Tools and Tips to be a More Efficient Recruiter Through the Day

Tools and Tips to be a More Efficient Recruiter Through the Day

The most valuable asset a recruiter has is their time, it also happens to come in a limited quantity each day so how it is spent and prioritized should be scrutinized.

In today’s round-table session, our panelists talk about how to be the most efficient in their daily lives of working at a recruiting desk.

Listen in on what our panelists have to say.

This event is part of the “Let’s Talk Recruiting” series where a panel of recruiting practitioners get together online and have a conversation on a variety of topics related to corporate recruiting.

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Our Panelists…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Chiara Hughes TA Leaders Head of Technical Recruiting Carvana
Christine Wisch Staff Photographer Spok Holdings
Glenn Murani TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition Vitalief Inc.
Mark Wollin TA Leaders Associate Director, Technical Recruiting SiriusXM

We asked our attendees, “What is one tactic you recommend a Recruiter do on a daily basis to be the most efficient?”

Here are their answers:

  • add to do's into your calendar as reminders
  • Answer the urgent emails
  • Block calendar for emails/calls
  • Block time each morning to prioritize your daily to dos
  • Block time for the important things or your day will get away
  • Block time to source
  • blocking time into chunks to work on priorities/tasks/roles
  • budget time in for sourcing
  • Check personal LinkedIn inbox!
  • check your messages
  • Clear off time on their schedule to actually do work - calls and meetings and impromptu catch-ups can dominate your work day.
  • Color-code my calendar so I know my own availability.
  • Create blocks on schedule, stick to them!
  • Create manual to do list and calendar entries on times for sourcing, interviewing and follow-ups with pipeline candidates.
  • do call backs first thing!
  • Do things when you're most effective at doing those particular tasks - not when you think you should do them!
  • Document conversations with candidates.
  • end of the day, write down to-dos for the following day to be productive right away
  • Every 1-2 hours, change what you are doing.
  • Follow up on potential offers and 2nd interviews with hiring managers
  • Follow up with your candidates whether the situation is positive or negative. Relationships are important
  • Get a Trello board to keep up with all the little details.
  • Have a to-do list drafted before you start your day!!
  • Have a to-do list for the following day
  • Have focused action windows through the day / Time Management
  • Inbox zero
  • Keep blocks of time for specific and recurrent tasks
  • Keep good notes and automate as much as possible
  • keep up with entering details into ATS
  • leave 2 hrs (minimum) open every day
  • Look for ways to improve the recruiting process
  • make lists with pen and paper
  • Organization
  • organize your calendar/plan what you will do at each time during the day
  • Pick up the phone and call one of her placed candidates
  • Plan
  • plan ahead. work the plan
  • Plan and strategize for tomorrow. Never show up without some direction and a daily focus.
  • plan for the following day
  • Plan out your schedule in your calendar and stick to it the best you can
  • Plan their day and end with time for follow up on loose ends
  • Plan their day/use their calendar/set up reminders
  • Plan your day ahead of time, set block time to accomplish certain things like sourcing a specific role
  • Planning my time, block out time for certain tasks
  • Prioritize activities at the beginning of the day. To-do lists.
  • Prioritize tasks for the day
  • Prioritize your top to-do's in the first half of the day
  • review all new applicants to stay on top of the candidate pool
  • Review each req for new applications
  • Review/Update Requisition Dashboard
  • Schedule my time on my calendar
  • Send reminder/confirmation emails to everyone on the day's interview schedule
  • Set aside at least 3-45 minutes of focus time am, noon and at the end of the day in order to adjust accordingly.
  • Setting aside time (typically 90 minutes a day) for candidate follow up and administrative tasks
  • Stay organized and on track with a daily schedule and agenda
  • Take an hour break at least to meditate, exercise, or take a walk.
  • Taleo
  • Talk to at least 2 new candidates/day
  • Tight Time Management
  • time block
  • Time block
  • Time blocking
  • Time blocks
  • Use Calendly to schedule initial phone screens
  • Use their calendar for all tasks
  • Work in sprint cycles to create clear priorities.
  • write a list!
  • Write a To Do list
  • write out your goals for the day!

Chat Messages from the Session…

10:06:00 >> From  Michelle McKnight   to   All panelists : I do the same!!!

10:08:45 >> From  Wahoo Fitness : I use Trello for to do’s

10:09:34 >> From  Wahoo Fitness : 😁

10:09:52 >> From  Wahoo Fitness : That is  great idea

10:10:14 >> From  Tamara Garlett : Excellent idea

10:11:36 >> From  Eloy Leibas : Does anyone find Trello counter-productive? In that you may have a long list of “To-Do” tasks which are no longer relevant, already completed, etc. for that day?

10:12:09 >> From  Jeremy Nichols : calendar blocking and color coding are my must haves!

10:13:07 >> From  Brandon Barber : Very true Chiara

10:13:15 >> From  Tamara Garlett : #TRUTH

10:14:55 >> From  Tamara Garlett : Absolutely!  Once you have a great relationship with anyone (i.e., Hiring Managers) there is a ground level of trust and they will be more forgiving if you do make a mistake

10:15:11 >> From  Tamara Garlett : It’s all about the relationships IMHO

10:15:16 >> From  Kirsten Barron   to   All panelists : Exactly Tamara!!!

10:15:22 >> From  Audrey Fong   to   All panelists : What are you doing to “meet”  and build relationships with your hiring managers being at home right now?

10:16:22 >> From  Tamara Garlett : @Sean Rehder – would love to see what our network says about the optimal requisition load for recruiters

10:17:31 >> From  Melisa Medrano : depends on company size

10:17:34 >> From  Melisa Medrano : and automation levles

10:17:36 >> From  Melisa Medrano : levels

10:18:01 >> From  Catherine Hansen   to   All panelists : +1 Chiara – re hiring managers looking in Greenhouse.  Can prompt interesting discussion around calibration too

10:18:09 >> From  Elaine DeWitt : Sean – FYI – My typical req load handling complex Healthcare positions (Nursing, Resp Therapists, Techs, etc.) was around 50 – 60

10:18:18 >> From  Melisa Medrano : easy book links

10:18:22 >> From  Melisa Medrano : in any system

10:18:23 >> From  Chiara Hughes : @Audrey Fong, since we are not in the office right now, I encourage the recruiters on my team to set up weekly Zoom check-ins with their hiring managers in order to have consistent face time.

10:18:43 >> From  Heather Levine   to   All panelists : having reports set up to capture all candidates in specific statuses from all recs is the best way to keep them clean and be efficient.

10:18:56 >> From  Chiara Hughes : @Catherine Hansen – yes, these weekly meetings also prompt calibration around candidate quality and foster accountability on both sides.

10:19:17 >> From  Jeremy Nichols : iCIMS has a placeholder for new applicants overall, within a time frame, so you an review most recent applicants to reqs – easy way for quick clean up of resume reviews

10:19:19 >> From  Heather Levine   to   All panelists : A jobs/candidate report set up where you have each category as one status.

10:19:55 >> From  Kirsten Barron   to   All panelists : We use Workday at Memorial Hermann. It has taken us years to build it out the way we want it, but it parses out all the candidates that need to be reviewed all in once place verses having to sort through 50+ requisitions

10:20:39 >> From  Jason Coffey : I also keep my daily notebook (staffing days) and prep for the next day each night.

10:20:52 >> From  Mark Wollin : req load depends on position type.  If you are focused on tech, I would say an average of 15-20 reqs, but it also depends on level and position differentiation of those heads

10:21:16 >> From  Andre Hunter : What’s everyone’s thoughts ADP Workforce Now for recruiting. I’m on a contract assignment and I’m using it now. I am not a fan

10:21:44 >> From  Mark Wollin : We moved from ADP to Workday and Jobvite earlier this year.  Very happy that we moved away from ADP, after several years of working with that product 🙂

10:21:55 >> From  Kirsten Barron : We use Workday at Memorial Hermann. It has taken us years to build it out the way we want it, but it parses out all the candidates that need to be reviewed all in once place verses having to sort through 50+ requisitions

10:22:02 >> From  Marci Piper   to   All panelists : Anyone have a recco for an ATS for a small org (<500)

10:22:23 >> From  Andre Hunter : I want so bad to work with WorkDay. The candidate experience is awesome. I can imagine what its like using it on the other side.

10:22:25 >> From  Andre Hunter : 🙂

10:23:55 >> From  Mark Wollin : yes, the UX with our new tools is much better.  I know that ADP went through a recent revision, but that took them several years to build out. 

10:23:59 >> From  Wahoo Fitness : @Chiara would you mind sharing your screening template? I’d love to compare it to ours.

10:23:59 >> From  Andie Sanchez : Is that for screens or all interviews?

10:24:07 >> From  Brandon Barber : Good idea. I always use OneNote for candidate interviews.

10:24:08 >> From  Mark Wollin : the version we were working with, seemed to stem from the early 2000s 🙂

10:24:27 >> From  Heather Levine   to   All panelists : Oh good idea with OneNote. I have a template and just save to the cloud.

10:25:06 >> From  Andie Sanchez   to   All panelists : @chiara – I would love to see the template as well

10:26:12 >> From  Elaine DeWitt : My company used iCIMS and we had the Candidate Interview/Screening forms integrated into the iCIMS platform, so it pulled some of the candidate and job info from the profile and req details

10:26:14 >> From  Chiara Hughes : Sure!  Send me an email at

10:26:14 >> From  Andre Hunter : One note. how?

10:26:25 >> From  Peter Garneau : Greenhouse sends out reminders to the hiring managers to complete their scorecards.

10:28:06 >> From  Andie Sanchez   to   All panelists : Yes that’s what we do as well – block out time

10:28:11 >> From  Brandon Barber : Andre, just have the template in OneNote and type as I talk to candidates

10:28:36 >> From  Wahoo Fitness : It’s the only way to go! Calendar time is the best

10:29:01 >> From  Andre Hunter : Got it 🙂

10:29:33 >> From  Andie Sanchez   to   All panelists : I love it

10:29:36 >> From  Andie Sanchez   to   All panelists :  accountability

10:33:24 >> From  Andie Sanchez : One phone for me

10:33:24 >> From  Wahoo Fitness : one

10:33:32 >> From  Marci Piper   to   All panelists : 2 phones

10:33:34 >> From  Dang Hua : 2 phones

10:33:35 >> From  Heather Levine   to   All panelists : You can get a Google Voice number if you don’t have a business cell phone.

10:33:36 >> From  Andre Hunter : One

10:33:42 >> From  Jason Coffey : 2 phones

10:33:56 >> From  Daniella McDonald : My last company we had personal phones and work mobile phones, along with the phone in the office.

10:34:32 >> From  Kirsten Barron : My personal cell is it! but they are supposed to be giving us work phones

10:35:09 >> From  Jeremy Nichols : I email myself from my phone after hours if I remember a task I needed to take care of next day

10:35:31 >> From  Jenny Bastrom : Not entirely mobile, as brought my desktop home, but getting Avaya installed and can use headset w/mic and desktop to call people over the “phone”. Also big use of Skype message & call with camara on desktop.

10:35:33 >> From  Brandon Barber : Siri is my friend if I need a little reminder

10:36:03 >> From  Tamara Garlett : Ha ha ha totally @Mark Wollin

10:37:43 >> From  Audrey Fong   to   All panelists : I use Post it Notes for task management!

10:39:22 >> From  Jenny Bastrom : I have a notepad next to my bed. Amazed that I can read my scribbles the next morning!

10:40:57 >> From  Tamara Garlett : Great panel – thank you everyone!

10:41:07 >> From  Andie Sanchez : Will you be sending out the recording?

10:41:08 >> From  Kirsten Barron : Good stuff!  Thank you all

10:41:09 >> From  Jeremy Nichols : Thanks!

10:41:10 >> From  Andre Hunter : Thanks

10:41:10 >> From  Jason Coffey : Thank you

10:41:10 >> From  Jenny Bastrom : thank you

Some of the attendees…

Name & LinkedIn Profile Group Title Company
Heather Levine Recruiter - Allstate Agency Auto Dealership Program Allstate Insurance
Abby Dooley Recruiter Edifecs
Catherine Hansen Talent Acquisition Manager, Global Talent Acquisition Hippo Insurance
Audrey Fong Talent Acquisition Manager Cprime, Inc
Kelli Ready Talent Acquisition Partner BluePearl Veterinary Partners
Micah Sulewski Director of Recruiting Meridian Technologies
Jenny Bastrom Senior Recruiter / Sourcing Specialist Washington State Department of Social and Health Services
Sandra Maldonado HR Business Partner and Recruiter Esri
Halima Abdirizak Recruiter City of Portland
Lance Hunsicker Lead Executive Recruiter Parsons Corporation
Amanda Radice Senior Technical Recruiter, Design - Consumer + New Verticals DoorDash
Andre Hunter Corporate Recruiter Dnata In-Flight Catering
Lauren Van Roon Senior Talent Acquisition Partner HomeAdvisor
Marci Piper Talent Acquisition Manager LEDVANCE
Dang Hua Senior Manager Talent Acquisition Opus Bank
Thom Macfarlane Senior Recruiter F5
Katherine Amato Senior Corporate Recruiter Guitar Center
Tracey Gilbert-Dimof Talent Acquisition Manager Urban Plates
Tiffanie Chiles-Mitchell Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition GameStop
Cindy McWilliams Talent Manager American College of Surgeons
Tina Ramirez Senior Recruiter R.J. O'Brien & Associates
Denise Ward Technical Recruiter Wunderlich-Malec Engineering
Dave Elliston Lead Recruiter SPS Commerce
Kerri Vincent Senior Recruitment Consultant Paylocity
Elaine Dewitt Contract Recruiter HonorHealth
Allyson Leszman Lead Experienced Hire Recruiter Open to Opportunity
Saundra Ramsey Recruiting Atlanta Recruiting Manager (Sr IT Talent Acquisition Business Partner) & Wahooligan Wahoo Fitness
Anita Kumar Recruiting Atlanta Senior Recruiter GE Appliances
Kelly McCarthy Recruiting Chicago Talent Acquisition Team Lead Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co., LLC
Brandon Barber Recruiting Dallas Senior Technical Recruiter Hilton Worldwide
Crystal Mitchell Recruiting DCBmore Sr. Recruiter Legal Interpreting Services, Inc DBA: LIS Solutions
Mary Chandler Recruiting Denver Senior Technology Recruiter FIS
Michelle McKnight Recruiting LA Recruitment Lead, Corporate Functions, Marketing & Sales Herbalife
Kay Creighton Recruiting Portland Senior Talent Acquisition Partner The Standard
Melisa Medrano Recruiting SFBA Manager, Talent Acquisition Sonoma Biotherapeutics
Geoff Barlow TA Leaders Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition Core & Main
Tamara Garlett TA Leaders Principal Recruiter DocuSign
Peter Garneau TA Leaders Director of Talent Acquisition - North America SMCP - North America (Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot, de Fursac)
Andie Sanchez TA Leaders Head of Talent Acquisition NoRedInk
Michelle Sickles TA Leaders Business Manager / Director of Human Resources LiquidAgents Healthcare
Nancee Martin TA Leaders Managing Director, Corporate Recruiting AvAirPros
David Baker TA Leaders Sr. Director of Growth & Development/Brokerage Services One Homecare Solutions
Stacey Kramer TA Leaders Recruitment Advisor, Information Technology, EHR Medix
Daniella McDonald TA Leaders Manager, Talent Acquisition WorkCare, Inc.

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