!

10:50:10 >> From  Marie deGroh : @chiara – exactly. Not everyone in your pipeline gets a high-touch

10:50:53 >> From  David Marr : @Glenn. I agree 100%.  You need to have your active short list of A players that you go to and keep a relationship with.  I’ve placed some people 6+ times at this point.  Great strategy

10:51:26 >> From  Catherine Hansen : Quality – so true that this is dependent on well-developed “recruiter gut” and how well you are calibrated with your company’s hiring requirements!

10:52:36 >> From  David Marr : Average tenure for Tech employees now is 18 Months

10:53:06 >> From  David Marr : Your word is your bond.  Plant your seeds today for your harvest tomorrow 😉

10:53:11 >> From  Catherine Hansen : @David – is that for engineers specifically?

10:53:15 >> From  David Marr : You have to earn your seat at the table

10:53:28 >> From  David Marr : This is for IT Talent

10:53:38 >> From  David Marr : Not just engineers (SWE)

10:53:49 >> From  Chiara Hughes : @david marr, WORD.

10:54:21 >> From  Sonji Johnson : At WarnerMedia, we track prospects in our Talent Network.  After screen/conversation, we move our “top” prospects to our Talent Community.  We build/nurture relationship with prospects in our Talent Community.

10:55:44 >> From  Marie deGroh : I think if you follow them it shows up in notifications

10:56:04 >> From  David Marr : Tools like Seekout and Hiretual keep track of this

10:56:14 >> From  Marie deGroh : Thank you all!!

10:57:55 >> From  Chiara Hughes : This is my SOAP BOX!!

10:57:57 >> From  Fernando Terrero : Job Changer Notifier:  simply sends an email notification when a contact changes their job. I believe it was discontinued but worth a look.

10:58:02 >> From  Tracey Anderson   to   All panelists : Great discussion. Thank you

10:58:04 >> From  Lucy Dettl : Thank you all!  Very informative!

10:58:05 >> From  Michelle Randall-Berry : THANK YOU ALL!!!

10:58:06 >> From  Sonji Johnson : Awesome session!  Thank you all!

10:58:10 >> From  Sammyra Scribner   to   All panelists : TY!

Some of the attendees…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Lance Hunsicker Lead Executive Recruiter Parsons Corporation
Allyson Leszman Lead Experienced Hire Recruiter Open to Opportunity
Kerri Vincent Senior Recruitment Consultant Paylocity
Tracey Anderson Executive Recruiter Veolia North America
Natalya McCool Senior Recruiter Berkeley Lab
Erica Lee Field Exempt Recruiter US Foods
Eric Stewart Recruiter H10 Capital
Kraig Baker Sr. Talent Acquisition Manager Echo Global Logistics
Denise Estep Senior Recruiter Automation Anywhere
Katherine Amato Senior Corporate Recruiter Guitar Center
Lindsay Maanavi Manager, Talent Acquisition West Monroe Partners
Tracey Gilbert-Dimof Talent Acquisition Manager Urban Plates
Dang Hua Senior Manager Talent Acquisition Opus Bank
Dan Baker Recruiting Manager Healthstat
Lloyd Fassett Founder & Grand PooBah Azteria
Belinda Thompson Corporate Recruiter GreenSky
Barbara Fasth Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner Menasha
Richard Shoff Senior Recruiter Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Fernando Terrero Senior Recruiter Google
Erin Doucet Executive Talent Acquisition Lead, Strategy & Incubation, Finance, Marketing and Corporate Affairs XPO Logistics, Inc.
Preslie Deusenbery Human Resources Consultant Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
Radhika Aggarwal Senior Technical Recruiter Macy's
Marie deGroh Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner Bluewolf
Catherine Hansen Talent Acquisition Manager, Global Talent Acquisition Hippo Insurance
Melayne Smith Talent Acquisition Specialist Washington State Employees Credit Union
Anne Patrick Talent Acquisition Specialist State Farm Insurance
Danette Dickerman Talent Advisor Fisher Investments
Jaclyn Tagliani Lead Recruiter- Support Center (Corporate) National Veterinary Associates
Sandra Maldonado HR Business Partner and Recruiter Esri
Sonji Johnson Senior Sourcer - Talent Acquisition WarnerMedia
Erica Cuthbertson Talent Acquisition Supervisor Agiliti
Katrina Acosta Recruiting Atlanta Talent Acquisition Manager Hisense USA
Deb Ryan Recruiting Boston Senior Recruiter USI Insurance Services
Andy Pittaluga Recruiting Boston Technical Recruiter Bose
Lexi Dossey Recruiting Chicago Talent Acquisition Partner Start Early
Joseph Holland Recruiting Dallas Recruiting Manager Garver
Crystal Mitchell Recruiting DCBmore Sr. Recruiter Legal Interpreting Services, Inc DBA: LIS Solutions
Joe Sorrow Recruiting Denver Head of US Talent FullContact
Jenna Kalish Recruiting NYC Sr. Recruiter, Talent Acquisition WebMD
Marita Arevalo Recruiting Seattle Senior Healthcare Recruiter-Diversity Channels Aegis Living
Daniella McDonald TA Leaders Manager, Talent Acquisition WorkCare, Inc.
Tim Mayer TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Kraus-Anderson Construction Company
JoDee Klinker TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Carson Group
Diane Karija TA Leaders Director, Talent Acquisition | Pharmaceutical Executive Recruiter Fresenius Kabi USA
Lynda Whittemore TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Room and Board
Melissia Bruehl TA Leaders Senior Director, Talent Acquisition IZEA
Jared Schulcz TA Leaders Director of Recruiting The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
Liza Bryant TA Leaders Director, Talent Acquisition Moffitt Cancer Center
Nancee Martin TA Leaders Managing Director, Corporate Recruiting AvAirPros
Shawanna Bailey TA Leaders Talent Acquisition Partner Spine Media
Manisha Bavabhai TA Leaders Senior Talent Partner MURAL
Will Mhrir TA Leaders Director Talent Acquisition Topcon Positioning Systems
Clancy Bucy TA Leaders Director Talent Acquisition CGI
Tamara Garlett TA Leaders Principal Recruiter DocuSign
David Baker TA Leaders Sr. Director of Growth & Development/Brokerage Services One Homecare Solutions
Jessica Burgess TA Leaders Director, Talent Acquisition-North America WE Communications
Dan Shortall TA Leaders Sr. Director of Strategic Staffing Global Conductor
James Perduto TA Leaders Head of Americas Talent Acquisition BNP Paribas
Paige Skilling TA Leaders Vice President, Human Resources Natixis Investment Managers

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